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How to Repair an Ailing Sunroof
The sunroof is great for summer days. But its parts wear out,which could create a dripping mess when the weather turns bad. If your sunroof is creaking or leaking,fix it now.
he sunroof in my Pontiac Sunfire has been getting fussy lately. Sometimes it initially won't close but finally does after a few tries,and it's making some bizarre popping and scraping sounds. With winter coming up,I want to get it fixed. Can I do this myself?
You'd think sunroofs would be just as reliable as power windows,but turning a sliding panel on its side makes the mechanics far more difficult. A sunroof doesn't just slide back and forth;its mechanism must also tilt the panel up and down to accommodate the sliding and venting motions. So in addition to the electric motors and switches and slides in windows,sunroofs have plenty of additional parts which are typically the ones that break. Popping and scraping noises are generally not happy sounds for cars to make;in a sunroof they indicate surfaces binding,drive gears slipping,or,put plainly,that something mechanical isn't working correctly. It'll probably break for good when it's least convenient (and raining).
There are two approaches to repairing an ailing sunroof: the first is to fix what you've got,the second is to replace the whole megillah. All the greasy bits of sunroofs live between the roof sheet metal and the headliner. Before you start pulling the car apart OBD Tool,find a place to work inside or check the weather forecast being caught with a hole in the roof during a downpour wouldn't be fun. The first thing to try is removing the glass panel. If you can,tilt the sunroof panel to the"vent"position,which should give access to the screws holding the panel. Remove them,and with the sunroof glass off,you should gain access to the moving parts for an easy inspection. Look for cracked or stripped gears,a buildup of dirt and debris,or anything else that looks like a problem. With the glass panel still off,turn on the car and cycle the roof control through the open,close,and vent positions to identify problems.
In your case,it sounds like you might be able to get away with replacing the gear on the motor at the front of the sunroof,but without opening it up,it's impossible to know. If you do find and fix the problem,clean everything,then slather it with lithium or marine grease for smooth future operation. If you find nothing,don't bother putting the sunroof back together because you're just going to end up removing it all anyway. Installing a new sunroof is a big job you'll have to take off the interior trim around the door pillars as well as any overhead handles or dome lights,then pull the headliner down,disconnect the sunroof wiring harness,and unbolt the whole mechanism. It's in one big rectangular piece called a cassette,which should swap for the new piece without any fight. Be sure to do a function test before putting the interior back together;it may need a little jiggle for a perfect alignment. To answer your final question autel maxitpms,yes,you can do this repair,but it's complicated enough that it may be worth the cost to have a mechanic do it.
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E-Cigarettes Blooming with Smokers

            <p>The new E-cigarette has not yet been heard of by everyone that smokes cigarettes, but for those that have tried them; the majority of people seem to like them a lot. There are several reasons why they are becoming so popular among smokers and it is not just because they can be much cheaper to smoke than traditional cigarettes made of paper and tobacco.</p>                         

<p>E-cigarettes are rechargeable and are ready whenever you are ready to smoke. You can smoke just a little or longer if you like. There is no lighting with fire to worry with each time you smoke. One of the biggest draws, if you will, to the E-cigarette is that the smoke that is exhaled is actually just water vapor and it is thought by some researchers that it poses no or a very limited health risk to others. There is no sticky tar residue to adhere to surfaces in your home or vehicle because they have or produce no tar at all.</p> <p>The thing about the expense of traditional tobacco cigarettes is that a smoker will sometimes smoke an entire cigarette when they really might not even want to, just so they do not waste the product. The E-cigarette has absolutely no waste and no ash to dispose of either menthol vape juice. You no longer have to go outside to smoke unless you wish to and you no longer need unsightly ash trays scattered over your house or in your vehicle. There is no stinky cigarette smell from an E-cigarette to offend others that do not smoke.</p>       

<p>The health related issues concerning the <a rel="nofollow" onclick="javascript:ga('send', 'pageview', '/outgoing/article_exit_link/936760');" href="http://www.premiumecigarette.com">E-Cigarette</a> are as yet still a little complicated. They do deliver doses of nicotine to your system, just as many stop smoking aids do that are already on the market. E-cigarette manufacturers are not claiming that their product will help you quit smoking, only that there are a limited number of ingredients that go into the filters that contain the nicotine solution. A far fewer number than the thousands that are in traditional tobacco cigarettes.</p> <p>The verdict is still out as far as the FDA is concerned, but many people that are qualified to make the determination are already convinced that E-cigarettes seem to be a better smoking alternative than the traditional cigarettes. If those that smoke are going to continue to do so no matter what and as long as regular tobacco cigarettes are still legal to buy and use e cigarette liquids, it is thought by most E-cigarette smokers that they should be allowed to choose which nicotine version of a cigarette they use.</p>           
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Content of E-liquid / E-juice

            <p>Many new comers to the electronic cigarettes world question the contents of e-liquid also known as ejuice which is sold by many electronic cigarettes sites such as vapourettes. They do worry about what they might be inhaling and is it damaging to their health as much as analogue cigarettes. The answer is a clear no. Electronic cigarettes are nowhere near as damaging as analogue cigarettes as they do not have the so many toxic chemical that we ex-smokers felt when using analogue cigarettes.</p>

<p>Any electronic cigarettes user will tell you that their health has somehow improved since quitting smoking analogue cigarettes.</p>
<p>What is e-liquid made of?<br />Well. It is primarily made of 3 main ingredients.</p>
<p>PG or VG (propylene  glycol or vegetable glycerine)<br />Nicotine<br />Flavouring</p>
<p>All the materials that are found in e-liquid are also present in the approved pharmaceutical<br /> NRT (nicotine replacement therapy) such as patches, gums and the likes. None of them have been declared by the FDA or WHO to be as damaging.</p>
<p>Apart from the flavourings which are of a very small content in the e-juice as a whole as they are concentrates so you only use very few drops to flavor a 10ml bottle of e-liquid best citrus mix e juice.</p>

<p>Odor/Taste- Flat aroma, very sweet flavor resembling syrup. <br />Glycerol content: 99 electronic cigarette juice.8% <br />Fatty Acids and Esters: 0.3 <br />Specific Gravity: 1.29 <br />pH: 7 <br />Heavy Metals: <5 ppm <br />Chlorides: <10 ppm <br />Chlorinated compounds: <30 ppm <br />Sulphates: <20 ppm <br />Moisture: 0.13% <br />Organic Volatile Impurities- None detected <br />Diethylene Glycol and related compounds- No trace amounts detected</p>
<p>over 90% of e-liquid / ejuice is made in China. There is a lot of talking about the quality of manufacturing process in that part of the world of being of sub standard quality, sweat shops, etc.... Have a look at the video and judge for yourself</p>
<object width="640" height="385">
<embed type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="640" height="385" src="http://www.youtube.com/v/OWR65NTH9B4?fs=1&hl=en_US" allowfullscreen="true" allowscriptaccess="always"></embed>
<p>As you have seen this far from being a sweat shop and hygiene is of paramount importance in the manufacturing of e-liquid.</p>
<p>The often quoted press line that the constituents in ecig vapour are unknown is just blatant lies.</p>           
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<p>The car maintenance fundamental essentials  6 tips which I learned acquired of my experience. I really hope to assist guide  another person and provide them a rather simpler learning process than I'd when  dealing with this huge endeavor.<p>1. Determine the Work Should be Done - While  the majority of the signs and symptoms of major engine trouble is going to be  triggered by serious problems, there's an opportunity that multiple minor  troubles are the actual reason.<p>2. Obtain a Second Opinion - Really get  several, who knows who may have special understanding regarding your specific  model that may simply be known by someone with top notch experience with  similar vehicle Porsche Piwis Tester II. Also, obtain a diagnostic made by a auto technician. They  frequently charge little or free for his or her opinion and may find yourself  helping you save the money and time of the full rebuild.<p>3. Purchase the diagnostic tool for the  vehicle, such as:  and so on. These manuals  are vehicle specific and also have more information in addition to pictures  that will help you. This is probably the most valuable tools you will find the  much deeper you explore the work.<p>4. Join a web-based Vehicle Forum - Forums  devoted to particular vehicle models can offer massive levels of more  information that can certainly help when generic information just won't do. The  greatest advantage is this fact enables the choice to publish photos and  request questions of products you don't grasp and the opportunity to get  solutions from real individuals with experience that you'd haven't had the  opportunity to talk with otherwise.<p>5. Cost and Time Everything - Before  beginning tearing lower you need to estimate as numerous costs as possible.  Unpredicted costs will start to stack up later because it is, so getting a far  more accurate budget from the beginning can help when unpredicted things show  up. In the same manner estimate time it will require to possess parts shipped  for you and how long it will require to obtain parts interior and exterior the  device shop.<p>6. Request for Help - I possibly could not  have access to done things I did without the assistance of a couple of extra  hands and lent tools launch x431 v plus. Lots of people without any experience might be prepared  to help, f out of sheer curiosity if nothing else, and you're simply certain to  have ample unskilled work that should be done.<p> </p>
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Breathe Nicotine Free Air By Switching To E Cigarettes

            <p>Drastic measures have been taken by many governments around the world to curb smoking and discourage people from patronizing the nasty cigarettes. To deter smokers from cigarette abuse, legal means have been taken by many governments imposing heavy taxes are on cigarette sale and distribution. In some countries in Asia, manufacturers were required by law to label the packs with morbid images of people stricken with diseases caused by nicotine coupled with the stern warnings that smoking is dangerous to health. However, use of these graphics and texts are being met with opposition from some industry sectors but health advocates are not ones to give up in their fight to help people quit smoking for better health. In Australia, it is very to get hooked into all kinds of addiction. The big deal is when the person has decided to quit and almost always, it is an uphill battle to go back again into a clean and healthy living.                        

<br />In many instances, the family is the most concerned when a loved one has a smoking problem. While awareness as to what nicotine can do to harm man's health is properly disseminated worldwide, many smokers in Australia are still oblivious to the hazards a smoker is exposing himself to while smoking. Loved ones could only suffer in silence because the smoker is blinded by addiction to nicotine. After considering the advantages and disadvantages of smoking, the decision remains to rest on the smoker's resolve whether to quit smoking or not. It must be noted that quitting is all about changing the smoker's behavior into a new lifestyle he should be ready to fit into electronic cigarette juice. <br />In the process of quitting, what matters most in many smokers is the physical act of holding and puffing a stick of cigarette. While it may work in some cases, abrupt withdrawal from cigarette is not a good idea if one wants to achieve success. In any form of addiction, a relapse is more likely to occur without any kind of support during the cessation process. An innovation to aid in a smoker's quest to quit smoking is now available in the market - the Electronic Cigarettes. This device has the look, the feel and sensation of a traditional cigarette, thus, there is no deprivation of the smoking act when switching to using E Cigarettes. These devices are available worldwide and marketing is largely done using the internet via Electronic Cigarettes Online.<br />The Electric Cigarettes are a better alternative because quitting nicotine is possible in a quick, safe and cheaper manner. Where to buy them is not much of a hassle either as there are countless vendors online who are based in Australia. Each E-cigarettes Supplier offers starter kits of good quality and friendly on the budget. What is more exciting is that these E Cigs come in fashionable styles and the e-liquid that is used to produce smoke are also available in different fruity and mint flavors. Beginners can start by searching for a trustworthy Ecigs Online Shop or an E-cigs Online Store whose websites will let interested users get information about how 1E Cigarettes work and what kind of style will suit a first time user best vanilla flavored e juice. The road to freedom from smoking may no longer be as complicated as it used to be when choosing E-cigs as your best smoking alternative.</p>           
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<p><strong>Running head:</strong></p>
<p>Main factors that prompt various people to participation in the consumption of alcohol and cigarettes</p>
<p><strong>Risk taking behaviours</strong></p>
<p>These are some of the coexisting habits that are enumerate when individuals engage in unexpected drug abuse and therefore they take the risk of either becoming addicted, suffer the illness caused by the consumed chemicals or take the risks of doing harm when they become excited. The great risk is losing control of responsible behaviours of life that can change their styles and standards. The main problem with this addiction is that some individuals become dipsomaniac leading to excessive drinking of alcohol that is harmful to their health for example cardiac diseases and other pulmonary problems such as cirrhosis.</p>
<p>According to several journals research on drug abuse and the response that was observed from both the adults and the young, it is visible that the research supported the null hypothesis menthol e juice, This is because individuals who engage in drug abuse have a positive attitude towards alcohol consumption and smoking or they are more stressed in their life than those who do not engage in drug abuse strawberry vape juice. Most individuals responded by saying that they had little earnings that cannot meet their demands and they opt to spend the little income on drugs in order to curb the stresses of life and marital obligations.</p>
<p><strong>Conclusion and recommendation</strong></p>
<p>Proper legal framework, social-economic factors and parental awareness creates enough room to mitigate and deterring drug abuse. Substances that are easily abused should be availed to. The community should be more cohesive in controlling the drug abuse and be ready to enforce the law toward proper use of substances. On the cultural background, the cutworms should leave a room for norms to mitigate and monitor drug abuse. There should be cultural cooperation and control. Finally, there should be proper role models.</p>
<p>Bryman A. (2004) Social Research Methods, Oxford University Press, Oxford</p>
<p>Coleman S. (1961) Adolescent Society, the Free Press, New York</p>
<p>Wart M. (2002) Companions in Crime: The Social Aspects of Criminal Conduct, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge</p>
<p>Davies B. and Stacey B. (1972) Teenagers and Alcohol: A development study in Glasgow, HMSO, London.</p>
<p>Goddard E. (1990) Why Children Start Smoking, HMSO, London</p>
<p>Gross R. (1987)Psychology, the Science of Mind and Behaviour, Hodder and Stoughton, London</p>
<p>MORI (1990) Teenage Smoking, MORI, London</p>
<p>Lynskey T. and Fergusson M. (1995) Childhood conduct problems deficit behaviours and adolescent drug use, Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology, 23(3), 281 to 302</p>           
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How to Clean a Steering Wheel
Dirty or oily steering wheels are often overlooked when cleaning or maintaining a car. A build up of dirt and oils produced by your hands can make the steering wheel become slick,increasing your chances of losing your grip on the wheel. This risk is decreased when dirt and oil build up are removed by properly cleaning the wheel.
Method 1 of 2: Cleaning Different Kinds of Steering Wheels
1. Clean your hard plastic steering wheel. Steering wheel covers often have hard plastic inserts or accents launch x431 v plus. These covers can also be constructed entirely of plastic and are installed by simply snapping them on to your wheel. Cleaning with soap and water works well for hard plastics x431 obd tool.
Remove any soapy residue with clean water and dry the wheel with a lint-free towel.
2. Remove dirt from polyurethane coatings. Some materials such as wood,polished aluminum and painted surfaces will have a clear coating of polyurethane enamel or acrylic paint as their top coat. This thin layer of hard protective clear coat is non-porous like hard plastic. Polyurethane coatings can be cleaned using soap and water. Rinse all remaining residue and dry the wheel with a towel.
Unlike a vehicle's outer paint surface,do not apply wax or other shine-enhancing products to the surface of these wheel covers. These"shine enhancers"stay slick for a long period of time. Using such products will also attract dirt and oil.
3. Use a natural furniture polish if you have an old car with a natural wood wheel. Unfinished wood is a very uncommon material for a steering wheel. However,very old vehicles may still have the original wood wheel. Most owners prefer not to clean bare wood because it causes swelling,which can eventually lead to cracks or splitting.
However,classic car owners may apply a natural furniture polish to the bare wood to make the steering wheel look nice for classic car and truck shows. This polish is used to protect and enhance the natural wood grain. These polishes are natural and,in time,will disappear and leave the wood dry again.
4. Use aluminium polish to clean aluminium wheels. An aluminium wheel that has no polyurethane coat should be brushed or cleaned with an aluminium polish. To use the polish,you should apply a dime-sized amount on the folder corner of a clean,cotton towel. Rub the entire surface of the steering wheel with the polish. When you are finished,remove the dirty residue with another clean towel.
The polish will turn either grey or black,depending on how dirty the steering wheel is.
Aluminium that is several years old and has never been cleaned may require several applications.
5. Use soap and water to clean faux leather. Elasticized Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) is the technical term for faux leather and is actually a pliable form of hard plastic. This material is most commonly used in aftermarket steering wheels and covers. Many steering wheels that are made of PVC are accented with hard plastic trim. Whichever combination of plastics or clear coated materials your wheel is made of,it should be cleaned with plain soap and water.
Wet a washcloth with soapy water and run it over the wheel. Rinse any soapy residue off of the wheel and then wipe the wheel down with a clean rag or towel.
6. Take care when cleaning leather steering wheels. Consider cleaning any product made with natural skin,including steering wheels,with leather cleaner and conditioner. This lotion-like product can be purchased as a cleaner and as a separate conditioner; if you buy them separate,you would apply the cleaner before the conditioner. Put some conditioner (or a cleaner and conditioner combo) on to a clean cotton towel and massage it into the leather steering wheel. Do this until you cannot see any more product being absorbed into the leather.
When the entire wheel is finished,wipe off any unabsorbed conditioner with a dry cotton towel and allow the conditioner to dry.
When using a separate cleaner,follow the directions on back of the package.
Method 2 of 2: Knowing When to Clean
1. Know when to clean your leather steering wheels. Leather or any animal skin steering wheel should be cleaned and conditioned whenever the skin appears or feels dry. Consider cleaning it annually to prevent oil build up.
2. Clean harder steering wheels when you notice dirt accumulating. Aluminum,plastic,clear coat,and non-porous steering wheels should be cleaned when you begin to notice any dirt or oils accumulating on their surfaces.
3. Understand why you should clean your steering wheel. Keeping the steering wheel clean and oil free will decrease your chances of having your hands slip off the wheel. If your grip slips off a dirty steering wheel,there is a chance that you could get into an accident.
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Why Quit Marijuana? - The Effects of Marijuana on the Mind

            <p>Those who smoke marijuana are familiar with the "high" they feel when they smoke. This article discusses the effects of THC on the brain, as well as the negative effects of heavy marijuana use on the mind.<br /><strong>How does Marijuana Effect the Brain?<br /></strong><br />THC, the active ingredient in marijuana works on specific parts of the brains hardware, called cannabinoid receptors. Activating a cannabinoid receptor with THC creates a bunch of cellular reactions that eventually create to the "high" that you feel when you smoke weed. Cannabinoid receptors exist throughout the brain. They are most common in parts The areas of the brain that influence pleasure nuts e juice, time, memory, and concentration have the highest conentration of these receptors. Smoking marijuana regularly can overwhelm these receptors and cause some negative mental effects. Studies have shown that frequent marijuana use can rewire the dopamine pleasure receptors in the brain peach e liquid.<br /><strong><br />What are the Negative Effects of Marijuana on the Mind?</strong><br />Research has shown that marijuana use lowers memory and other mental functions for up to a couple of days after smoking. If you smoke daily, or more, you may always be functioning at a below normal mental level. Studies have also show a link between weed use and mental problems like anxiety, depression and schizophrenia. The jury is out on whether marijuana causes, influences, even has any affect on these illnesses. If you have ever had a psychotic reaction to marijuana, you are more likely to have a psychotic break later in life than if you smoked and did not have one. Clarity of mind is one of the greatest benefits of quitting weed.      

<br />One of the biggest issues I had with my marijuana addiction was how lazy and forgetful I was. The term for this is "amotivational syndrome". People who smoke a lot of weed and are amotivational are what we refer to as "burnouts". Some people can smoke frequently and be functional, some can't. Personally, I believe that amotivational syndrome is marijuana-induced depression.<br /><strong><br />Do you want to Quit Marijuana?<br /></strong><br />After smoking marijuana for close to 10 years, one of the main reasons that I wanted to quit was to get my mind back. I feel like a different, better person now that I am not stoned all of the time. Most people can't quit weed because they don't know what to expect, or don't have a plan.<br />You can escape the stoner lifestyle! If you want to be fully prepared and successful when you <br /></p>                         

<p>Reference : Marijuana Effects on the Mind</p>           
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Various Reasons of E-cigarettes Becoming So Popular

            <p>If you are wondering what's the deal with electronic cigarettes then perhaps taking a quick look at the below article will help to satisfy that inquisitive mind of yours sweet date vape juice.                        

<br />Recently, there are more and more smokers holding an electronic device in their hands in order to get their nicotine fix. But are they really safer and do they have any negative impacts on the environment like traditional cigarettes? Also, where and how to shop for them? If these are some of the queries you have been pondering then have a look at the following paragraphs which will provide some better insight and perhaps help you to narrow down your search.<br />With ample amounts of marketing strategies, e-cigs have become extremely popular. One reason in particular is that since many cities have banned smoking in bars, clubs, lounges and public areas, smokers are finding it not only inconvenient but challenging in actually finding an in or outdoor area to smoke without being issued summons. Moreover, the price of traditional cigarettes is particularly high. City officials have implemented high tax in hopes of discouraging smokers to quit.<br />Their next order of business is to have grocery store and shop owners hide cigarettes from the view of customers. The objective here is out of sight, out of mind. In addition, kids won't be tempted nor curious about cigarettes since they do not actually see them on display. There are approximately 4,000 chemical agents in your average cigarette, and studies have shown that smoking is directly linked with various types of diseases including emphyzema and lung cancer.<br />Cigarettes are also known to drastically shorten one's lifespan. Lastly, with many toxic fumes emitted from lighting up a traditional cigarette, the environment becomes impacted. Many companies have become vigilant and rather attentive to these hazards that cigarettes pose and have thus produced a smokeless type of cigarette, called electronic cigarettes or more simply e-cigs.<br />E-cigs are known to be environmentally friendly since they do not pose any harm to second hand smokers, or those in the immediate vicinity. They are allowed to be used in public areas including parks, subway platforms, bars and nightclubs, amongst many other areas where traditional smoking is banned. This increases the convenience for smokers and without feeling like their rights have been taken away from them.      

<br /> The prices also seem pretty reasonable in comparison with traditional cigarettes, but what is essentially the best tactic in searching for the right e-cig? Well for starters, taking a look at some of the reviews online will provide a decent amount of helpful information best cappuccino flavored e juice. Since e-cigs have grown so widely in popularity, many forums and posts from actual users are now published across many different websites. If you are visiting a shopping mall, chances are you will encounter a kiosk that sells an array of starter kits along with many products associated with e-cigs. You can very well ask any one of the representatives for assistance in determining which e-cigarette to buy. looking for reviews of eJuice cigarette, visit here to find some authentic ones.<br /></p>           
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How to clean and protect your cars glass and windshield to the fullest
Car glass
To me one of the most important things is keeping my car clean. And with that one of the hardest things to keep clean is the glass. Because you need it to see clearly this can usually pose a threat and be hard to take care of. In this guide I will show you the steps you can take to clean,and prevent the glass,and the cleaning supplies that I use to clean my glass.
Cleaning and treating
usually some would say the first step is cleaning your glass when washing your car,but since that isn't what this guide is about we will skip that,and I will teach you how to clean your glass when in between washes,or without having to do any other washing.
First I will go over the windshield. The first step is cleaning. In that the best brand I have found is Invisible Glass,made by the company Stoner. It has been seen on many as seen on tv shows,and it is truly the best. It does exactly what its name is,and makes your glass invisible. They have a version with rain repellant in it launch x431 v plus,but the regular will do as we will get to that step later.
Now that your windshield has been cleaned with Invisible glass,you can do 1 of two steps. 1 - you can clay bar,or 2 - you can use rubbing alcohol. The clay bar treatment I only suggest if you washed your car,and are using a clay bar on your car,then go ahead and do the windshield as well. If not washing your whole car then use rubbing alcohol. what this step does,is it will take out all the impurities on the glass that the Invisible glass might have missed. These are things that you will not see,but also if you have any sap ,tar,or other annoyances stuck to the glass this will take care of it.
Now that the glass is clean,and clear of impurities,we have the final step. This is the protection stage. Here you will apply a coat of RainX to the windshield. This will aid in your windshield wipers,or in my case make it so I do not need them at all. Follow the directions on the RainX,which usually include apply a coat,then allowing to dry,and washing off with the hose or wiping off. I prefer wiping off,because the hose will create water marks on your paint,unless you want to create more work for yourself and dry the car after as well,so wiping is usually the better choice.
When cleaning the rest of your windows you can follow the first two steps but do not use RainX,not only is it a waste,but it can leave a haze on your other windows unlike your windshield. So follow the first two steps but leave the last one with RainX out.
So there you have it,the tips that you will need to make sure your windshield is nice and clean. Overall this will help you clean and treat your windows OBD2 Scanner.
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