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<p>Car selling is a very profitable business. This is why car salesmen are paid very well. It is said that salesmen who can sell cars can sell anything under the sun. More often than not, the true value of a car is never revealed to the prospect; there is always a markup and the manufacturers know this well. But they don't do anything about it, or should I say, they don't dare to do it. But how do you avoid getting ripped off by them? Here are some tips to consider:</p><p>1. Always buy a car off season, like Christmas. People are busy buying gifts, so you stand a better chance at negotiating. July to October is also a good time when dealers try to get rid of inventory to make space for newer models.</p><p>2. Check out as many online offers as possible and print out their quotes to show to your dealership. Signup for their newsletters and look out for rebates and incentives. FightingChance.com is a good place to do your research.</p><p>3. If you're planning to get your car financed, get a copy of your credit information along with you. You can get it online at Equifax.com.</p><p>4. Never trade in a car that you still owe money on, the dealer will not pay it off on time and you will have to bear the late fees. If you really have to, take a commitment in writing so that you can later hold him responsible.</p><p>5. Never buy a car in desperation because the dealer will sense it and take advantage of you. Try to get a friend along with you for moral support, preferably someone who has good experience in buying cars.</p><p>6. Never pay more than $500 deposit if the car is not in stock, and always pay by credit card. This way, you can raise a dispute if the dealer tries to suck more money on the pretext of price escalation.</p><p>7. Don't be forced into an extended warrantee on the pretext of being eligible for the loan. This is certainly not required for a loan to get approved. Additionally, the extended warrantee will not be provided by the company, but a third party. If you do want the extended warrantee, read the terms very carefully, quite a few things may not be covered. Get extended warrantee quotes at warrantydirect.com before visiting the dealership.</p><p>8. Stick with the included accessories provided with the car. Don't buy a single extra accessory from the dealer â€" they markup the cost from 40% to over 2000%! This includes but is not limited to rust proofing, scotch guard, car alarm, paint sealant, detailing and pin striping launch x431 pro plus, credit / insurance costs, extended warrantee, etc.</p><p>9. Don't fall for the window etching scam. Dealers may tell you that it is required to get the loan as banks insist on it. This is a lie. You can get the car etch kit at an economical price at caretch.com.</p><p>10. Avoid getting cornered. Quite often, you will find that once a salesman is trying to convince you to buy, one by one more salesmen join you and try to wear you down and get you to hurry up and buy. Avoid being pushed by threatening to leave if they don't stop this harassment.</p><p>11. Always insist on understanding the offer at your own pace. Salesmen or managers may try to skim through some details or go very fast for you to understand, just to confuse you. Stop them and make it clear that you're a slow learner; it will take time for you to understand the stuff autel mx-sensor 315MHz. Threaten to leave if they do not comply.</p><p>12. Don't fall for the forced credit application when you're buying a car on outright purchase terms. The dealer may tell you that it is the company policy or a requirement of the state laws. This is a lie; there is no such law anywhere that needs a credit application when you're paying cash.</p><p>I hope you find these tips useful. If you would like to read more tips, you can visit  for more free tips.</p>Nirjara Rustom moderates the car tips section of  at . The content here is free to read, so do check it out.
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How to Bypass a Parking Brake Wire on a DVD Player
Long road trips often require a little more in-car entertainment than others Autel Maxivideo MV101. DVD players located in the vehicle's dash are an ideal spot to play back video content for passengers wanting more than a book or music to pass the time. Very often,car audio manufacturers default on the side of safety,assuming that irresponsible drivers will watch a movie while driving. Simply bypassing the parking brake feature by grounding the brake wire ensures that responsible adults can enjoy the video system they paid for to its fullest extent.
Things you'll need
    Wire snips
    Insulated T-tap connectors
    Crimp tool
    Video unit's manual
1Locate the black ground wire and the unit's parking brake wire. Consult the unit's manual if the parking brake wire is insufficiently labeled.
2Snip the parking brake wire using the wire snips,halfway up the wire. Strip 1/4 inch of insulation from the radio end of the wire.
3Slide the male spade portion of the T-tap connector over the bare wire. Crimp it in place with the crimp tool.
4Snap the tap portion of the T-tap connector over the black ground wire,aligning the metal teeth in the connector with the wire. Press firmly until the clasp engages on the connector. Wiggle the connector a little to ensure positive contact with the wire.
5Slide the male spade connector into the female receptacle on the tap,until it seals firmly.
Tips & Warnings
Although it's possible to attach the parking brake wire to a toggle switch Autel Maxivideo MV208,newer head units often reset themselves after toggling the switch. By attaching the brake wire constantly to ground,the DVD player always thinks the parking brake is engaged.
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Troubleshooting help you take care of your car
Troubleshooting an automobile shouldn't be more trouble of computer already is Car Repair Tool. Before the very recent past, a mix of intuitive uncertainty, pricey guy-hrs, and outright learning from mistakes were the only real available method for specialists to identify mechanical failure. The arrival of computer systems transformed this, which makes it possible not just internally regulate automotive functions, but additionally to rapidly and dependably identify issues with automotive scan tools that interface directly between machine and guy, getting rid of pricey overtime and problematic along the way.

Present day automotive scan tools have developed into highly sophisticated products that may test practically anything underneath the hood. By reading through data in the vehicle's onboard computer and delivering that information straight to the specialist, an automotive scan tool can dependably and rapidly identify an issue that will took hrs or perhaps days to by hand troubleshoot and fix previously.

Each time a vehicle comes right into a shop nowadays, specialists begin by examining the fundamentals utilizing automotive scan tools particularly made to check oil levels and quality, air bag functionality, and engine check lights. Nearly every new vehicle depends on an onboard diagnostic computer, or OBD, to report malfunctions within the engine and supporting systems.

These details feeds right into a connector and reviews data through a number of codes, known to within the mechanical world as OBD or OBD2 codes. Prior to starting any work underneath the hood, a specialist must first collect this data by having an automotive scan tool designed to see and interpret the codes. Equipped with accurate information, the specialist are now able to begin the repair process with no excessive labor costs and possible damage than frequently resulted when learning from mistakes troubleshooting went into late hrs and overtime previously.

Some diagnostic tools are good, such as: Launch CRP129, Launch Creader VIII and so on Car Diagnostic Tool.  It can help you diagnostic your car better, if you want know more about car repair method please visit: Better Website
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Ford Explorer Transfer Case Problems
The Ford Explorer has a transfer case that can experience several possible problems. Fortunately,most of these issues are repairable by the typical owner. Proper preparation is a good way to make the experience more enjoyable for all involved.
Difficulty Shifting
When the transfer case is difficult to shift,there are a few possible causes. Loose parts within the transfer case or within the modules that control it can cause this problem. Additionally,the lubrication in the transfer case should meet or exceed the manufacturer's specifications and be at the correct levels.
Noisy Transfer Case
Usually a noisy transfer case is the result of adding the incorrect grade of lubricant or insufficient levels of the lubricant. It should be changed and refilled with the correct grade of lubricant to the correct levels.
Jumping Out of Selection
This condition can be caused by the transfer case not being fully engaged. Also,broken,loose or defective parts can make this type of"slip"happen,such as the shift fork being cracked autel maxidiag elite md802.
Lubricant Leaks
The transfer case can be overfilled,causing a leak. There is a vent in the case that may become clogged or jammed closed autel ms905. Additionally,the output shaft has a seal that can become damaged.
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How to Make Your Own Roof Crossbars
DIY Roof Rails (for any vehicle with side rails).
Roof rails are necessary for any car-top accessory OBD Tool,like cargo baskets,ski racks,or bike racks. And they can be pricey: a pair of rails from the main manufacturers regularly costs somewhere around $100,and often require additional parts like vehicle-specific brackets just to attach them. You'll need:
1. Figure out where to mount the bars.  On a 2004 Jeep Liberty,there are 4 factory-drilled holes on the top of the crossbars.  If you line up the bars with those holes,which guaranteed they'd be parallel to each other.
2. Drill holes for eye bolts.  If you're interested in adding eye bolts to help tie down loads,this is a good point to drill holes for them.
Find out what diameter your eye bolts are.
Choose a drill bit that is exactly the same size.
Note: even if you don't want to have the eye bolts on your bars all the time,you might as well drill the holes now so that you don't have to later.  Since you're just using ordinary hardware,you can add or remove the eye bolts anytime you want.
3. Drill holes for U-bolts.
 Lay the crossbars on your side rails and grab one of your U-bolts.
Using your U-bolt,mark where holes need to be drilled on the underside of your crossbar.
Repeat for the other side,and the second bar.
Drill where you marked.  
Note: you'll notice in the early pictures that four holes are drilled per side Car Repair Tool,and none are drilled for the U-bolts. The original plan was to secure the crossbars using regular hex bolts inserted through the crossbar and into the side rail. U-bolts were used instead,so those holes became superfluous.
4. Grind. Notice that the side rails on the Jeep are curved.  That is the case for most vehicles.
If you use square tubing and just rest the tubes on the curved side rails,nothing will sit flat across your cross bars,and they will look bad.
One solution is to use circular steel tubing.  The other solution is to grind out some metal from each place where the tubing rests on the side rails.  You'll need a metal grinder for this step.
Take off a tiny bit at a time until you see that the bars are beginning to line up parallel.
5. Paint.  When you see that the bars will sit the way you want them to,choose a color of spray paint,hang your rails and hardware,and paint them.  This is strictly unnecessary,but the extra effort and $5 will make your DIY crossbars look great.
6. Mount.  Once everything is dry,place your crossbars on the side rails,slide the U-bolts through underneath,and tighten the nuts until it becomes somewhat difficult to turn the wrench by hand.  If you want to prevent scratching to the side bars,add a small piece of gasket between the side bars and the cross bars before tightening the U-bolts.  You want the U-bolts to be firm,but they don't need to be so tight that they crush your side rails.  You should be able to grab ahold of the rails and rock the vehicle without the bars moving.
7. Buy yourself a nice dinner.  You just saved somewhere between $50-$200 dollars!
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Cleaning Car Windows,Mirrors,and Chrome
You can get your car windows crystal clear and your mirrors and chrome sparklingly reflective without a lot of extra hassle maixidas ds708. Because they have characteristics that the rest of the car's body doesn't namely transparency and reflectiveness the soap you use on the rest of the car isn't going to cut if you want invisible windows,gleaming mirrors,and sparkling chrome.
Keep the following in mind when cleaning windows and mirrors:
Employ the same products you use to clean glass in your home to clean your car's glass windows and mirrors. Many of these products simply spray on and wipe off without rinsing.
Be sure to use a lint-free soft rag or sturdy paper towels to avoid scratching the glass: Newspaper also does a pretty good job.
Wait to clean the inside surfaces of the windows and sunroof until you do the interior of the car.
Use vertical strokes on the outside of the windows and sunroof,and horizontal strokes on the inside,so that you can see at a glance which side the streaks are on when you're wiping off the cleaner.
Lift your windshield wipers away from the glass to clean under them,and don't forget to wipe the wipers,too. A dirty blade can streak or scratch the glass. Handle the wipers gently to avoid bending the mechanism. Remove dead leaves that may have accumulated in the well under the wipers.
Carry a package of pre-moistened glass cleaner wipes and a clean soft rag in your car to spruce up the windshield when visibility gets cloudy.
Consider your car's shining trim to be its jewelry and keep it protected and looking good. Several excellent polishes are designed specifically to clean chrome without scratching the delicate layer of plating Autolink AL539 Scanner. These preparations also retard rust and leave the surface bright and shining. You can use chrome polish on other metal surfaces,too.
Here are some tips for polishing metal trim and chrome:
Try not to get the polish on the surrounding paint: The polish can discolor it.
Be sure to do the inside surfaces of a metal bumper,too,if you can reach it: And don't forget the metal frames around the lights and side mirrors.
Use a special glaze on black metal or plastic trim around the windows,on bumpers,or on side-protector strips: The glaze,usually liquid,restores some luster to the blacked-out trim. As with metal polishes,avoid getting the glaze on the vehicle's paint.
After you clean metal surfaces,wax them to prevent rust from forming: Use a special wax designed for chrome bumpers and metal surfaces because these areas require more protection than painted surfaces do. Other types of wax may prevent the chrome from getting the oxygen it needs to preserve its shine.<br/>Related Links<br/> 
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