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<p>Consumers in happily pay, after mentioning  the car what to pay attention to the maintenance point? I will discuss several  aspects and everyone, but also the way to the new owner reminder: buy a car is  easy but maintenance a car is difficult, vehicle maintenance,  in addition to heart, but also from the "new" start.<br>Learn to see failure on the dashboard<br>  Novice car learn to see the dashboard is  very important. Should always pay attention to see the pointer on the dashboard,  keep an eye icon on the dashboard display. Those who saw the red light on the  dashboard, immediately check the possible parking stall.<br>When you driving on rough road you need to  pay special attention on vehicle maintenance and common sense to avoid  scratching the chassis, as this may damage the pot at the end of the oil, causing  the oil leak. Of course, such a situation, it will show the red machine oiler  and water wave logo on the dashboard. At this point should immediately check  the parking stall. If you do not understand the new drivers, to continue moving  forward, it will be a big problem, causing damage to the engine.<br>Be sure to pull the hand brake parking<br>   For the new owners, in addition to  need some time to adapt to the dashboard, the car shift and pull the handbrake  should spare no practice. Some owners in the habit of parking on the shift  lever in neutral, in fact, this habit is not good, is easy to make the shift  lever into forward gear, causing danger.<br>For safety reasons, the new owner must pull  in the parking handbrake is good, especially on the ramp, avoiding car back,  and dangerous. Similarly, once the car will be driving, handbrake must also be  put in position to start. Many novice, the new owner for a new car, it is often  easy to overlook this issue until the car " quack " to difficult  driving for a while realized that everyone knows, do not put the handbrake on  the car's damage is also very large.<br>Pay attention to the situation of abnormal  sound car<br>  Driving, motorists should pay close  attention to the sound of each part of the vehicle. Once the car has a noise,  we must first accurately determine the sound from inside or outside the vehicle Car Diagnostic Tool.  If abnormal noise from the car, they should pay particular attention to parking  to be checked.<br>  In the case did not turn off, and if the  sound disappears, you can determine the process of moving the abnormal sound.  New owners should listen carefully to the voice from which parts of which  direction may be wheels, tires , transmission , drive shaft, suspension ring,  it may be a tire rolling stones ring nails or sticky, probably not the brakes,  it may is a part of the normal density caused by the abnormal sound and the  like. Owners can be for different reasons, and troubleshoot their own judgment.<br>Of course, if it continues to ring, it may  be a problem with the engine. Then we should pay attention to whether the oil  is affecting the quality of the work results of hydraulic and lubrication  systems. Generally speaking, the new car is to use original oil, but after the  new car had a run-in period, it is recommended according to their condition,  road oil changes, such as stop-go office workers in the city (quotations image  parameters), the more appropriate use of highly wear-resistant oil and driving  long distances owners of high power demand, you can select full synthetic motor  oil to ensure momentum.<br>The new owner best have a record about car<br>  The new owner is best to have a detailed  record of their car. For example, when traveling to 5000 km, do maintenance,  and opened to 40,000 km, does it change the brake pads and so forth, must be  aware of. Each to the car's maintenance, replacement parts, has detailed  records, like "medical record" then you will know the car's situation  better.<br>I also remind the majority of the new owner,  be sure to take the time to look at the car's manual to learn more about the  use and maintenance instructions about which aspects of the car, and to read it  as much as possible, in addition, models should be more around the forum many  car owners are also many new and old owners do not know practical small, rich  resource network for better traffic, keeping a car has a huge help.<br>Fast car to get rid of the fog on the glass<br>  The weather is getting cold , people are  much sitting in the car , then the car temperature is high , prone to breathe  easily from the inside glass mist, blocking the driver 's line of sight, hidden  potential dangers. To solve this problem, the car, put the wind blowing switch  to the front windshield, with hot air, usually to open a file on it; If there  is fog on the car, then open the first cold air conditioning, fog soon  dissipated, and then open the hot air. Tips for driving this autumn and winter  is also very practical.<br>There are many good diagnostic tools can  help you maintenance your car OBD Tool, such as:  <br><br/>Related Links<br/> 
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<p>You will find different services and assessments  that the vehicle requires to be able to keep going correctly. Like a  responsible vehicle owner, you must understand what these various services. In  the end, besides the healthiness of your vehicle relies on it, but the safety  of yourself yet others you encounter on the highway. Some services are regarded  as just regular maintenance, while some are carried out to optimize the  performance from the vehicle and lengthen the car's existence.<br>Some services which are regarded as regular  maintenance are 30/60/90K Scheduled Maintenance, Tune-Up Service, Full Service  Oil and Lube and Tire Rotation and Balance. Each service concentrates on  various areas of the vehicle that should be maintained frequently. 30/60/90K  Scheduled Maintenance happens every 30, 60, and 90 1000 miles which are  consumed through the vehicle. <br>Tune-Up Services, occur every 2 yrs,  certain parts from the vehicle have a tendency to put on out and want repair or  alternative to be able to prevent more lack of performance. Sometimes it's really  a few modifying certain systems from the vehicle be able to assure continual  proper operation.<br>A Complete Service Oil and Lube is as  essential as a normal Tune-Up, otherwise much more. Entirely service oil and  lubricants, your old oil is going to be transformed out and changed with as  many as 5 quarts of recent oil. Additionally they include Wiper Edge  Alternative Launch X431 Diagun, and visual battery inspections. If it appears as though something  might be wrong together with your battery, for example corroded battery connections,  then your full service center where you stand getting your oil and lube carried  out may suggest that you might also need Battery Maintenance done. <br>Tire Rotation and Balance addresses a  completely different a part of your vehicle. As the full service oil and lube  and also the fuel injection services both make certain the engine works  properly and it has full energy, the tire rotation and balance make certain the  tires of the vehicle operate correctly. You rely on your tires daily to  securely carry your vehicle, and also you automatically, for your destination.  They receive lots of deterioration and have to be looked over frequently to  make certain they're putting on out evenly and therefore are well-balanced.  Otherwise, one tire could receive a lot more put on than these and suddenly fly  out launch x431 pro plus. <br>Your car's air conditioning, that is also  called the environment Conditioning System, is yet another essential a part of  your vehicle, especially if you reside in areas with hot summer season, for  example Dallas, Texas, in which a reliable ac is essential. Once the  temperatures are more than one hundred levels for days on finish, then you  definitely can't afford to possess your ac break lower inside your vehicle.  Otherwise, in a short 5 minute drive to operate, you'll be covered in sweat.  Warmth exhaustion as well as warmth strokes are known such two opposites.<br>Other important services that the vehicle  will require include: Brake Service, Brake Flush Service, Timing Belt/Chain  Service, Serpentine Belt Service, Engine Diagnostic Service, and Condition  Inspection Service, Differential Service, Lamp Alternative, Energy Steering  Service, Radiator Flush Service, Shocks & Struts, and Transmission Service.<br>Before you go to repair shop you can use  some  and so on. Then you can receive an honest maintenance  division proposal.<br><br/>Related Links<br/> 
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<p>Cars are now becoming increasingly popular,  and now run a car on the road more and more. Taking a trip drove really  convenient, but cars and people, work more than a need to rest and maintenance.  Following are small car maintenance problems experience.<p>Methods / steps<br />
  1, timely cleaning the car. Usually on the  road or when parking, the car easily stained with dust particles , bird  droppings , etc., especially after the rain , which the acidic substances car a  long time will corrode the surface of the paint, causing the car to no longer  bright, serious fade.<p>2, promptly check and replace the car oil.  Automotive engines and other components are inseparable from the normal  operation of oil lubrication autel maxiscan, cleaning and so on. Therefore need to promptly  check the dipstick to see if the oil is normal. Generally speaking, the new car  to be replaced every once ran 5 maxidiag elite md802,000 km oil, even if the oil filter is dirty  filter replacement.<p>3, periodically check the  antifreeze, brake oil, glass of water, etc. is sufficient. Antifreeze can  guarantee the normal vehicle driving in the winter is not easy on the cold.  Brake Fluid is an integral part of the brake system. These will have to ensure  adequate to allow normal operation of the vehicle.<p>4, regular wheel alignment. Car ran axiom  more, sometimes deviation phenomenon, easily buried hazards. Then four to  promptly locate the vehicle, automobile deviation problem has been resolved. No  deviation phenomenon timely, regular wheel alignment is also very good it.<p>5, always check the tire pressure. Normal  tire pressure is to ensure that the premise of the vehicle firmly on the road ,  tire pressure is too high increases puncture hazard , will reduce comfort ;  tire pressure is too low will increase fuel consumption , increase tire wear  efforts. So should always check the tire pressure, can bring their own tires  manometer best. If the forum patterns are bald, must be timely replacement  tires.<p>6, Periodically check the line. Normal  operation of the car need the strong support of the line, including a variety  of lights, the car starts, etc., are used in lines. To periodically check to  see which lines existed aging or poor contact, promptly repaired to eliminate  safety hazards.<p>7, regular check brake pads and clutch  plates and other wear. Car on the road, the brake pads and clutch plates, etc.  have been worn to a certain extent to be replaced, otherwise there is a big  security risk. Therefore, in accordance with the instructions on the vehicle  specification , up to a certain number of kilometers necessary to check the  brake pads and clutch plates for wear.<p>You can use diagnostic tools to test your  car by yourself, such as: <p><p> </p>
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Installation of an Oil Catch Can
Hot-rod cars require extra components for extra safety and performance. If you have a car modified for speed,it needs an oil catch can installed. This can is designed to filter out the oil vapors from the crankcase,keeping your fuel's octane rating high and reducing any detonation risk. The exact installation varies depending on a number of factors,especially whether or not you installed a PCV system in your engine.
Things You'll Need
Steel wool
Oil catch can
Vacuum lines
1. Fill the can with a small portion of steel wool if you're using a can that isn't internally baffled. The wool will function as a filter for the oil vapors as they pass through the can.
2. Depressurize the car's fuel system. In most cases,remove the fuel pump relay from the fuse box then run the engine until it stalls.
3. Choose a location in the engine compartment to mount the oil catch can. This depends greatly on the type and orientation of your engine,but there may be a good location on the frame rail autel.
4. Fasten the oil catch can to your mounting location within the engine compartment using the can's included bracket and its screws/bolts.
5. Disconnect the oil return line connecting the intake manifold to the PVC valve using a wrench on its fittings autel maxisys pro.
6. Connect the oil catch can to the PVC valve using a new vacuum line. Connect the can to the intake manifold with another vacuum line.
7. Tie the new vacuum lines down using zip ties,making sure you don't tie them to any components that move or get excessively hot.
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Summer must adjust tire pressure<br>The weather is hot, strong hands of the riders, they began wondering summer cooling to the car to do the work. Summer tire easily adjust the tire pressure is essential. Recently, a number of riders on the forum, on summer tire pressure should be adjusted to high or low in tone inside the car faithful and uncompromising. <br>More traditional view is that high summer temperatures, pressure thermal expansion and contraction, certainly higher than winter tires, tire heat easily, so it should go lower in tone. <br>May be another point of view, if we lower the tire pressure, tire friction with the ground doubled, tire temperature rises sharply, soft tires, a sharp decline in strength. In this case, if the vehicle at high speed, it could lead to a puncture. So, summer is not only not reduce tire pressure should also be in tune to a higher point. <br>Experts say: tire pressure should be low not high <br>For users argue, the reporter interviewed two experts, Austrian auto senior technician, world-renowned transmission manufacturing company in Germany ZF (mining Corfu) engineer Expert opinion more consistent: summer tire pressure rather low point. <br>Expert told reporters, lower tire pressure, will bring two consequences, one grinding tires, tire life will be shortened; Second, fuel consumption will increase. However, lower tire pressure will reduce the risk of puncture. Since the weather is hot in summer, especially in the high-speed, speed of 100 to 120 yards, the tread temperature will reach 80 ', even more than 100 ', the internal pressure will be increased. <br>As for increasing the tire pressure, the only use is to reduce fuel consumption. However, in addition to increasing the tire pressure may puncture, it will also bring a lot of negative factors, such as increasing the braking distance for safe driving disadvantage. So, summer is the only principle tire pressure drop, not rise. <br>Palace technician also believes that the value of car tires tire pressure, generally 2.3 ~ 2.8BAR, just in this range, are safe. However, high summer temperatures, after the car pulled away, the original tire pressure within the normal range may actually rise to 3.0BAR more. Therefore, the summer should be taken within the normal range of low tire pressure tire pressure value, more appropriate between 2.3 ~ 2.5BAR. <br>Two experts have emphasized that if their own car tires older, or have had trauma, should the tire pressure to the low point in the tune. <br>Several Precautions tire pressure - the standard tire pressure values, each vehicle has marked <br>Many beginners are still committed confused: How much is my car tire pressure normal? Where can I find? In addition to the instructions, the vehicle will be marked on the standard tire pressure value, but to take the time to find it. Most cars will be posted on the cab door; some cars will be on the rear doors; marked in some car fuel tank cap. <br>Their tire pressure should be carefully measured <br>Instructions are stated on many car owners should check the tire pressure once a month. But Palace technician believes that he bought air gauge to measure tire pressure no need mx-sensor. If any tire pressure is low, and generally closer look OBD2 Scanner, you can see it visually. <br>Also need to remind, riders like DIY measuring tire pressure, do not engage in crooked after careful measurements lead to a flat tire valve cores - End tire pressure measured in the professional shop, the staff will help you check guaranteed not to leak gas. <br>Nitrogen filling, meaningful <br>Summer, many riders like to charge some nitrogen tire Riga, their reasons are not easy expansion nitrogen than air, the safety factor is relatively high. <br>Technician believes that nitrogen although indeed better than ordinary air, but do not insist. "Tire did you imagine so delicate, that little bit of tire pressure difference caused by nitrogen, well within the tolerance range of the tire. Sufficient nitrogen for safety is concerned; the psychological effect is greater than the actual effect, but more expensive than the price of a charge air two hundred."<br>Puncture generally does not pay <br>Some owners think that they bought all risks; the insurance company in case of a puncture will be compensated. In fact, tires are consumables, often not the column compensation. Therefore, the owner usually pays more attention to avoid puncture accidents caused personal and property damage.<br>Some car diagnostic tools can help you test your car by yourself, such as: Autel Maxisys MS908, MaxiDAS DS708 Tool, Autel Maxidiag MD802 and so on. If you want to know some car maintenance information, please click the below information: Better Website<br><br/>Related Links<br/> 
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