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Introduction to GPS Navigation
Just a few years ago,adding a navigation system to your vehicle meant purchasing bulky components that required complex installation and the use of multiple CD-ROMs or DVD-ROMs to download the appropriate maps. Nowadays,many navigation systems come pre-loaded with maps and features designed to suit just about any budget and level of use.
Use this introduction to determine whether you want an in-dash setup that preserves your car's factory look,a portable GPS that is easy to use and install,or a handheld GPS that you can use in the mountains,on the water,and in your car. Then use our shopping guides to learn how to choose the right model for you.
Types of in-car navigation systems
In-dash Navigation
If you want to maintain the factory look of your dash and add the convenience of a large touchscreen monitor,look for an in-dash navigation system. A typical in-dash navigation system consists of a car stereo with a built-in monitor (ranging from 6-1/2"to 7"),an external GPS antenna,and sometimes a hideaway connection box that contains the A/V inputs and outputs. The stereo mounts in the factory stereo slot in your dash. The hideaway box is usually mounted behind the dash or under a front seat.
In addition to CD playback and AM/FM reception,most in-dash systems include DVD playback,so you can watch a movie on the built-in screen when the car is parked. Installation of an in-dash system can be complex,as they require connection to power,ground,the vehicle speed sensor,and the parking brake.
Remote-mount Navigation
A remote-mount navigation system consists of a self-contained GPS receiver that must be connected to a compatible in-dash stereo OBD2 Scanner. Most of the time,this is the solution for someone who already has a touchscreen stereo and wants to add navigation capability.
Portable Navigation
Compact and easy to use,portable GPS navigators are ideal for anyone who wants the convenience of in-car navigation without the hassle of a permanent installation. These portable units attach quickly to the windshield or dash and use a simple cigarette lighter adapter to draw power. This makes them easy to transfer from vehicle to vehicle. Featuring bright color screens that range from 3.5"to 7",most portable GPS receivers also include touchscreen controls,voice prompts,a built-in speaker,and an integrated GPS antenna.
Newer portable navigators are making navigation easier and driving a bit safer. GPS receivers with Bluetooth? connectivity offer hands-free phone calls and voice-command recognition. GPS devices with 2-way Internet connectivity make it possible to find a specific destination not listed in the Points of Interest. Best of all,touchscreen user interfaces have evolved to the point where many people find they can start using a portable GPS receiver without first reading the owner's manual (although you'll always get more out of your purchase by reading the manual) Car Tools store.
Handheld GPS
Handheld GPS receivers include models designed for hiking,boating,off-road driving,geocaching,and even for use on the golf course. These are all great options for the outdoors,but are not optimized for driving. If you plan to use a GPS receiver primarily in your car,look for either an in-dash,remote-mount,or portable system,as these include special features designed specifically for use while operating a vehicle,such as voice prompts,large,bright screens,and built-in speakers.
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Clean air laws require that 10% of new vehicles sold in California by the year 2003 be emission-free, and to date, only electric cars meet the standard. ! Prognosis There are significant adverse socioeconomic outcomes from ADHD. [34]  TPMS [35] Teenage males are more likely to have automobile accidents. [36] <p>The Automotive Innovation Fund, established in 2008, has already helped spur $2.3-billion in private-sector investments, according to budget documents.  Junk cars, or junkers, as they’re best known, are vehicles that are basically worth more in pieces than as a whole. The car parts can still be sold, but the entire car wouldn’t be worth anything. It’s possible for your car to break down and still be sold off as spare parts and as scrap iron. Selling off these junkers in Ohio is quite easy and you can still turn a profit from your junker instead of leaving out in the open to rot due to exposure to the elements. Turning over your car to salvage yard is also the responsible thing to do because you’re helping with the recycling efforts of the state of Ohio. <p>With worldwide reserves of fossil fuels gradually diminishing and air pollution increasing, automotive engineers are constantly on the lookout for ways to make cars more fuel  launch crp229 efficient and to reduce their carbon emissions. One of the most surprising places they've found wasted energy is in the car's exhaust. Actually, automotive designers have been tapping the hidden power of automobile exhaust since the early 1970s. Because this technology recycles the exhaust before it can exit the vehicle, it also helps reduce the emissions produced by a car and helps fight air pollution. , Automakers sold 155,763 cars in the domestic market in June, according to data released by the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM).  <p> Related Links <p> Porsche Piwis II
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Quit Smoking With a Little Help From Zyban, Chantrix

            <p>Smoking Cessation Information Center. Quit Smoking... With a Little Help From Your Friends...<br />You've decided. This time, you're really ready to quit smoking. And you aren't going to take no for an answer. <br />So, how do you ensure that your determination to stop smoking delivers results that last? How do you convince yourself, and everyone else, that this isn't just another cold turkey experiment doomed to end in failure, like those other times?<br />If you've tried going it alone or using quit smoking aids like nicotine gum and patches all to no avail, maybe it's time to try something new... to give yourself a fighting chance. After all, this could literally be the fight of your life. <br />Do You Need Help to Stop Smoking? <br />You probably could use some outside help to stop smoking if:</p> <ul><br /><li>You have tried hard to quit smoking or cut back but haven't been able to. </li><br /><li>You want to stop smoking for good, but just keep puffing away. </li><br /><li>You find you need more cigarettes to get the same good feeling you used to get from them. </li><br /><li>When you try to stop smoking, you have unpleasant withdrawal symptoms like cigarette cravings, anxiety, irritability, headaches, stomachaches, restlessness, drowsiness and difficulty concentrating. </li><br /><li>You have a serious health problem you know is made worse by tobacco use (like heart or breathing problems) but you just can't quit smoking e juices e liquids. </li><br /></ul><br />                         

<p>If any of these sound like you, it may be time to ask your doctor about prescription quit smoking aids and how to get the most out of them.<br />The Facts About Prescription "Helpers": Zyban and Chantix <br />There are two main prescription-only tablets on the market being prescribed by doctors to help their patients quit smoking: Zyban and Chantix. They are both nicotine-free products taken in tablet form to help reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms. But they have distinct differences.<br />Quit Smoking With Zyban<br />Zyban works on brain chemicals, reducing your urge to smoke and lessening the withdrawal symptoms. This makes it easier for many users to quit smoking and stay quit. You take a Zyban pill twice a day and then decide on a date to stop smoking, usually in the second week of taking Zyban.<br />Zyban makes the process of quitting easier by minimizing the withdrawal symptoms outlined earlier and controlling your nicotine cravings e cigarette liquids. Its active ingredient, bupropion, is also contained in Wellbutrin, a prescription anti-depressant.      

It's important to note that Zyban is NOT a magic bullet. It works for about 1/3 of users who were able to quit smoking for at least a month with its help. That success rate drops off over time. Your chances will be increased if you use Zyban in combination with a stop smoking support program or counseling.<br />Zyban is possibly the best known and most prescribed smoking cessation aid, but a newer product - Chantix - actually boasts a higher success rate. <br />Quit Smoking With Chantix <br />Chantix is also a prescription-only medication taken orally to help quit smoking. Like Zyban, it contains no nicotine so if needed it can be used with nicotine replacement products like gum or patches. You take one Chantix for the first three days of treatment, and then two a day until treatment ends. <br />The documentation on Chantix quotes independent studies that show Chantix is better at helping participants kick the habit: it says 44% were able to stop smoking with Chantix while only 30% quit while on Zyban.<br />This could be because Chantix is a considerably different product with unique properties. Its active ingredient is varenicline, not bupropion. And it has a dual action mechanism to help stop smoking:</p> <ol><br /><li>Even though Chantix doesn't contain any nicotine, it provides the body with some nicotine-like effects that help ease the cravings and withdrawal symptoms. </li><br /><li>And Chantix also works to block the effects of nicotine on the brain to reduce the pleasure reward of smoking. </li><br /></ol><br /> <p>Summing Up<br />Treatment with both Zyban and Chantix lasts at least 12 weeks, maybe longer if you need additional support to stay off cigarettes. Your doctor is the best person to ask about which product is better for you. He or she will take into account any medical conditions you may have and drugs you currently use to ensure no negative interactions. <br />If it's time for you to stop smoking, we can help - with information and with the lowest drug prices on the Internet. Follow these links to get more details and to order online: <br />Learn more about Chantix here. </p>           
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New Year Resolutions 2011 - Quit Smoking

            <p>Smoking is one of the most addictive habits that one can pick up during their lifetime. Once the habit is deep rooted, it is not easy to quit; something that can be judged from the large number of people who have tried to quit smoking but failed. However this does not deter people from making New Year resolution year after year to give up smoking. Even this year, a large number of people have decided to quit smoking from January 2011 as a part of their New Year resolution.</p>

<p><strong>Why people smoke?</strong></p>
<p>Scientists have come up with lots of explanations on why people smoke.  The reasons are very different for teens and adults. For teenagers smoking is fun, a form of self-expression, experimentation with something new, a way to emulate their role models or even a way to handle peer pressure. The chances of a teenager smoking are very high if one or more of his family members or close friends happen to be smokers. Adults smoke cigarettes for an entirely different reason. For them smoking is a way to combat work or relationship stress, boost their self-esteem, control their weight or even socialize.</p>
<p>Recently scientists have proven that smoking cigarettes can lead to lung cancer and other diseases. Naturally this has worried a lot of smokers and nowadays more and more people are trying to give up their smoking habit.</p>
<p><strong>Why people can't quit smoking?</strong></p>
<p>A lot of people try to give up smoking but are unable to do so fruity pebbles vape juice. The main reason why people can't quit smoking is because cigarettes contain nicotine which is highly addictive.  The other reason is that there is no plan or therapy that works for everyone. Some people are able to quit smoking by consulting their doctors and following the plan or medication while others require advanced therapies such as hypnosis, talk therapy or other expensive programs. A lot of people are not able to afford the cost of such programs so they continue to smoke.</p>

<p><strong>How to quit smoking?</strong></p>
<p>The best way to quit smoking is to identify and follow a plan that can help you to give up smoking.  It is perfectly alright to seek help from doctors, family members and colleagues. It would also help to exercise and meditate so that you are able to control your urges. Finally you must believe in yourself and be mentally strong so that you can not only quit smoking but also give it up forever.</p>
<p><em>Even though it is difficult to quit smoking wholesale e liquid, it is not impossible. If you plan to give up smoking, then New Year 2011 is an excellent time to make your quit smoking resolution and chalk out a plan. If you are looking for a good program that can help you to give up smoking, then check out the highly acclaimed </em><strong>Quit Smoking program by Robert Mellor</strong>.</p>
<p>Here is the link for your convenience - <strong>Quit Smoking by Robert Mellor</strong></p>           
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<p>Do You Need Vehicle Repair  Services? <p>If you're experiencing lots  of issues with your vehicle as well as your vehicle needs repair, it is time to  look into the different auto repair possibilities Car Diagnostic Tool. You will find many vehicle  repair garages and maintenance shops that may provide you with quality services  and repair the problem of the vehicle easily. Whether it's an easy problem you  are able to have a DIY method of complete the repairs.<p>Best Choices for Car Repairs and  Maintenance<p>Here are the different  choices readily available for vehicle body repair and maintenance:<p>Go To the Specialist Repair  Center<p>If there's an issue inside a  specific part or auto system of the vehicle, it is usually smart to seek the  aid of specialist repair centers. A skilled specialist can immediately rectify  the issues of the automobile effortlessly.<p>Furthermore, you may also  employ a transmission specialist, a muffler specialist and lots of other  specialists who mainly focus on supplying repair services for particular areas  of your vehicle. Employing a professional is definitely the best choice to  handle the complex problems of the vehicle.<p>Search for a Great Auto  Dealer Repair Center<p>A reputed and established  auto dealer repair center may also offer you an identical garage services for  example fundamental maintenance and repair services for those different models  and makes. They also may help you using the mechanical repair or any other  complicated problems that can't be fixed elsewhere.<p>Given that they have the most  recent equipment and tools they are able to fix any difficulty inside a  hassle-free way. The majority of the mechanics usually focus on a particular  model and thus it's wise to search for a car dealer shop which could offer  complex repair services for the models. If you wish to replace a broken a part  of your vehicle, request your car dealership shop to set up the initial parts and  revel in an even drive OBD2 Scanner.<p>Are You Able To Have A DIY  Approach?<p>When your car not an  intricate problem you can have a DIY approach to handle the repairs. It'll not  just save your valuable cash except you may even learn something new while  carrying out the repairs. If you buy the car diagnostic tool you can repair  your car by yourself. Vehicle proprietors can in accordance with guidance in the vehicle diagnostic tool manual to  perform the simple repairs.<p>Changing battery power,  altering the oil filter, air conditioning filter or examining the fluid level is  the fundamental things that can be done by you.<p>
  Conclusion<p>By using a vehicle  maintenance and maintenance schedule you are able to extend the existence of  the vehicle and revel in a secure drive together with your family members.<p>There are some good  diagnostic tools can help you repair your car by yourself, save your time and  money. Such as: <p>  </p>
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            <p>The aim of having eliquid in an electronic cigarette is to refill the cartridge when the need arises. Through this liquid, you are able to continue smoking without the risk of harming your lungs. A special type of nicotine with low levels of toxic chemicals forms part of the eliquid. This is what makes it different from the ordinary tobacco used in regular cigarettes. Additionally, the liquid low cost is also a source of benefit. Hence, this offers smokers with an easier way to go on with the practice devoid of any hindrance.</p>
<p>Electronic cigarette cartridges are re-usable. Cartridges vary in their types. Some can only be used once and requires no refilling, meaning you only use the cartridge once. Electronics cigarettes that have such cartridges are called disposable electronic cigarettes. Although they still use eliquid, they do not have a refilling device. The other type of electronic cigarette is the one that allows for refilling of cartridges. When using such cigarettes, you can use a bottle to store your eliquid at home tobacco vape juice. Once you refill your cartridge with eliquid, it can keep you going for an extended period. This procedure eliminates the possibility of spilling the eliquid and ensures the fitting of your e-cigarette remains perfect.  </p>
<p>Eliquids are unique in that they can be used on any brand of electronic cigarette meaning that once you buy the liquid, it can be used to refill cartridges of various brands of electronic cigarettes. You only need to remove the cartridge out of its position and empty any contents to make sure it's completely empty. After that, use a dropper to fill the cartridge with liquid until it reaches the required level. Three to five drops will be enough to fill your cartridge. Once you are done with the filling, add one drop on the atomizer to prefect its function.</p>
<p>When using eliquid, you have to follow the set standards of use so as to get the finest quality of the liquid. Ensure the eye dropper does not come into contact with the eliquid as this may affect the performance of the device. A good estimate would possibly be 50 cartridges to be refilled by a 25ml bottle. This enables you to cut on costs to a large extent best nuts e liquid. The eliquid should be kept away from kids because it can harm them if they happen to swallow some. The harmful elements found in eliquids can affect the body's metabolism thus it should not be taken orally.</p>           
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how to clean smoke filled lungs

            <p>If you have been smoking, then let's take a small trip. Picture that you are  camera that can see though skin and bone that can look into your chest to see your lungs smoke juice. What you would see might sicken you and would be likely turn you off cigarettes forever! Your lungs would appear not as pink and healthy organs full of life, oxygen, and vitality, but instead as blackened, sickly, corrupted sacks only partly filled with fetid air.<br />It is not a pleasant thought, and I bet as you breathe in and out you can feel this horrible damage that is done to your lungs. This is all caused by the tar and toxins you breathe in with each cigarette puff and is very hard to remove. In fact, it can take over a decade for your body to cleanse your lungs on its own!<br />Luckily there is a way you can clean tar out of your lungs much more quickly.   A lung detox regime, designed to get rid your body of tar as fast as possible, will increase your ability to flush toxins from the lungs.<br />This is done with a few different methods that are easy to implement.</p>
<ul><li>Quitting smoking. This has to be done before you can even think about making long term changes to your unhealthy lungs!</li>
<li>Specific lung exercises to dislodge tar and strengthen the lungs</li>
<li>Dietary changes to boost immune defense and directly target tar reduction</li>
<li>Mental exercises that make a direct impact on your physical health</li>
<li>Specific vitamins that turn your body into a tar cleansing machine!</li>
<li>Many more small lifestyle changes best tobacco e liquid, that when combined, put you on the road to good lung health</li>

<p> This is all easy to begin, but for many the struggle is maintaining this new, healthier lifestyle for the few weeks or months required to get the most benefit out of the program.<br />To stay motivated, and get all the information you need to make real changes to your health, click below for a complete guide to lung detoxification. This will help you to clean the tar out of your lungs quickly and efficiently. Don't you want to avoid becoming another lung cancer statistic?</p>           
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How to Hook Up a Car DVD Player
Many types of DVD players can be installed in a car. The three basic options are installed in the dashboard,installed in a seat headrest and mounted on the ceiling OBD2 Scanner. Hooking up a DVD player in your car depends on the type you get. Reading all instructions that come with the player's installation kit is highly recommended.
Things You'll Need��Knife; Rubber cement; Wrench; Drill; Screwdriver��
1. Disconnect the car's negative battery cable. On most cars,the cable is clamped onto the terminal; loosen the clamp nut with an insulated wrench.
2. Replace the car stereo with the DVD player if you have a dash mount model--pry off the trim panel bezel with a flat tool,remove the stereo's fasteners with a screwdriver or wrench,disconnect the stereo's electrical connectors and remove the unit. Install the DVD and its bracket in the dash.
3. Cut a hole in the seat headrest if you have a headrest player. Use the player's mounting frame as a guide to carefully cut through the leather and foam with a knife,molding the hole until the frame fits into it. Add holes that the cables will fit through and install the player in the frame.
4. Drill a ceiling mounted DVD player into the headboard of the ceiling using a drill and the installation kit's mounting screws autel maxitpms. These screws are often within the player's mount. Drill a hole in the headboard first so the wiring will fit through it.
5. Route the wiring for the DVD player to the front end of the car. A dash-mounted player is already in position. For a headrest player,route the wiring down the seat's upholstery and along the floorboard. For a ceiling mount,route it behind the headboard and down the A-frame trim pillars.
6. Connect the player's power wire--usually the yellow one--to the car's power source. Route this wire through the firewall,loosen the clamp for the battery's positive cable,fit the wire lead onto the battery terminal and tighten the clamp with your wrench.
7. Attach the starter wire--usually the red one--to the car starter. Insert the wire lead into an available hole in the starter motor's electrical connector.
8. Mount the ground wire--the black one--onto a good ground somewhere on the car. Find a metal screw on the chassis,loosen it enough to fit the wire lead under it and then tighten the screw with the screwdriver.
9. Reconnect the negative battery cable.
Tips & Warnings
Many headrest players require rubber cement to fasten the frame into the hole created in the headrest. Make sure the cement is dry and the frame is secure in the headrest before you place the player inside it.
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Giving Up Smoking - And Cadmium in Cigarettes!

            <p>There have been numerous discussions on the poisonous chemicals that are included in the manufacture of common cigarettes but still warnings about the danger these chemicals are constantly ignored by users e cigarette wholesale.</p>                         

<p>Cigarettes are not only characterized by chemicals with poisonous properties but also chemicals with properties considered as extremely toxic and radioactive such as cadmium, arsenic, lead, and polonium.</p> <p>Cadmium is a toxic and heavy metal that occurs in nature which is produced by smelting, the heating and melting of ores to extract metals. Study shows that cadmium is present in cigarettes at very high levels of concentration.</p> <p>Cadmium is widely used in the manufacture of batteries, metal plating, plastics, and textile industry.</p> <p>The regular cigarette contains 1-2mcg of cadmium and 40-60% of this amount of substance is inhaled and expected to pass through the lungs and into the body vape juice. Since other foods such as shellfish and animal liver and kidneys also contain cadmium, smokers take in additional 1-3mcg of cadmium over what is taken in from other sources in their daily life. Consequently, smokers are found to have twice as much cadmium intake.</p>       

<p>The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) suggests that cadmium level from food source and other sources must not exceed 5 ppb(parts-per-billion). EPA believes that this level of cadmium exposure would not produce any health problems.</p> <p>The continued intake of excess cadmium may cause health risks such as vomiting, convulsions, shock, diarrhea, salivation, sensory disturbances, liver dysfunction, and renal failure.</p> <p>Acute exposure to cadmium by inhalation can cause lung problems such as pneumonitis and pulmonary edema.</p> <p>Pneumonitis is a form of inflammation that occurs in the lungs due to difficulty in breathing resulting from too much inhalation of cadmium substance which is common in mineral oil, gasoline, or inhaling chemical fumes.</p> <p>On the other hand, pulmonary edema is an abnormal build up of fluid in the air sacs of the lungs that cause shortness in breathing.</p> <p>The bottom line is quitting smoking is the best medicine.</p>           
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<p>Whether electronic cigarettes succeed in receiving FDA approval or not it would appear that the tide is going to be difficult to stop. E-Cigs are flooding the U.S in a very visible way from retail outlets to mall demonstration booths. At the moment electronic cigarettes are not receiving FDA approval due to the fact that they have not undergone clinical tests and so the long term effect of their use is unknown. A ludicrous excuse many people are pointing out as no-one needs to see the result of a clinical trial in order to confirm that they are not as harmful as regular tobacco cigarettes. It would seem that the tremendous lobbying power of the tobacco and pharmaceutical industries respectively are influencing the U.S government's decision to stall on this issue. But whether they stall or not this is a product that is rapidly growing in popularity. It its popularity as a search term is anything to go by then electronic cigarettes are quickly becoming a must have item for smokers who have practically been hounded out of public places since the blanket smoking ban. And even though electronic cigarettes are not sold as quit smoking devices and are not likely to be permitted to be advertised as such, more and more users are testifying to their effectiveness in dealing with cravings and thus helping people to get off cigarettes. As far as dealing with cravings associated with nicotine withdrawal electronic cigarettes seem to be the best possible alternative to conventional cigarettes menthol electronic cigarette. Not only to they deliver the nicotine in a comparable way, they also help with the psychological addiction by producing vapor that is visibly inhaled and exhaled electronic cigarette. Finally they allow smokers to take their addiction in their own hands and treat themselves. If it is quitting smoking that you are interested in don't believe everything you read about electronic cigarettes, they are not a lifestyle product, they actually do work as far as helping people stop smoking. Click here and select any brand of electronic cigarettes to read some real customer reviews and see what users of electronic cigarettes have to say.</p>           
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