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Symptom: a 2009 output in the Ford Mondeo sedan ( fitted 2.3L motor and 6-speed handbook transmission ) , the gathered mileage of autologic about seventy two,000 km, the engine stalled owing towards the cooling admirer has higher pace and into your plant maintenance.

Troubleshooting : It mirrored the driver , the vehicle once the ignition change is turned on , high-speed cooling lover has actually been frequently convert . To start with xprog-m confirm malfunction. Following the motor flameout notice the working of your cooling admirer , and indeed because the consumer claimed , often switch high-speed cooling supporter continues to be retained . IDS detection without any fault code stored . Analyze feasible explanations are: cooling lover failure ; admirer handle module failure ; pertinent line failure ; PCM failure.

Because the cooling enthusiast is managed via the PCM successful vehicle based upon pulse signal conditioning . So first make full use of IDS community tests , PCM, TCM and KVM ( keyless manage module ) module communication is regular, the flame for a long time after viewing the data stream with IDS, revealed in Figure 1 , the data circulation shows the coolant temperature is sixty nine, air con tension of 813 kPa, evidently doesn't need a cooling enthusiast function, as well as cooling lover PCM pulse width modulation is also zero , indicating that PCM can also be demanded within the cooling lover stopped state , but this time was in large velocity cooling admirer . IDS for making use of active cooling enthusiast check and located that its pace would not range with modifications within the regulation of PCM takes place , indicating which the cooling lover will not be PCM management ( Figure 2 ) . Cooling admirer wire connector has 3 lines , that are grounding strains, power traces augocom and sign traces , because the cooling enthusiast managing at large speed , the ability cord and grounding line isn't any problem , and afterwards choose the initiative for making the cooling supporter exam IDS though measuring the signal line width manage in different states with the grounding resistor , the resistance was located in 0.six kn-11 kn adjust, indicating command and sign output PCM 's ordinary , it might be concluded that the failure was triggered by faulty lover handle module the . Troubleshooting: For the reason that there is not any independent source admirer management module , only switch the cooling fan assembly, substitution will yet again make use of its IDS energetic testing , the cooling admirer pace is usually altered with modifications inside the pulse width adjustments , the failure to entirely eradicate .

Troubleshooting: Since there is no individual offer lover management module , only change the cooling fan assembly, substitution will all over again make jma trs-5000 usage of its IDS active screening , the cooling supporter velocity is usually adjusted with modifications during the pulse width adjustments , the failure to absolutely eliminate .

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With the increasing complexity of modern automobiles in recent years, most professional repair shops and garages now require Outil De Diagnostic Auto to find out any problem with an engine or engine control system. Then they can decide how to carry out the repairing process. Good an Outil De Diagnostic Auto will help you get twice the result with half the effort.

The obd2 tools that available to diagnose and scan problems of various car models are mass. The key step for timely and efficient repair is to spot the detailed problems exactly. The best-known manufacturer of Outil De Diagnostic Auto is counter to make a series of tools with the highest quality and best price. A wide range is available to mechanics to address any work to come through, and the analysis tools are recognized as one of the best options for the professional as well as being affordable enough for domestic usages under certain circumstances.

In general, any repair work of a modern car begins with plugging the obd2 tools into the engine management computer and downloading a registration data of the current function, including fuel consumption and time since last service. In this way, the mechanic gets a complete overview of how the engine is running and where may go wrong. Scanners tell whether there is any problem with the fuel supply, electronics, air filters and the operating temperature, and provide plenty information about the related problems as well.
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A mileage of about a hundred and sixty,000 km, equipped LZC engine 2007 3.0 Shanghai GM Buick industrial cars . People report: motor vehicle engine fault lights .

Inspection and examination : servicing personnel to detect the engine management device , identified fault code P0068 ---- throttle
bmw icom a2 entire body airflow overall performance P0101 ---- air movement sensor general performance and P0106 ??---- ingestion manifold complete strain sensor overall performance.

Check fault freeze body info , speed is 134 km / h, the throttle opening is 0 percent. Once the record crystal clear fault codes ,
Fgtech examination failures arise . Had to evaluate the connection involving numerous fault codes . The actual throttle posture is as opposed along with the engine load is set in accordance to throttle position , the motor command unit to determine the air stream sensor in accordance into the motor load plus the ingestion manifold absolute strain sensor signal, the engine regulate unit via additional comparison , it is identified whether or not the sensor after the failure, will established the suitable fault code. If the motor handle device detects the present ingestion manifold absolute force along with the real air movement rate detected with the throttle place sensor along with a wanted pressure and air move complete inconsistent established DTC P0068.</p>

<p>Throttle position sensor in case the engine manage device detects the existing opening the throttle posture sensor plus the engine handle unit calculates the value in the predicted worth of inconsistency , will established the fault code P0121. DTC P0068 environment situation is really detected intake manifold complete air stress as well as the tachopro desired strain change higher than a predetermined absolute worth , and the precise air movement charge plus the detected air stream price big difference is greater than the ideal predetermined benefit . Quite simply , the air circulation and calculate the actual detected the expected air stream deviation is simply too large.

Check motor details, only 17% of throttle opening , way too large , other information identified no abnormalities. Get rid of the consumption hose and located a whole lot of dust , after which you can remove its air filter housing , air cleaner uncovered no place, once the dust into your wire attached towards the cooling air circulation meter , air movement meter can't direct properly compute the actual ingestion air . Division of dust to the throttle , bmw icom abc increase the throttle opening with the throttle opening degree gets more substantial foundation . And finally to the inside of the engine , elevated don of your piston as well as cylinder wall .

Troubleshooting: Cleansing the air movement meter, air filter and correct usage of certified installation, troubleshooting.

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I was high on the automobile, and anything about it all can arouse my interesting. Even the auto diagnoses and its developing history I had acquainted. For example, can clip renault, this Outil De Diagnostic Auto I ever used. I think the DIY auto repair could get start on Outil De Diagnostic Auto, for many reason if the drivers most of can do the auto repair by themselves many things would be simply more, and accord to the auto diagnostic technique development in my wise this possible is great.

Currently some advance countries' modern auto diagnostic technique already achieve the stage of widely use. And meantime bring the obvious economic efficiency and social benefits to the traffic safety, energy conservation, reduce the transportation cost and improve the transportation power and so on aspect. Our country's Outil De Diagnostic Auto technique gets start later, at 60s though also introduction of a few foreign Outil De Diagnostic Auto and obd2 tool, but for the various reason, the diagnostic technology always develop slowly. Since enter 80s along with the national economy's programming, especially follow the automobile manufacture industry and traffic transportation industry's developing our automobile ownership constantly increasing. The increasing of automobile quantity inevitable brings traffic safety and environment protection these society problems. How to ensure these vehicles safely running and don't cause the society public hazard gradually be came up with on government relevant agenda. Thus gear up the automobile inspection technique and Outil De Diagnostic Auto's development, make the automobile diagnoses and inspection became country May to June key item for popularization and deemed to be a important technology measure for promote automobile transportation modernize management. Since year 1980 the transportation department had began planned established the automobile synthetical station for the national road transportation system and get success. Till Dec. 1987 year the national road transportation part total built 22 inspection stations and the annually inspection ability achieved 600 thousand units. To the year 1988 had finished 100 automobile inspection station's building.

From the presently auto diagnostic technique develop situation, the vehicles getting around certainly will more and more convenient, the problem we always environment pollution also will get improvement. If the condition allowed the DIY auto repair shall be popularized, because the Outil De Diagnostic Auto's development, they developed into easy carry, easy use and higher accuracy. The can clip renault V136 Diagnostic Tool is a good example.
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Car motor idling worth falls gds vci Hyundai below or exceeds the required selection , there will be phase flame, velocity instability phenmena .

Idling instability as follows: When idling, the engine shaking , pace uneven. Its will cause are: the quantity of idle air clogging , weak idling heavy duty diagnostics devices work , person cylinder spark plug spark too weak , person valve Mifengbuyan, ingestion manifold leak, early or late ignition timing , idle adjustment incorrect . Once the engine idling instability, must first change the idle velocity , idle pace adjustment right after this kind of failure isn't going to get rid of , you must examine the idle jet and idle air quantity holes are blocked , such as the number of clogging , petrol or acetone to scrub and might be employed with compressed air to blow through ; In case the degree of holes usually are not blocked , the engine pace should really stabilize in a particular velocity, the law enforcement listen to the ingestion manifold or carburetor , if your lower a part of the liner for the leak , if there are actually air leaks, offered fastening screws or Canada, fewer gasket technique to exclude . Should the motor idling instability accompanied via the phenomenon of ability down , the do the job should really be even further examination in the spark plug , valve sealing overall performance and ignition timing is correct , if necessary for servicing , adjustment .

Working engine really should be operated while in the homogeneous 300-500r/min pace assortment . If the engine speed exceeds the bare minimum stable pace array , or on this velocity array of the motor flameout takes place , speed instability , that is certainly no undesirable idling or idling . skp 900 Idle bad , according to their failure qualities will be divided into an idling-stop , idle instability and abnormal idling . Should the motor starts off, from reduced to large speed when working effectively, but a flame immediately just after releasing the accelerator pedal , or perhaps the initial operate and then flame instability , in contrast having an idling-stop failure. In case the motor idling is not really easy, the exhaust pipe difficulty a " sudden , sudden " sound , then the fault is mostly unstable idle . In case the engine speed is increased compared to the minimum amount specified range and secure , and because they are able to not make this velocity is minimized, as opposed with all the higher idle or no idle failure.

Adjust the idle pace work have to be completed if the motor temperature is regular , good valve clearance , ignition system standard , the pipe sealed very well , choke comprehensive throttle can be shut tightly as well as other ordinary disorders . When adjusted , the primary spin out of the throttle opening adjustment screw to ensure that the motor reaches a least stable speed . Then utilize a screwdriver to adjust the idle velocity screw screwed , if the engine is about to stall , and then slowly and gradually unscrew the idle adjustment screw , cummins inline 5 and accomplish stable procedure from the engine speed . Then the throttle opening diploma from the altering screw rotation , the rotational pace on the engine can be minimized into a bare minimum old . Then regulate the idle speed adjustment screw , the motor velocity is improved . That is recurring right up until the minimum amount diploma of throttle opening , engine running within the most affordable continual speed. Eventually, to enhance the speed plus the sudden closure with the throttle , the engine isn't going to stall nonetheless turning correct.

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Symptom: a the 2011 Shanghai GM Buick LaCrosse sedan ( equipped with 2 .4 LLAF engine ) , the cumulative traveling about 40,000 krn. Driver to reflect the tachopro 2008 car two days ago when the highway feels weak acceleration , the engine sounds muffled , engine failure during normal driving and idling lights sometimes flicker. Then went to a service station for repair , diagnosis of injector failure , because of the service station without accessories , so he continued to travel more than 500 krn, but also found fault occurred since the emergence of the high fuel consumption of the car .

Troubleshooting : After receiving the car and found the car engine fault lights lit immortal, engine idle shake obvious. With fault detector test , autologic collect fault code has : P0300 eleven engine misfire ; P0303 eleven 3-cylinder engine misfire ; P0172 eleven high voltage adjust the fuel system . Read the data stream is then found that long-term fuel trim is -30 % , 3-cylinder misfire frequently found after the inspection .

Then based on the obtained three read fault codes and data flow analysis of vehicle malfunctions. From the 3-cylinder engine fire to fire frequently , volvo vida and to adjust the fuel system high voltage , combined with high fuel consumption , and engine shaking phenomena such speculation, should be 3 cylinder misfire frequent adverse work of the cylinder , the engine power down, that the focus should be on the impact of 3-cylinder misfire can be detected for each element . Measuring ignition coil resistance , normal ; observe spark plugs, basically normal, but to be sure , or will it be a replacement ; 3-cylinder cylinder pressure measurement , and each of the other cylinder is no big difference . Check the suspected point 3 cylinder injector is faulty. Detection of 3-cylinder injector resistance , in line with the requirements of maintenance data , in order to secure the trial after his replacement, engine working conditions improved slightly ; observation data stream , then the long-term fuel trim value is -5% , but in the engine after running about 5 min, the engine idle shake intensified. Until then view the data flow , long-term fuel trim value reached 25% , and 3-cylinder misfire again this time , but also with a small two -cylinder misfire phenomenon . This fault diagnosis , fault detector information provided has been helping us . So timely adjust their thinking , provide information from the data stream query again . After careful analysis, long-term fuel trim values ​​have been high , should also be excluded from the start mixture. So check the tightness of the intake system , check the vacuum hoses for cracks , distortions and connections ; then check the air filter or without fouling , clogging the intake manifold , throttle body or without blockage , the results of the inspection items were normal. Check the intake manifold absolute pressure sensor parameters camp , but also meet the requirements ( standard value of 19 kPa-42 kPa). Suspected injector leak , causing excessive gas mixture , but the injector was tested , and no failure. Finally, only the remaining crankcase through Phoenix and fuel evaporative emission control system is not checked . Then find along the crankcase ventilation hose leak , when checking the oil in the crankcase oil discovery , the upper limit oil level much higher than the predetermined (FIG. 1 ) , and the more dilute the oil , gasoline with a very strong smell ( crankshaft box oil level is high , icom bmw resulting in increased resistance to rotation of the crankshaft , the driver will be reflected in the sound muffled engine running phenomenon ) .

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The standard of living is getting better, more and more people own a car. As we all know, the car troubles are ever-changing and varied but the auto diagnosis methods and procedures are the same. Nowadays, the Outil De Diagnostic Auto, can clip renault is the professional tool for solving the renault car problems. How to use the Outil De Diagnostic Auto freely?

As long as the basic method is correct and clear, the methods for auto diagnosis are easy to handle. There are different kinds of the Outil De Diagnostic Auto. If you want to apply these obd2 tools, you should have theory guidance and fully understand the use and maintenance of the car. On the other hand, you should also fully understand the failure occurrence. For a relatively simple fault on the car, we could just rely on the experience and the senses to find the cause. More information about obd2 tool, you can visit a website, diyobd2.fr.

We need to understand oue cars from the appearance. This is very important. Some experienced maintenance employee will be able to make the judgment of car trouble even all of a sudden. Then we will use those obd2 tools freely.
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