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Preventing The Five Most Common Auto Repairs
Recently, CarMD Corp. conducted a study and compiled the findings into what they called their Vehicle Health Index. CarMD is a device that plugs into your vehicle and then downloads vehicle repair data, letting you know what's wrong with your car. Among the findings of the study were the top five most common repairs you can avoid through proper maintenance.
1. Engine Misfire
Each spark-plug on your car is electrically timed to fire at precise timing to deliver power from the engine. If the spark fires at the incorrect time or not at all, it is considered a misfire. Misfiring of a cylinder can happen for numerous reasons. Here are the most common causes and related costs of the misfire condition:
• Carbon or oil fouled sparkplugs: $100 to $300 depending on cost of plugs and labor to replace. (Bear in mind that oil of carbon fouled plugs are the result of a deeper problem with the engine and to get to the bottom of such case will cost more time and money to fix) Car Diagnostic Tool.
• Bad spark-plug wires: $100 to $300 depending on cost of parts and labor to replace.
• Bad fuel delivery: $100 to $1000 depending on cause of fuel delivery problem: bad injectors, cracked intake plenum, new injector driver or flash programming of ECM (Engine Control Module) needed.
• Vacuum leak: $100 to $1000 depending on cause of vacuum leak.
• Mechanical breakdown: Broken valve spring, burnt valve, broken or burned piston or piston ring, blown cylinder head gasket. Repairs for this can run from $500 -- $10,000.
What to do? The best way to avoid an engine misfire condition is through following the scheduled maintenance in your manual. Keep your vehicle's engine tuned according to factory specs. Plus, a yearly trouble-code scan by a well-equipped shop will uncover any potential problems before they become major faults.
2. Evaporative Emissions Leak and/or Failure
The evaporative emissions system control (EVAP) system is designed to trap gas tank fumes. The system consists of the fuel tank, vapor lines, liquid vapor separator to prevent liquid gasoline from entering the system and the EVAP Canister mx-sensor, which has a purge valve on it. Fumes are trapped inside the canister, which is full of activated carbon. At certain times during engine operation, the canister purge valve opens up letting fresh air into the canister. This in turn forces the trapped gas fumes back into the engine's air intake and thus burned inside the engine.
Should the system develop a leak as a result of corrosion eating the lines or a compromised canister, the system will throw an"EVAP Leak"code in the computer. To fix the problem, one has to find the leak, or faulty component, fix or replace it, and reset the system. The whole process of diagnosis and repair typically runs anywhere from $100 to $700 depending on what's needed.
What do do? To keep EVAP Systems operation properly, always make sure you tightly re-install your gas cap after refueling. In addition, a good rust protection application helps to keep system line corrosion to a minimum. Always tend to lit check engine lights. If you let them go, an EVAP System problem can expand into major repair costs.
3. System Running Too Lean
If a"System Too Lean"code comes up, it's usually due to a vacuum leak, faulty injector driver, bad injector or a software update needed. The performance computer monitors engine operating elements such as coolant and air intake temperatures, amount of airflow into the engine, throttle position, etc. If the problem-code pops up, it's because one of these areas is compromised.
Repairs run anywhere from $150 and up because it can be as simple as a sensor replacement or wiring repair, but it could also be a major engine repair costing thousands.
What To Do? Regular maintenance and upkeep will avert these type of problems. Always tend to a lit check engine light because we don't want a small problem to snowball. Don't be penny wise and pound foolish when it comes to preventive maintenance.
4. Catalytic Converter Failure
Catalytic Converters fail for two reasons: either because of a leak from rust and corrosion setting in, or internal plugging from excessive carbon buildup or collapsed baffle or catalyst. The catalytic converter is a device that burns up any unburned gas in the engine exhaust, cleaning the tailpipe emissions. Problems crop up when more unburned gas is fed into the catalytic than it can process. For lack of a better term, the catalytic becomes"constipated"or clogged as a result of too much gas being fed into it.
What to do? To avoid catalytic converter problems, keep the your engine up to snuff with regular scheduled maintenance tune-ups and system maintenance as per factory recommendations in your manual. It's really the only way to prevent premature failure of the system.
5. Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) System Failure
EGR stands for Exhaust Gas Recirculation. This is an emissions system designed to lower combustion chamber temperatures in order to lower formation of NOx (Oxides of Nitrogen) gas, which contributes to harmful air pollutants.
Because of the system's very nature (feeding exhaust gas), it is highly susceptible to carbon (unburned gas) buildup, plus electronic control problems. EGR Valve complications arise from wear of the valve over time. Typical repairs include valve replacement, sensor or controller replacement, or wiring repair.
Repairs can run anywhere from $200 for an EGR tube replacement, to a valve replacement, while EGR passage cleaning costs about $700. Repair costs vary by year, make and model.
What to do? To keep your EGR system functioning properly, have a professional fuel system cleaning done every 30K miles. This will keep carbon buildup, the EGR systems greatest enemy, at bay. Attend to any check engine lights immediately.<br/>Related Links<br/> 
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Is It OK to Leave a GPS Device in a Hot Car?
As with other electronics, heat is an enemy of your car's GPS device. It is not OK to leave your GPS device in a hot car. The heat damages not only the GPS devices internal components but also the devices memory card autel mx-sensor. Even if the GPS device is not in direct sunlight, heat from the sun damages the devices power supply and internal components.
Heat first causes your GPS devices software to malfunction and you may notice the device shutting off unexpectedly or presenting incorrect information. If you continue to leave the GPS device in your car OBD2 Scanner, the heat begins to damage the devices internal components, including memory card, if present, power supply components and the devices circuit board components. Once heat-related damage occurs, repairing the device is impossible and you will have to replace the GPS device.
Car Storage
Even placing your GPS device under your car's seats or in the glove compartment does not protect the device from heat. Heat builds up in all areas of your car including the trunk, center console and overhead visors. Your car's internal temperature only increases on a hot day and your GPS device become hotter and hotter.
On a hot day, not mount your car's GPS device and store the device in a cool, dry place outside of your car like in your home or office. If you are traveling, store the GPS device in your shoulder bag, messenger bag or similar bag until you are ready to use the device again. Do not store your GPS device in an area with high humidity or around water or other liquids that can also damage the devices components.

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How to Tell If You Have a Blown Head Gasket
The head gasket plays a very important role in the function of your car's engine, and a blown head gasket can cause serious damage and lead to major repairs. A head gasket is a seal that is fitted between the piston cylinder head and the engine block OBD Tool. The car's engine is an internal combustion engine. For combustion to occur inside the piston chamber, high compression pressure must be achieved. The head gasket seals the combustion process and prevents the coolant and engine oil from mixing together in the combustion chamber maxitpms. A blown head gasket can cause engine malfunction and significant loss of engine power [source: Bumbeck]. Let us now learn how to tell if you have a blown head gasket.
Watch your engine temperature gauge. If your car is constantly overheating it may be a symptom of a blown head gasket.
Check the engine coolant level. If the car is constantly losing coolant, it may be because your car's coolant is leaking from the cooling system into the oil pan. This happens when the head gasket is blown.
Check your car's oil level with the oil dipstick. If you notice froth on the dipstick, there may be coolant mixed in with the oil due to a faulty head gasket.
Watch for sweet smelling white smoke with water droplets coming from the exhaust pipe. This could be a sign that the head gasket has been blown off [source: Cars Direct].<br/>Related Links<br/> 
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How to Play a DVD on a Car Navigation System
There are two kinds of navigation systems for cars: ones that come built into the dashboard of your new vehicle and portable devices which are plugged into your car's power outlet. The in-dash systems are the ones that typically have DVD technology that allows them to play DVDs either right on the screen or using an external screen such as monitors mounted in the back of seat headrests. Most using the in-dash screen,however,will not allow you to play the DVD while the car is in drive.
Things You'll Need: AV cables,TV monitors,Adapter,DVD
1. Make sure your DVD navigation system has video outputs that use the same kind of cable that your monitors use if you intend on installing monitors into your seats or using external devices. To do this,you will most likely need to remove the player from your console. If the cable outlets do not match,purchase a DVD adapter and connect each device's cables to it to create one line of cables.
2. Have a professional help you run the wires through the seats and under the car's carpeting to avoid the exposure of wires if you choose to install monitors.
3. Remove the navigation system's map DVD-ROM and replace it with your DVD. The system should open the movie and start playing it automatically. Some cars have a separate DVD slot,or multiple DVD slots. If this is the case,you will not need to remove your maps. Keep in mind that most cars will not operate the DVD if you use the in-dash screen and the car is in motion. This is a safety feature and cannot be turned off.
Tips & Warnings
If the car's navigation system has a built-in DVD player,as many of them do,it is not necessary to install monitors OBD Tool. You should be able to watch your movie right on the in-dash screen.
Do not attempt to install back seat monitors if you are not familiar with car mechanics. Doing so without a professional could cost you your seats Car Diagnostic Tool.
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How to Install a Radar Proximity Motion Sensor For Car Alarms
Most effective vehicle intrusion sensor. This dual zone radar proximity sensor detects moving high density objects using RF field Disturbance Technology. Ideal for convertibles or any application where zone intrusion protection is desired
This device is designed to sense motion or movement within the vehicle's interior as well as provide a Pre-Warning output for movement outside the vehicle. It uses a microwave frequency to detect field disturbance within a contained area; hence it's designed to be part of an automobile alarm system. It works like a double layer force field around your car.
Also,it has sensitivity adjustments for exterior and interior zones to allow for a Pre-warning. In other words,the range can be adjusted. For example,when an intruder comes within the exterior range,the green LED lights up for a few seconds triggering your alarm to sound its pre-warning signal. When the intruder comes within the interior range,the red LED lights up and trigger your alarm system! This is perfect for convertibles!
If your car alarm system does not have a Pre-Warning input,this device can be used as a single zone sensor. As a single zone sensor,this device will still detect movement or motion inside your vehicle. Also,if you have an automatic window roll-up kit with your power windows,the Pre-Warning * trigger can be used to roll up your windows in the event of a possible intrusion or break in.
The ultra high frequency wave will penetrate carpet,plastic,glass,wood,or fabric. It will not go through metals.
It's best to place it face up in the most center part of your car with no metal on top to cover it.
We recommend having a professional alarm shop install this item for you. You do risk damaging your car or alarm if you decide to install it yourself. But if you insist,here's how in layman's term.
Things You'll Need
Volt meter
Electrical tape
Wire Stripper
Screw Driver
1. 1st. Some alarms have an extra sensor input. Most car alarms don't. If your car alarm has an extra sensor input wire,use it. If not,then you'll need to locate on the alarm. Locate the shock sensor on the car alarm. The shock sensor will have from 3 to 4 wires coming from the car alarm brain. Usually its black,red,blue,and,green.
Splice the red wire of the radar sensor to the red wire of the shock sensor.
(If you're using the extra sensor input wire,then connect the red wire of the radar sensor to 12 volt constant positive)
2. Splice the black wire of the radar sensor to the black wire of the shock sensor
(If you're using the extra sensor input wire,then connect the black wire of the radar sensor to a negative when armed wire of the car alarm. This negative when armed wire is usually colored orange. If your car alarm does not have this wire,then you can connect it to constant ground. By doing so,the radar sensor will always be on. There will be a very small battery drain but it shouldn't be too bad.)
3. Connect the blue wire from the radar sensor and connect it to the blue wire of the shock sensor. Be sure to use a diode between this connection to prevent feedback that will cause false alarms. Note* I have hooked the radar sensor up many times without a diode and it still worked fine with no false alarms.
If your shock sensor has a fourth wire,connect the green wire from the radar sensor to the last shock sensor wire mx-sensor. Be sure to use a diode between this connection to prevent feedback that will cause false alarms. ((If you're using the extra sensor input wire from the car alarm,then do not connect the green wire from the radar sensor. Just tape up the green wire as it will not be used. This means that you will be using the radar sensor as a single zone sensor.

4. Now fine tune the radar sensor by adjusting the sensitivity knob. Turn it clockwise for higher sensitivity and counter clockwise for less sensitivity autel mx-sensor.
First start by turning both knobs counter clockwise until it stops
Then starting with the green know (Interior Sensor) turn it slightly clockwise a ¼ turn and then test for desired range.
You'll need to test it each time you make an adjustment by arming the alarm,waiting about 1 minute and then slowly approaching the car
The reason for the one minute wait is because asianwolf car alarms has an intelligent circuit delay that will allow other components (such as window rollup modules) to finish their function before activating the sensors. This will prevent the alarm from detecting itself and giving a false alarm.
Now repeat the same thing for the red knob (skip this step if you only hooked up 3 wires for single zone)
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<p>The electronic cigarette is an amazing gadget that comprises a battery (which looks like the white part of a cigarette), an atomiser (a little silver component), and a refill cartridge (which looks like the brown filter part of a cigarette). The e cigarette uses the small lithium battery to atomise the liquid solution contained in the refill cartridge. This electronic circuit activates the atomiser when the cigarette is inhaled by mouth. A light at the tip of the product is also lit when inhaling. The batteries are recharged with a small charger that comes with a powerline and plug smoke juice, or can be charged by car charger or usb charger.</p>                         

<p>The e cigarette produces a vapour that looks and tastes like smoke but is a much healthier alternative as it does not contain the harmful chemicals that real cigarettes do nuts e liquid. The vapour from the electronic cigarette comes from the propylene glycol ingredient in the refill cartridges (or dry ice as it is better known). The other ingredients in the refill cartridges are nicotine, water, flavourings and colourings.</p> <p>Smokers will already be aware that nicotine is addictive, is a toxin and a poison in its purest form. The body's response to nicotine is immediate - causing short-term increases in blood pressure, heart rate and blood flow from the heart. Nicotine also causes the arteries to narrow. Nicotine is not a proven carcinogen.</p>

<p>Propylene glycol is used in many applications such as:</p>
<li>A moisturizer in medicines, cosmetics, food, toothpaste, mouth wash and tobacco products </li>
<li>As a solvent for food colours and flavourings </li>
<li>As a humuctant food additive, labelled as E number E1520 </li>
<li>As a carrier in fragrance oils </li>
<li>In smoke machines to make artificial smoke (dry ice) </li>
<li>In hand sanitizers, antibacterial lotions and saline solutions </li>
<p>The oral toxicity of propylene glycol is very low, and large quantities are required to incur any of the potential health effects listed below:</p>
<li>Eye - causes mild eye irritation. Contact may cause irritation, tearing and burning pain </li>
<li>Skin - causes moderate skin irritation. Contact with the skin may cause erytheme, dryness and defatting </li>
<li>Ingestion - may cause gastrointestinal irritation with nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea </li>
<li>Inhalation - low hazard for usual industrial handling. May cause respiratory tract irritation </li>
<p>The potential for long-term toxicity is also low. Because of its low chronic oral toxicity, propylene glycol is generally recognised as safe (GRAS) for use as a direct food additive. Propylene glycol does not cause sensitization and it shows no evidence of being a carcinogen or of being neotoxic.</p>
<p>Any minor side effects should be balanced again the known and varied health issues with smoking traditional cigarettes.</p>           
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<p>Can I Repair My Lungs If I Smoked For Years<br />Do you have a chronic smoker's cough that that you've had for a long time? Have you been smoking cigarettes for 5, 10, or twenty years and find it difficult or impossible to quit? Do you find it hard to breathe deeply? If this is so, these are all evidence that your lungs have been damaged by smoking and need to be cleaned out. And in this situation, you may be wondering, 'Can I clean my lungs?' Fortunately, the short answer to this question is, yes. In this article you will discover how to clean your lungs simply and painlessly, in the comfort of your home, regardless of how long you've been a smoker.                        

<br />But first, here's some information on how your lungs work. Human lungs are extremely fragile organs. And if you have been smoking for a few of years, you do more and more damage to your lungs every day. One of the most hazardous chemicals in cigarettes is tar. With each cigarette you smoke, you breathe tar into your lungs. If you've got a nasty smoker's cough, you have smoking damaged lungs. If that is the case, you have to clean this nasty chemical out your lungs. <br />The interior of lungs are covered with very delicate thin hair like cleaners, called cilia. Over a number of years, tar starts to build up and damages the cilia. In a smoker's lungs, there are significantly less healthy cilia remaining to keep your lungs clean. As a result, the surviving cilia can't clear out your lungs efficiently. When this happens, your airways get clogged and you develop a smokers cough.      

<br />And that brings us back to the question of 'How can I clean my lungs'? Following are several lung cleaning techniques that are effective for many vape juice.<br />If a mucous build-up is causing you to have a chronic cough, stay away from milk and milk products. Eat foods that reduce mucous build-up. These foods include garlic, cayenne pepper, ginger, onion, fresh ground black pepper, and horse radish.<br />Drink carrot juice with each meal. The beta carotene in carrot juice is converted in to vitamin A electronic cigarette juice. And vitamin A is a vital nutrient that helps to maintain your lungs. <br />And although the remedies above can assist in cleaning your lungs, they do nothing to help you quit smoking. There is another lung detox technique that cleans your lungs and makes smoking repulsive to you. Many people claim it allowed them to quit smoking without any withdrawal symptoms at all. It uses a combination of secret supplements and vitamins that cleanses your lungs. For additional information on this system, visit Repair Your Lungs and start breathing easier!</p>           
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How to Dispose of Motor Oil Safely
The best way to clean up spilled oil is to cover the oil with a generous layer of kitty litter Auto Code Scanner,let it soak up the oil for a few hours (it will even pull some up out of the concrete or asphalt),then sweep up and properly dispose of the oil-soaked stuff. Next,squirt some liquid dishwashing soap onto the stain and scrub with a stiff brush; or on unpainted concrete,scrub the area with a solution of half laundry soap and half bleach. Wipe up the dirty cleaning liquid with paper or cloth towels,and rinse the area well.
Never dump oil onto the ground,throw it out with your regular garbage,or flush it down a drain. It's a major toxic pollutant that needs to be treated accordingly. In many locales,putting oil filters into a landfill is against the law,so you may risk a fine.
So what do you do with your old oil? Decant the oil from the garbage bag that was in your collection pan into clean disposable containers with tight-fitting,screw-on lids the bottles that the new oil came in or old,washed soda bottles work well. Place a funnel in the neck of the container,tie-off the bag,and hold it above the funnel. Then cut a tiny hole in a bottom corner of the bag and let the oil drain out of the bag into the funnel and container. You may want to cover the ground underneath the container with a thick layer of newspapers.
Oil recyclers probably won't accept oil that's contaminated with another substance or in a dirty container,so take it to a toxic waste disposal center.
The Steel Recycling Institute says that if all the oil filters sold in the United States each year were recycled,enough material would be recovered to build 16 stadiums the size of Atlanta's Olympic Stadium! Many auto parts stores and some service stations accept old oil and oil filters for recycling maxitpms. If you don't have one close by,look in your local yellow pages for the nearest oil recycling center or toxic waste disposal center,or visit Earth911 or the Filter Council Web sites and enter your zip code.<br/>Related Links<br/> 
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A new centre includes a couple work opportunities to complete. Earliest, it's a wires aggregator. hdmi splitter will allow, based on the style and design, three or higher downstream USB devices for being connected to one particular upstream USB convey. Subsequent, this centre may be a site visitors control. This converse to all or any individuals downstream devices after which relays this principles towards upstream web host. For you to shed light on, when you put a new browse travel suitable centre as an example, this centre handles most of connecting considering the browse travel and also most of connecting considering the laptop or computer exclusively allowing for your data for you to move by means of when very specific techie ailments are achieved. It goes without saying this both the centre and the web host attain this sign settlement throughout slices of your time way too modest for us to notice.

Hubs can be found in one of two editions. They usually are powered from your upstream source (bus powered), or they can possess their unique dedicated electricity give. This rules with USB operations express which the web host throughout recent USB devices have to be capable to give not less than 500mA for you to every single USB convey. Hence if a centre can be bus powered, in that case this downstream devices might exclusively depend on a new becoming a whole lot of electricity to share concerning them. A new three convey bus powered centre have to divvy upward the 500mA overall concerning the four downstream jacks. This arithmetic clarifies that it's obvious this it will be problems in the event most of us put a couple devices into your centre and in addition they the two will need 300mA to operate accordingly. This centre must also electricity unique bodily microprocessor casino chips made by this restricted electricity source, even more complicating this installing.

Hubs can be associated with USB extenders. When you install a 12 meter USB energetic extender cable tv, you are seriously putting a new centre that has a solitary downstream convey. Usually these extension cables that are bus powered mainly because most of us need a new sparkling and also quick installing devoid of wall warts or bricks plugging straight into AIR CONDITIONING retailers. Identical rules pertains to these extenders; they can exclusively depend on 500mA from their web host and in addition they have to electricity their unique bodily by this electricity give. When there is certainly typically no problem throughout delivering the entire 500mA towards significantly finish (because web host materials often have a little added included in the supply system), depending on a new program that you perform further than the style and design parameters is just not devoid of chance. Within the words and phrases with Steve Work opportunities, Style and design throughout not merely what exactly this seems like and also can evoke. Style and design can be how this is effective.

A very good perform can be to ensure that your current installing under no circumstances includes above a couple bus powered hubs or extenders connected from a strip. At least, each and every lastly centre addition must be self-powered. Contemplating some installing, this web host is within this norebook. If there is multiple USB convey with this laptop or computer the likelyhood are, superior this it comes with an bodily centre. Usually we are now occupied a couple sections ahead of we are now possibly hammered in a single cable tv. Should the technique are hence basic it can be next to nothing above an extender connecting an active white-colored table, most of us may well presume there isn't any dependence on a new powered centre. Although maintain I know you will see in which we're picking this. This extender could be the lastly collection, and the passive centre within the IWB could be the last. We are now simply violated our best perform!
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<p>Even though the smokers know that smoking cigarette is extremely bad for health however there is no explanation why smokers do not try to quit smoking cigarette e juices e liquids. Now if we compare electronic cigarette with that of normal cigarette then we can see that there is no harmful chemicals added into E Cigarette therefore we can say that it is almost safe to use E Cigarette than normal cigarette. The new device that is E Cigarette helps a lot to the smokers to save them from the deadly effect of the normal cigarette because it gives the same pleasure unlike normal cigarette. A lot of people have used them as a safer alternative to smoking. Also, some people have used them to quit smoking completely. One of the most important factors rather can say noticeable factors found in electronic cigarette is that it does not emit heat and smoke which can cause the deadly effects tobacco e liquid. A study has also been conducted and showed that E Cigarette is the less harmful than normal cigarette and may help in the elimination of smoking.</p>

<p>If we go by the price of the cigarette then the electronic cigarette is cheaper than normal cigarette. E Cigarette is almost 3 times cheaper than normal cigarette. However it depends on the brands you use. Unlike most traditional cigarette, e cigarettes are also available in different flavors. You get the option to choose like vanilla, coffee, apple, cherry etc. One of the additional advantages of electronic cigarette is that you can smoke almost everywhere you want. Even in airplane as well the smoking bans don't apply to them, in most areas. They do look closely identical and people might think it's a real cigarette. So, you might want to mention it, just to take precautions.</p>
<p>If we compare the taste of electronic cigarette with that of normal cigarette it tastes a lot better than normal cigarette. The mint or menthol flavors taste sort of like the after taste of scope mouth wash. After you have rinsed out your mouth and you have that fresh taste, when you inhale. People should once switch to E Cigarette and feel the difference. E Cigarettes do not contain any carbon monoxide, second-hand smoke, or tar. They contain a smart chip, which turns the product off, if too much nicotine is delivered in a short time. The lit end is just a LED light that gives the appeal of a normal cigarette but is not hot and cannot burn anything. The vapor will not stain teeth, leave any offensive smokers breath, no stains on walls, and no messy ash or toxic residues to clean up. After you exhale the vapor or smoke, it leaves a pleasant aroma that is quickly odorless, upon dispersal.</p>           
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