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A moonroof by any other name is still a sunroof. In other words, there is no discernible difference between the two. When first introduced as an option for new car buyers, the sunroof was illustrated more as a window on the roof, designed to let the sun in. In a marketing ploy, Ford Motor Co launch x431 pro plus. changed the name to moonroof, selling customers on its ability to let the moon and stars be seen from inside the car Car Repair Tool.
Not for the Do-It-Yourselfer
Installing a moonroof is more than a difficult endeavor. It requires expertise in many areas of automotive installation, heavy equipment certification such as welding and interior upholstery knowledge. Adding a moonroof is one of those things best left to licensed installers who can guarantee their work and fix problems that may occur while using your aftermarket moonroof.
If you are restoring or building a car from the skeleton up and want to add a moonroof, consider purchasing a kit and installing the kit before you tackle the interior. The most difficult parts about installing a moonroof properly are applying the headliner in a manner that looks professional and doesn't impede the beauty of the interior or the moonroof and laying the electrical in a way that doesn't affect the car's computer or cross other components.
Types of Moonroofs
Like sunroofs, there are several types of moonroofs that can be installed. In fact, if you are looking for a moonroof, just shop for sunroofs. As mentioned, they are the same thing and provide the same function.
There are static moonroofs that don't open at all but look beautiful, and there are manual moonroofs that tilt open when you unclip their lock and set it at open, pushing the moonroof upward. Sliding moonroofs open electronically and come with or without a wind spoiler, but they are controlled by a dual switch that allows you either to lift the moonroof or to slide it all the way open.
http://www.ehow.com/way_5805566_moon-roof-installation.html<br/>Related Links<br/> 
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<p>Quitting inhaling is always difficult for anyone who has been caught under the trap. But the more you educate yourself with the options with which you can alter the need of inhaling herbs directly through traditional ways, the easier the process of giving up will be. Having the correct plan tailored for you, you are likely to get rid of it very soon. In the given situation, portable herbal vaporizers have gained huge popularity among people.</p>

<p>Well integrated, custom-made and easy to use portable vaporizer device is becoming people's choice. Countless inventions, medicines, therapy have come along the way of inhalers yet none could suffice the yen of those who consume it at daily basis e-cigarette juice. These portable vaporizers are the invention of modern era, where inhaling has got a new meaning. Despite the consequences, inhaling herbs has been very common among people. These are not only the addictive ones, but the ones which are taken as the part of their medication. These herbs when taken in the traditional way either lose their productive content in the process or create unwanted products.</p>
<p>Best portable vaporizers are those which do not produce any by product when being used. Tar, smoke & unwanted mixture can be addressed as harmful by products. Portable vaporizers are made to alter the need of getting direct intake of smoke best menthol e juice, instead with the help of an electronic device. Portable Vaporizers are handy and reduces the ill affect of smoking up to a large level. Portable herbal vaporizer is designed and integrated in such a way that they alter the need of direct intake.</p>

<p>People who use herbal vaporizers reduce the ill affect by a huge percentage. Vaporizers are handy can be used easily. Below are some benefits of herbal vaporizers:</p>
<p>• Easy to use and integrate</p>
<p>• Do not produce harmful by products</p>
<p>• Uniformity of material</p>
<p>• Wireless & cordless</p>
<p>• Consistent temperature maintenance</p>
<p>• Storage capacity</p>
<p>• Eco-friendly</p>
<p>A Vaporizer device can be defined on the basis of its productivity. Many people simply sue them because they do not produce bad odor. They create high concentration and aromatic density. Its vapor is not smoke. It is something which is created by water and water in any form is helpful for human body. This vapor thus easily evaporates and does not leave bad smell. Vaporizers unlike the traditional ways bring the core content of the herb to the body.</p>
<p>An augmented demand pattern is being seen in the consumption of herbal portable vaporizers. These vaporizers are a total utilitarian for those who inhale herbs. These can be operated in any climatic conditions and are very easy to integrate. Most importantly, they are healthy. They do not harm the human body to extent at which the traditional ways does. Thus, purchase these at your earliest and have the benefit of it.</p>           
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<p>First, only add but not replace lube oil<br>There are many car owners only pay attention  to check the lube oil quantity, according to the standard, but without paying  attention to check the oil quality, ignore replacing the deteriorated engine oil,  resulting in some of the engine's moving parts are always in poor lubrication  operating environment, thereby increase the wear of lubricated parts. Engine  oil must be strictly in accordance with the manufacturers required mileage and timely  replacement, in general, the car is driving 3500-5000km, and it should be  replaced.<br>Second, add lube oil as much as possible<br>Engine oil is too lack everyone known to  harm car. So some owners fear starvation oil that think add more oil than less  and better, therefore, often not required to refuel make oil more than the  standard. In fact, too much oil has many hazards: 1, when cars drive with crank  stir to make a bubble and oil deterioration, increased resistance to rotation  of the crankshaft, so the engine will not only increase fuel consumption, but  also reduce engine power. 2, due to the oil on the cylinder walls of the  combustion chamber went to increase, so that oil consumption increases. 3,  accelerates the formation of coke combustion chamber. The engine is easy to  produce deflagration. Therefore, the engine oil is rather more no less is  misunderstanding, generally oil level should be maintained at the appropriate  scale slightly below the oil dipstick, oil level is too high will be  counterproductive.<br>Third, the higher the better lubricant  viscosity<br>To prevent wear of the contact surface  between moving parts, the oil must have sufficient viscosity to at various  operating temperatures can form a film between the moving parts. But shall not  exceed the level of lubricating viscosity affects the engine started, and  require minimal friction generated under conditions of continuous operation.  Oil viscosity increases too large mechanical wear, which is due to: 1, the  engine lubricating oil viscosity is too large, slow-moving, upstream slowly  through the small amount, cannot be added to the two friction surfaces. 2, when  the lubricating oil viscosity is too large, the mechanical friction between the  friction is increased, to overcome the increased friction need to more  consumption of fuel, while also reducing the engine's power output. 3, if the  oil viscosity is too large, the oil circulation rate will slow cooling and heat  dissipation backward OBD Tool, easy to make the engine overheat.4, if oil viscosity is  too large, the cycle speed is slow, oil filtration through the number is less,  it is difficult in a timely manner will wear down the metal end of the debris,  carbon particles, dust cleaned out from the friction surface. Therefore, does  not use engine lube oil viscosities is too large, it cannot be considered the  better viscosity. In ensuring lubrication conditions, when used according to  the temperature range, as possible as use the small viscosity lubricants. But  for more serious wear and tear has been the gap has been relatively large  engine, may be appropriate to choose a slightly larger viscosity lubricant Car Diagnostic Tool.<br>Forth, luxury cars must use imported lube oil<br>Some owners believe that the high cost of  high-end cars, and a good quality of imported oil, the use of imported oil  safer, more insurance. In fact, evaluation oil quality is not good or bad is  not to see its advertising efforts, but rather depends on the quality  indicators and the actual results. So luxury car should be based on the car  working conditions and technical specifications selection of appropriate  technical performance quality lubricants.<br>Some car diagnostic tools can help you test  your car by yourself, such as: <br><br/>Related Links<br/> 
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<p>Smoking is the first leading factor of lung disease in both men and women wholesale electronic cigarettes. Lung is the main key organ of our body which supply oxygen to all the body parts and expire out the unwanted carbon dioxides that are produced in the body. It is not only dangerous for your health but also harmful for the people who stay around you. It is sure and certain that the person, who smokes for a period of 15-20 years, will definitely catch lung cancer or other fatal disease after the age of 50 or 55 years. The lung cancer commonly occurs after the age of 50-55 years. So you should always avoid smoking to prevent such complications. It is very difficult to quit smoke for the chronic smoker. But fortunately, medical science has discovered some medication which helps you quit smoke easily and you should take advantage of those electronic cigarette juice. There are many types of <strong>anti-smoking gums</strong> available in the market, which are also known as nicotine gum. Anti-smoking or nicotine gums are a type chewing gum which release nicotine in your body and used as nicotine replacement therapy. You can <strong>purchase this anti-smoking medication</strong> online or from your local chemist.</p>

<p>Smoking damages your lung by destroying the natural cleaning and repair system which causes the trapping of cancer causing-substances in your lungs. So when the cleaning and repair system of your lung is destroyed, it causes deposition of the dirt, germs and harmful chemicals inside the lung. This in turn, can cause the development of chronic cough, respiratory tract infection, lung cancer and chronic obstructive pulmonary disorders.</p>
<p><strong>How does smoke destroy your respiratory system?</strong></p>
<p>If you are smoking since many years, it can cause many changes in the lungs and the airways. Some of the changes are for short time and temporary basis, such as cold and pneumonia. On the contrary, some changes are become chronic and last for long time, like emphysema. When the cleaning and repair system is not working, it can cause the more mucus accumulation. The cleaning system exhibits some broom-like structure known as cilia in medical terminology. So, due to the destruction of these structures, the mucus remains in the lung and clogs there. This clogging of mucus in turn causes cough. The extra mucus sometime gets infected and causes complications.</p>

<p>Smoking can damage the alveoli of your lung. The alveoli are the most essential part of lung, which are also known as air-sac. These air-sacs help us to inhale oxygen and breathe out the carbon the oxide from the body. So when the alveoli are damaged, your lung fails to inhale the oxygen you require. This in turn causes some symptoms like shortness of breath and tiredness. So to compensate this condition of lung, your heart has to pump the oxygen with more pressure. Due to the excessive pressure on heart, it leads to the development of COPD and heart disease.  The deadliest disease, lung cancer, is caused mainly by smoking. Almost 80-90% of lung cancer occurs due to smoke.</p>
<p><strong>Treatment for lung diseases:</strong></p>
<p>There are several treatment options available for the lung diseases. These include medications, oxygen therapy, pulmonary rehabilitation and surgery. The main drugs which are used for the treatment of lung diseases are methotrexate and cyclosporine. Another important treatment option is oxygen therapy. The oxygen therapy does not stop the damage, but it can ease the breathing. Thus it reduces the blood pressure at the right side of the heart.</p>
<p>Prevention of Lung disease:</p>
<p>You can prevent the lung diseases by following some important steps, such as:</p>
<ul><li>Quite smoke: since smoking is the leading cause of lung disease, you can improve the chance of survival by quitting this habit.</li>
<li>Avoid over exposure of some harmful chemicals like nickel, lithium, chrome, mustard gas or vinyl chloride.</li>
<li>You should always avoid second hand smoking.</li>
<li>Always maintain a proper exercise schedule.</li>
<li>Eat a balanced diet which includes fresh vegetables, broccoli, spinach, berries, tomato etc.</li>
<li>Take some anti-smoking pills after consulting with your doctor. You can <strong>buy anti-smoking pills</strong> online or from local pharmacy store.  </li>
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<p>1, always check tire pressure; let the tire  pressure to maintain the standard value range, the tire pressure is too low  will increase vehicle fuel consumption, meet the requirements of tire pressure  can reduce fuel consumption by 3.3%, Also, regular wheel alignment. <p>2, regular oil changes. Note coke and  filter cleaning, timely replacement of spark plugs, etc., under normal  circumstances, when traveling from 30,000 to 50,000 kilometers when the spark  plug should be replaced. <p>3, to a regular gas station. Compression  ratio according to the car select the appropriate label marked value fuel,  label high or low will cause the cylinder and nozzle coke increases. <p>Try not to increase vehicle power  equipment, to avoid increasing the generator load. The car run-in period need  avoid weight-bearing, speeding and low speed. To clear the combustion chamber  and nozzle coke Car Diagnostic Tool, coke combustion reciprocating in the cylinder liner gap  generated when grinding operation, will accelerate engine wear, the engine  power down, increasing fuel consumption. Nozzle clogging oil passages make  coke, fuel injection deformation, atomization is poor, will increase fuel  consumption, therefore, to promptly remove coke. <p>Intake and exhaust valve clearance  adjustment, since improper adjustment of intake and exhaust valve clearance,  fuel consumption will increase 10% -28%, therefore, the best value adjustments  according to standard engine valve clearance OBD Tool. <p>4, air filter maintenance; role is to  purify the air filter into the air within the cylinder, such as the air filter  is dirty it will obstruct the air flow, resulting in increased fuel  consumption. <p>5, carburetor maintenance; such as  carburetors properly maintained, can save more than 10% of the fuel, the  carburetor plane too low will lead oil difficulties affecting engine power,  increased fuel consumption is too high, the oil surface height should be  adjusted in accordance with the standard. Appropriate additive; properly  filling allows the vehicle to achieve clean oil additives, fuel savings effect. <p>6, note that the engine cooling system.  Such as engine failure, to some extent, is caused by a cooling system failure,  but also pay attention to timely cleaning and maintenance car radiator.<p>If you want test your car by yourself you  can buy some auto diagnostic tool, like:  and  so on. It can help you take care of your car, also it can save more time and  money.<p> </p>
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<p>Smoking is an addiction that is connected with both your body and your mind. Your body will start to detoxify itself shortly after your last cigarette best tobacco flavored e juice.</p>
<p>Nicotine increases the levels of pleasure inducing chemicals in your brain. It also acts as a central nervous system stimulant, and increases both your blood pressure and your heart rate. Once you stop smoking and stop the nicotine doses, your body responds with severe cravings and withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms try to convince you that you need to light up a cigarette. Your physical withdrawal will last only a limited time. The long-term cravings are due to the psychological dependency.</p>
<p>Many smokers avoid quitting because they are afraid of what will happen to them when they stop. Common withdrawal symptoms from nicotine include restlessness, inability to sleep, weight gain, constipation and lack of concentration. These symptoms are short lived, with the most extreme symptoms disappearing after three to four days. During this time period, you can treat yourself the same as you would if you had the flu. Take it easy, get plenty of rest, and maybe take some time away from work. It will pass, and you will feel much better in a short time.</p>
<p>The first thing is to just stop smoking. Some smokers believe that it is enough just to gradually reduce the number of cigarettes smoked. This is completely wrong. If you continue to smoke, you are not allowing detox processes of your body to work. Moreover, it is a slippery slope that usually leads to unsuccessful results,after all, you need just one stressful situation to increase your smoking again.</p>
<p>Just 24 hours after your last cigarette, your blood pressure and pulse rate return to normal. Within a week of quitting, your risk of heart attack begins to decrease, your sense of smell and taste improve, and your breathing becomes easier.</p>
<p>Various products can help the quit smoking detox process. There are medications, herbs and even specific foods that can help e cigarette wholesale. All you need to do is to ask your doctor for the ones most suitable for you.</p>
<p>The body detoxification is only one part of the quitting process. The psychological addiction is more difficult to deal with, and the temptation to light up can remain strong even after the physical cravings have vanished. It is important to have a plan for dealing with situations and events that could trigger the desire for a cigarette.</p>           
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How to Repair Cigarette Burns in a Headliner
Cigarette burns are often found on headliners of car owners who smoke inside their vehicles. The heat of the cigarette can singe the thin headliner material almost immediately,and it is very easy to bump a cigarette against the fabric with a simple act such as knocking ash out the window. You can repair these pesky little holes without replacing the entire headliner,though the hole might remain slightly visible.
Things You'll Need: Fabric,Fabric dye,Colored pencils,Scissors,Fabric glue,Velour topcoat
1. Evaluate whether the headliner foam is visible through the cigarette burn. Unless the headliner was exposed to a lit cigarette burn for a while Auto Code Scanner,this is unlikely. If the hole is very small,replacing the headliner is unnecessary autel mx-sensor 315MHz. However,if there are many holes you might need to cut away the fabric and replace the headliner foam in this area.
2. Select a piece of fabric that matches your headliner as closely as possible. This is essential to a successful repair and might some hand-dying to get the colors to match well.
3. Replicate any needed texture by drawing on the fabric with a colored pencil. If your headliner features a design,such as a pinstripe,you can complete this design with high-quality watercolor pencils. This will further conceal your repair.
4. Cut your fabric to only approximately a quarter-inch larger than the cigarette burn hole. If you create too big a patch the area might be more noticeable than the hole itself. Position the fabric piece over the hole to check for fit and color before applying any glue.
5. Affix the patch with fabric glue. Allow it to dry uninterrupted for at least an hour. To help hold the patch in place apply a layer of velour topcoat to the patch. This will help it blend with the remainder of the headliner.
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<p>Addictions consist of a major portion of deaths in the world every year best tobacco e liquid. Be it addiction to smoking or alcohol abuse or drug abuse, more and more people are coming under the grip of addictions. Most of the teenagers who are in their early teens take to addiction of any form out of curiosity and a research holds that most of the people don't enjoy the addiction in the initial stages. But as and when they increase the instances of having the addiction they become more and more dependant on the addiction until at last they become full fledged addicts.                        

<br /> Smoking is one such addiction that youngsters are more prone to mainly because it is easier to be discreet about and also because it is easily affordable and considered as a status symbol. A cigarette in hand seems to be very classy and sexy by many menthol electronic cigarette. But its effects on one's health need not be discussed again. Everyone is aware of the fact that smoking can kill. Obviously there are various ways that this addiction can choose to kill a person if it at all decides to kill. <br /> Smoking ages a person far more quickly than the natural process of aging would take. Smoking degenerates the muscle tone in the body of a person. In short smoking kills the life of the muscles of the body. There is a phenomenon called the AMD, age related muscular degeneration. This condition of AMD is much higher in the people who smoke than the ones who are non smokers. The percentage is as high as 45% in the people who smoke. The smokers also have a very poor skin quality and the skin tone also deteriorates. <br /> Muscles, which are very important for activity and energy of a person, are completely killed by the condition called AMD. AMD has been noted in almost all the smokers who have not given up smoking. That is people who are current smokers, have a very high risk of getting AMD among other smoking induced ailments and health conditions.      

 <br /> It is not as if smoking harms only the person who smokes, passive smoking is as harmful and sometimes even more harmful than active smoking, thus it is an even bigger vice. <br /> As most of the smokers who are addicted to this addiction want to give up smoking, they have been offered some kind of assistance that has the best possibility of being effective. The programs promoting no smoking have bore little fruits if they have been effective at all. Therefore there was an acute need of something that could practically make people give up smoking. buy chantix online. <br /> </p>           
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SHAPIRO: Toyota says it's shutting down its North American production tomorrow for one day and halting overtime at several U.S. plants. It's because  http://www.autointhebox.com/autel-maxitpms_c23 the automaker can't get parts from Thailand. Thailand is a global car manufacturing hub, and deadly floods there are damaging carmakers' facilities. Toyota's plants in Thailand will be shut through the end of next week. Ford and GM have also suspended production. Honda delayed the release of a new model because it couldn't get the necessary parts. Thailand is also one of the world's largest producers of hard-disk drives and other computer parts. Sony, Canon and Toshiba are all experiencing production slowdowns. Apple says the flooding has also affected the supply of parts for its Mac computers. . 1.19 Most journeys were made within the same Council area, or group of areas. The percentages travelling to another area are largest in and around Edinburgh and Glasgow: for example, 18% of adults' journeys starting in the Lothians (East Lothian, Midlothian and West Lothian, taken together) are into Edinburgh ( paragraph 13.1.2 )  http://www.autointhebox.com/2015-new-release-launch-crp229-creader-professional-229_p211.html ; 38% of employed people living in the Lothians who commute work in Edinburgh ( paragraph 13.2.2 ) ; and only 52% of people who work in Glasgow live in Glasgow ( paragraph 13.2.3 ) . Most journeys into both cities are made by car. The percentages travelling by bus and rail into the cities are higher for Glasgow than Edinburgh (paragraphs 13.3.6 and 13.3.7 ) . Scottish School Travel Advisory Group Reporth2<br>From the consumer standpoint, the service seems like it should be an especially fast, convenient way to retrieve new-car price quotes without worrying about the hassles of relentless sales employees. Car dealerships, which pay Google $10 and up for these sales leads, have reason to be worried about the search giant inserting itself in between them and their customers, and not only because it could drive prices down as consumers find it easy to shop around. Normally, a consumer must log in and disclose personal info at a dealership website in order to access the dealers inventory and request a quote. One dealership employee expressed his aggravation to Automotive News about Googles new service: : The government’s argument that it does not need a search warrant relies heavily on a 1983 Supreme Court case, United States v. Knotts, which said that the police do not need a warrant to install a beeper on a truck to monitor its movements. “A person traveling in an automobile on public thoroughfares has no reasonable expectation of privacy in his movements from one place to another,” the court said. So why should a GPS device be any different? Beepers were a primitive form of monitoring technology. GPS devices give the government a lot more information — and it is much easier to store this data, cross reference it, and create elaborate digital dossiers. <br>PSA will produce DS5s, the latest model in its DS range, in China with its new partner Changan Automobile, China's No. 4 auto maker. ! However, in this case, we think it is worth a few minutes to consider what Tesla is trying to do: create a new car company, in a completely new category of product, using unproven technology, with unknown consumer demand. This is a tiny car company trying to launch an all-new car to compete at a time when plug-in Toyota Hybrids, Nissan ( ( OTCPK:NSANF )) Leafs, and Chevy Volts will be in the market. In addition, they need to build some serious manufacturing capacity, and expand a sales and service network. It would be one thing if Tesla was doing this with 1 or 2 % of their company resources, like their big competitors, but this will be Teslas only vehicle.  <br> Related Links <br> http://www.autointhebox.com/launch-x431-scanner_c10
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Palo Alto's position as one of the last cities in Silicon Valley to allow the practice made it a magnet for car dwellers who increasingly lodged on side streets and near parks, officials said. : Mr. Vasudevan says he ensures safety for vehicles. Primarily, the parking lot is closed between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. and nobody is allowed to park or take the vehicle during this time. <br>Loss damage waiver (LDW): Also called collision damage waiver (CDW) or LDW/CDW. This is actually not insurance, but the rental agency's agreement to waive some of the cost of theft or any damage you inflict on the rental vehicle. This one requires some research and some careful thought. If your own auto policy or credit-card insurance benefits cover collision damage, you can pass on LDW/CDW, but keep some caveats in mind. ! They deny a charge of murder, Launch X431 Diagun  as well as further counts of attempting to murder a police officer and conspiracy to murder a police officer. Left-behind item leads lawmen to suspect in car burglary<br>Intensifying their agitation, maxitpms ts501  different auto union members under the umbrella of Auto Drivers Unions JAC assembled at RTC Crossroads at around 11 a.m. and burnt the effigy of the government. , So you see when using a turbocharger, the engine can put out increased power in proportion to its displacement. That's great news if you want to buy a small displacement car, because you can save a lot of money on gas and meanwhile you don't have to sacrifice much speed or the fun of driving. When you need to go fast or to pass someone the increased power created by turbochargers can help you speed up easily and smoothly.  <br> Related Product <br> launch x-431
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