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A mileage of about fourteen,000 km of Dongfeng Yueda Kia Cerato sedan. Following the vehicle motor flameout, then not commence working. I went to the rescue entrepreneurs ask for. I rushed for the scene to check out: Fault vehicle is Sailatuou wind one.6 GL MT, the maker is lexia 3 transported in July 2011, has been visually very good ailment. So I take a look at the ignition swap from the ON file, each dashboard indicator light-weight flashes, although the charge indicator light is not really lit (normal instances, this action should be charging indicator mild); the ignition swap ST stalls when setting up equipment cannot push the motor crankshaft rotation, just problem the gear meshing "Hang Hang" sound of your motor flywheel. In accordance to this phenomenon, I diagnose the starter starter weak point.

Troubleshooting and exclusion: I adopted the subsequent checks: 1st, the battery capacity measurement fault auto with battery ability tester. The battery ability tester pointer inside the pink zone, indicating that screen voltage of about 7V. Description ds708 salefault automobile a serious lack of battery capacity, here is the fault in the most important causes not able to begin the car starter. So I employed a further piece of the battery potential is ample for fault auto batteries have been overlapping (in parallel). The car's ignition change failure ST stalls, auto motor fault clean start out and sleek operation. Then I go ahead and take wiring eradicated, the fault does not turn off the motor vehicle engine, the charging indicator won't light.

What would be the reason behind a serious lack of car or truck battery ability can it be? I suspect undesirable car charging system do the job. So in accordance to your rules Troubleshooting "easy to difficult", with all the flat-blade screwdriver close at fault car alternator multidiag j2534 pulley thoughts regardless of whether magnetic attraction. Take a look at effects are not any magnetic attraction flat-blade screwdriver, indicating no generator subject winding is energized, the battery won't present excitation present-day generator isn't going to create energy. At this stage there isn't a fault car or truck charging indicator light, indicating the generator has power, is mistaken guidance.

To compare the difference involving the engine functioning problems to deliver 12V battery voltage as well as voltage of 7V after i convert the battery potential is sufficient to just take receipt from the failed car or truck batteries. By comparison identified no substantial modifications launch x431 scanner within the motor running conditions. Flat-blade screwdriver and afterwards near at fault motor vehicle alternator pulley and located a powerful magnetic attraction. Eliminated the battery immediately after bonding wire, and then measure the fault automobile battery tester battery voltage, battery tester pointer then also signifies to 12V. Description fault car or truck charging program is performing properly.

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Symptom: a different Bora 1.6 L Sedan (employing CLS engines), vehicle zed bull chassis during the co-pilot along with the "rattling" of different seem.

After examining into your plant by examining elevate will elevate the car chassis inspection identified no link bolts loosening. Adopted by a kessv2 take a look at based upon the customer's description, identified in the course of the exam, the motor vehicle when cornering and driving on bumpy roads copilot facet of your chassis in the "click" audio. Suspect right entrance; salty vibration pressure bearing higher retaining nut might Songkuang, if the wheels will pressure the upper gap, resulting in a "click" bmw icom seem during the steering and driving. Soon after Depot inspection, located about the appropriate facet; into the higher conclusion with the resonator force bearing retaining nut is a little bit Songkuang, tighten the nut nation after the check, the fault persists.

Parts from the irregular audio emitted can roughly determine the chassis with the front passenger facet. Once more together with the raise car lift, examine the site's co-pilot aspect of your chassis bolts and pieces (shock absorbers, drive shafts, triangular arm and knuckle) and located no abnormalities. At last made a decision to try out for sections system, very first replace the rear shock absorber with Arm take a look at, the fault is not really resolved, then replace the generate shaft as well as the steering knuckle is similar. Abnormal seem during the conclusion where by is it? Then connected on a number of details about the entrance passenger side on the chassis thoroughly checked and located a sub-frame and frame bolts a little tilted, otherwise diligently checked simply just demanding to uncover, demolition beneath the lessen conclusion from the fvdi Abrites Commander bolt threaded bolt continues to be found to break. It may be proved that undesirable with all the bolt and bolt holes, the level of interference is just too massive. Lead to the bolt tightening torque that has a typical, sub-frame along with the frame there exists a niche, the vehicle when cornering and driving on bumpy roadways with the front passenger side on the chassis has a "click" audio.

Remedy: Substitute the connecting bolt, bolt hole threads and clean, with a standard torque the subframe and frame bolts tightened.

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A mileage around 230,000 km, assembly one GR-FE engine 2006 Toyota Prado 4000. The car appeared to accelerate the whole process of moving fgtech v54 the trouble, flip from the motor after working several minutes and may not begin to my factory for repairs.

Failure Examination: According to client description, we analyze the gasoline pump must be ruined, resulting in insufficient oil tension and will not commence. We use IT-II initiative to check gas pump, gas filter pipe found at no gasoline spray, it could be the fuel pump fuse, fuel pump relay or line issues. Verify the gas pump fuse, relay and line were regular.

Remove the most crucial gasoline tank, look at the gas pump, gas pump measuring resistance is infinite (regular value of 0.two ~ three. 0), explained the x100 key programmer gasoline pump is damaged. I assumed to get a gas pump to solve the issue, then we find that there's no major gasoline tank of gasoline. Have demonstrated that almost fifty percent of the fuel oil table, which reveals the auxiliary gasoline tank for the gasoline may well be full, may perhaps bring about clogging with the fuel injection pump can't enter the most crucial gas tank. Closer examination discovered which the orifice has a gasoline pump sand to clog, leading to the main gasoline tank of gasoline cannot movement with the auxiliary gas tank.

Troubleshooting: cleansing orifice sand, changing the fuel pump, fuel tank and gasoline filter to wash the filter. Typical motor start, renault can clip v139 the auxiliary gasoline tank gas move typical troubleshooting.

Failure revelation: 1) Switch the gas filter cartridge routinely, typical fuel tank cleansing. 2) When changing the fuel filter element, fuel pump sand, and many others. Make sure you thoroughly clean up around the seat.

Failure Reviews: For your most important and secondary gasoline tank type or saddle gasoline tank, the final type from the use of jet pumps to obtain the fuel tank of gasoline conversion. Widespread table demonstrates the amount of fuel oil virtually in fifty percent, although the vehicle was stalled thanks to autel maxidiag elite md802 lack of oil challenge, basic research, are in essence aspect on the injection pump failure brought about by typical fault injection pump suction line is clogged, damaged. So, during the routine maintenance of this sort of automobiles, with unique interest into the inside of from the fuel tank cleansing operations.
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Symptom: Mercedes-Benz eobd2 51500 (R230) sedan, originally due to end of the lid can not be closed, after the nearby repair shop for maintenance, the entire roof can not move.

Troubleshooting: First confirmed malfunction. Inspection found the roof and trunk lid is open, the anti-roll bar in the raised position, press the roof control switch, without any action.

Access airbag resetter to relevant information that the Mercedes-Benz R230 Series car roof using roof control unit controls the operation of the hydraulic system, the entire roof system, including roof, tail cover, anti-roll bar three parts. Through the roof control switch operable roof and anti-roll bar. Anti-roll bar can be raised and lowered by means of the usual button pops up automatically triggered in case of emergency. Roof control unit in the right side of the rear seats, rear spare tire compartment next to the pump.
First check the reason no action headliner. Press the roof control switch discovery pump does not work, check the fuse and fuel pump relay, normal, indicating that the roof control unit does not control signal to the pump. Because the original cover not only the tail off the roof of the action of normal, indicating that the roof control unit and its control circuit is normal. autel maxisys pro Problems may occur in the control logic. For safety reasons, the roof in front of the action is set several preconditions: First, turn the ignition switch; Second, the system voltage is normal; Third, the tail cover and lock claw closed; Fourth, the speed is less than 5k hj five rear guard closed; six anti-roll bar is not triggered. The above conditions must be met in order to open the roof, but this time, the anti-rollover bar in the trigger position. At the same time when the roof is in operation, it will turn off the anti-roll bar function, so the action can not be anti-roll bar.

Causing the roof to determine the initial cause of action is not due to another constraint logic control. Then remove the anti-roll mb star bar position switch (Figure 1, 583/10), change the switch status, so that the roof control unit considers the anti-rollover bar in the closed position, this time headliner action, anti-roll bar is also lifted the lock state only by hand pressure rollover bar, so lock buckle, so that in the stop position. Thus roof work, but still can not close the trunk lid.

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A mileage of about 178,000 km, configure the 2.4L motor, automatic transmission Buick LaCrosse sedan. Customers report: car speed maxidiag elite md704 at very low speed, speedometer in some cases amongst 150 ~ 160km / h fluctuations and equipment is exhibited on the D block, go the lever, the show is still "D-bit" does not change. Sometimes no fault, no regulation.

Troubleshooting: In accordance to the signs, examine the induce. Motor vehicle pace and kit similar facts is passed into the Transmission Regulate Module mountain instrument by facts strains. If your transmission management module will not be doing work correctly, then the instrument will not be in a position to exhibit details appropriately.

Use autel maxicheck pro TECH2 CANDI fault diagnostic equipment for car diagnostics, that can not communicate with the Transmission Manage Module, indicating a difficulty together with the transmission control module! Wiring diagram, examine the transmission manage module circuit.

Check the svdi vag harness facet management module, J1-32 foot no voltage, examine the h2o corrosion harm uncovered this pin. Troubleshooting vehicle.

Swap damaged command module and wiring harness, check troubleshooting.

Fault Summary: The rationale for this failure is because of the car's auto ability lines brought about by h2o erosion growing older module, circuit autel maxidiag elite md802 breaker, transmission handle module isn't going to get the job done without the need of power.

The manage module does not get the job done, can't move info on the instrument, and so the instrument can not be displayed properly equipment.

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Mileage in excess of two hundred,000 km, using the V8 engine, the displacement of 4.0L, Product 3UZ-FE, 4-speed automatic transmission assembly fgtech galletto v54 2005 Lexus LS400 sedan. Buyers report: motor vehicle exhaust black smoke appeared, idle instability, weak acceleration phenomenon and there is shooting, red-hot catalytic converters, even though Examine lights fault phenomena.

Check the assessment: 1st, the jumper while in the motor compartment with the connector terminals TE1 and E1 read through fault codes, 26, that air-fuel ratio is simply too thick. Then eliminate the air filter, found fault phenomenon stays. Then test the gas source procedure force tests ck100 are usual, idle oil pressure is about 255kPa, get rid of the vacuum hose over the fuel stress regulator, oil pressure is 304kPa, it really is typical. Eliminate the spark plugs of every cylinder checked and found 2,3,five and 8-cylinder spark plug are carbon major, and 1,four,six and 7 cylinder spark plug is ordinary, so for 2,3,five and 8 cylinder for ignition checks have been observed ignition is simply too weak. Originally concluded that 2,three,five and 8-cylinder ignition manage of No. two or No. 2 ignition coil ignition difficulty. 1st merely No. 2 and No. one igniter ignitor around the exchange, fault persists. Then check out No. two ignition coil principal coil resistance 0.5n, secondary resistance to 11kn, meet the necessities, the No. two and No. one ignition coil ignition coil around the trade, the 2,three,5 and 8 cylinder firing appropriately. So guaranteed No. 2 ignition coil out of the problem.

Troubleshooting: Substitute the No. two place coil, after commissioning, troubleshooting.

Fault Summary: LS400 engine ignition system consists of two sets of ignition and ignition coils, ignition No. one and No. one ignition x431 diagun coil cylinder ignition command 1,4,six and 7, No. 2 and No. two ignition coil ignition two,three,five and 8-cylinder ignition management. In such cases since the No. two ignition coil lousy do the job, resulting in two,three,five and eight cylinder ignition is too weak, incomplete combustion gas combination, 26 according to the output in the fault code. On the other hand, due into the No. 2 ignition coil ignition continue to upa-usb able, and so will not output fault code 15 (ie, No. 2 ignition technique failure). Afterwards, the proprietor confirmed the car is from the engine after the failure of the system to wash, so clean up the motor is the direct trigger damage to the ignition coil.

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Mileage of about 7000 km, geared up with one.8 L motor and automated transmission 2014 Honda sedan Ling faction. In accordance towards the driver to reflect: the vehicle head up display doorway after atresia, unable to unlock the door by the driver facet door deal with to the sensor.

After getting the vehicle: test validation failure, in fact, as being the driver stated. Link HDS study fault codes, get fault code B1646, which means fault code is "LF driver's facet doorway antenna circuit fault signal mistake." Documents and make an effort to apparent the fault code, located fault code can not be cleared.

Based within the over analysis reveals the examination benefits, the trigger could be: driver aspect vehicle doorway cope with LF antenna failure; keyless entry management models and related wiring fault failure.

"ONE-PUSH START" (a essential to start out) along with the HDS select pick to enter "KEYLESS Entry Regulate UNIT" (keyless entry handle device), click on maxidas ds708 on "SELF CHECK" (self-test), conduct a self-test, nonetheless displays a fault code B 1646 . Principle from basic to intricate, and chose to examine within the pertinent line.

Find the driving force side vehicle door take care of wire connector (8-pin), the ignition change in the OFF position, disconnect the wire connector thoroughly checked, no free connections and signs of lousy make contact with. According towards the servicing handbook techniques and guidance blended with relevant circuit, the ignition switch from the ON place, with HDS keyless entry regulate program for practical testing, hk201 j2534 vci tool measuring the motive force facet door tackle wire connector 2 (green line) terminals and terminals voltage six (blue line) concerning the final results of voltage show; making use of HDS decide on "DRIVER (Door) ANTENNA LDCOUTPUT" (driver's aspect doorway antenna LDC output), nevertheless provides a voltage screen, which could identify the driver's aspect vehicle doorway deal with LF antenna strains and keyless entry regulate models have been usual, the fault must be LF antenna hurt caused.

Troubleshooting: Considering that icom bmw there may be no individual LF antenna is often replaced, so had to exchange the driver's aspect doorway take care of assembly. Switch the driver facet of the car doorway take care of assembly just after commissioning, troubleshooting.

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Dongfeng Citroen Elysee sedan. Whenever you open up the vehicle rain wiper, wiper arm swing weak point, generally stops when likely to swing back again, then cn900 key programmer flip a hand wiper arm, wiper is often swinging, but experienced not Just how long will halt the phenomenon happens.

Troubleshooting: Elysee sedan wiper and washer circuit shown in Determine 1, in accordance on the fault analysis of phenomena, attainable triggers are: one) wiper mechanical transmission mechanism has

(2) Troubleshooting Techniques: Initial, a visual inspection on the wiper manage line connection and found no abnormalities; hand turn after the wiper arm taken out, feel flexible rotation transmission system hasn't catching. Disconnect the wiper motor connector five gap, bmw icom a2 if the wiper switch to minimal gear and higher equipment, the No. one terminal which has a multimeter to measure DC voltage profile line plug (consider yellow line) plus the No. 2 terminal of voltage terminal four and concerning the 2nd plus the terminals, are 12V, look at the connector terminals and no rust and hurt, and therefore, the wiper motor may be discovered as faulty. failure cure measures

After the replacement launch x431 in the wiper motor, and then power take a look at, the wiper arm swing and impressive troubleshooting.Failure Analysis: very poor functionality from the wiper motor once the solenoid armature torque produced is small, which brings about the oscillating wiper weak spot, specially when the back again swing arm, the greater resistance is susceptible to arm "biting" phenomenon.
<p>When the wiper arm "stuck" uobd2 leaving the wiper motor is stopped, the present from the motor will probably be excellent, when this "stuck" inside a extended time, can result in motor overheating and quick decline in performance, even spot burn up.</p>

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