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I share a funny story with my dear friends.

This afternoon, a female car driver took her Citroen 16V to my garage. The driver told me that her car was not able to accelerate over 60 miles an hour when she was about to pick up her child from school.

I tried to learn more about the car, but the driver did not know it well. And I had to check the car on my own. It seemed that there were a lot of problems with the vehicle–it was obvious that its trouble light on the dashboard was illuminated and its belt was squeaking. After I connected an obd2 tool, PP2000/Lexia-3 V47 to troubleshoot the car, I got several fault codes, indicating to oxygen sensor problem, timing belt fault and intake pressure problem.

According to the driver, it was a second-hand car and she only bought it to pick up her daughter from school. That made sense. I erased the codes first, and then replaced its timing tensioning wheel and its timing belt. I did not removed the crankshaft gear as a matter of convenience. Then I went on a test drive, and the belt did not squeaking anymore. And there was no error code when I used the PP2000/Lexia-3 for another round of diagnosing.

In this case, the oil and spark plug of the vehicle also needed to be changed. But considering the repair bill which was nearly $300, I decided to let the driver to make the decision tomorrow.
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A mileage of about 17,000 km of Volkswagen Lavida sedan. Right after parking the vehicle for many years to get started on challenging. Demonstrates the operator really should begin just about every early morning, 4 to 5 moments the engine to start the machine , and the auto just immediately after starting the engine ck-100 key programmer running machine unstable , but after a period of procedure , the engine will operate smoothly , and the following working day the auto is working typically .

After the pick-up : Ask the proprietor was knowledgeable that the fault of the proprietors of troubled extended time, numerous repairs had been cleaning the mvp pro motor ahead of the oil , gasoline , swap the spark plug , however the dilemma was not solved. House owners sought tips , the operator agreed to depart a car plant routine maintenance.

The next early morning, commence the engine chilly state , start out the engine several occasions ahead of setting up the machine, after starting off the motor shake incredibly really serious , very similar to the lacking cylinder . Quickly and easily test the motor compartment for every gas, oil , circuit porsche piwis tester ii and located no abnormalities ; concentrate on checking the fuel pressure , oil strain tester connected VAG1318, switch the ignition swap and located which the oil tension gauge won't go ; obtain a peaceful put off every single doors, cautiously hear to your seem each individual time you turn the ignition switch in the rear with the seat, did not listen to the audio on the fuel pump get the job done. ( Owning access to details the car or truck 's fuel pump is managed by the motor manage device , isn't right associated for the ignition switch controls ) . Start out the engine , the fuel strain was located to increase little by little and accompanied by a drastic shake motor , barely a gas pressure right after the device is usually preserved at 400 kPa, at the moment the engine is running back again to typical. Flameout observed VAG1318, observed the gasoline tension from the 30s down to 0 kPa. Under ordinary situation, the integrated gas filter is dependable for limiting the pressure regulator valve , the fuel stress is proscribed to 400 kPa, the check valve inside the gasoline pump is dependable for holding tension, permitted to stand 10 min, the gas strain is just not much less than 250 kPa. autoboss v30 According towards the check effects to determine which the auto was due into a fault within the fuel pump check out valve career failure , not the conventional packing, resulting in inadequate the perfect time to start off the motor yet again following a parked car gasoline offer .

Troubleshooting: Right after changing the gas pump , the fuel pressure to re- evaluate indicators ( pre-feed , hydraulic , pressure affliction ) , anything is again to standard troubleshooting.

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A Honda Accord ( gear F20A3 motor ) in a very extended length from the bus , the engine just isn't functioning a significant high temperatures . Within the vicinity of the fix buy the overhaul, maintenance street after abnormal audio in addition to a slight shake . Immediately after the pick-up VDM Ucandas V3.5 inspection uncovered which the engine chilly begin usual , superior acceleration , idling by using a slight shake ; emissions within the regular array. Street exam , once the speed to 70km / h previously mentioned the " quack, quack " sound, the seem is quite gentle , but listened to very clearly in the vehicle , as well as the engine contains a slight jitter. Parking test engine failure is not apparent.

Troubleshooting :Just massive motor out , and before no these types of sound, which can be concluded the fault is within the severe high-temperature £?obd2 service crop up. Bring about this sound good reasons commonly contain the pursuing alternatives: low-octane gasoline ; once the ignition is not really suitable ; balancer shafts aren't any assembly demanded ; every single section geometry, poor gap and deviations .

First, start from gasoline dependent on thoughts. Since the gas tank continues to be a great deal, so add 93 # of fuel , and afterwards check out the ignition timing , and check out the spark plug , after which you can exam , irregular noise is not really removed, the jitter is still there. Up coming, a view harmony renault can clip shaft timing . Remove the equilibrium shaft , a push wheel housing , in order that a rotation with the crankshaft inside a piston prime useless middle (TDC) placement, check out the harmony shafts being observed , once the rear balancer shaft being mistaken. After a special software to adjust , to make sure that the harmony shaft step down to fulfill the necessities , check , has no jitter, but irregular sounds is still there.

Only the disintegration in the engine assessments to seek out the root cause . Get rid of the motor from the motor vehicle , the disintegration from the engine . The piston, connecting rod , crankshaft, equilibrium shaft and also other components for testing, but additionally on the cylinder head warpage were being calculated as 0.07mm, didn't check out the mistakes and irregularities and . Given that there's no discovered difficulty, experienced to be completed in demanding accordance together with the needs with the engine assembly , the primary important overhaul to eradicate issues all through assembly , carried to check the motor , sound or no alter in the slightest degree .

Since the information are consistent with the requirements of each element , why there's irregular sound of it ? It seems that there need to be a fault , but no investigation which the investigation just isn't in-depth more than enough . Refresh pondering this vehicle due to the substantial temperatures IKEYCUTTER CONDOR a result of this failure right after serious , as well as in this no earlier abnormal sound, the seem appears to heat-related . Because every section is not any problem, the trouble may well not have discovered from the human body . Despite the fact that this idea a bit impulsive, but consider carefully, there is a chance. This failure can be a major high temperatures immediately after , which vehicle motor is created of aluminum alloy , straightforward to develop high-temperature deformation . As the maintenance store problems, cannot have out scientific checks about the human body , the only real strategy to change just the system .

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Fine metal gauze to produce a protect before the tank , hidden inside the grille the place this trick don't just can avert flocculation , at first ran large velocity when there'll be a lot of modest insects mistakenly crashed to the water tank warmth sink , the effects are hard to clean , Using this type of degree after two months extend out across the grille mesh clean about the line . But this network x431 also has disadvantages , a person installation difficulties, because the original multi- Ann didn't give go away into the net , this means you contain the homeowners possess Do-it-yourself; two is mounted should be business , or the car go up in resonance, also disturbing .

Northern reasonably large sand and dirt filter can efficiently reduce a large floc hair and mud from moving into. With dust filter , which is ck100 key programmer equal to driving a person donning a "mask ", 80 % with the dust fundamentally rejected the car outside . Now in essence have got a frequent mid-range motor vehicle which has a dust filter, like POLO , and many others. conditioned vehicle or with activated carbon dust filter, although the filter is just not a panacea , the first of its ordinary life in the open air frequently period is five or 6 months , the filter are going to be blocked over time , not uobd2 only would not realize the role of dust , and also to boost the load to the air conditioning procedure , triggering fees of oil , auto scent and other signs or symptoms. Consequently, in order for the vehicle to better serve you , not lazy , each and every stretch of time to wash up yourself previously mentioned the dust filters , dust filters if only to knock out several instances, for the servicing of air flow systems you'll find an incredible support.

Most motor vehicle interiors are made ??of plastic substance , these parts while in the dry season would have been much easier to make static electricity , the job of electrostatic dust additional easily invade instrument catkins , transmissions and other components, mainly because of the extent of x431 iv electronic motor vehicles now have significant, excessive lint dust simply direct to occupation failure personal computer , so you're able to decrease the time window windy days and catkins traveling frequency in order to avoid dust choose edge although taking pleasure in the fresh air if you need , then you can adopt the outer loop and window air con alternate method , do both of those.

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Symptom C62.0T FSI Audi vehicles ( utilizing BPJ motor ) , the amassed mileage of about a hundred and seventy,000 km, the phenomenon soon after engine begin the device , x431 wiper stage warning light-weight around the dashboard on the alarm.

Inspection and evaluation of suspected insufficient cleansing wiper fluid , but test wiper cleaning fluid volume is ordinary. Then verify the wiper cleaning liquid degree sensor and its wiring , no open up or brief circuit , line standard ; then exchange the wiper cleaning liquide stage sensor , though the fault continues to be.

The car wiper flooring level warning lamp circuit is just not challenging , the overhaul maintenance of all areas , though the fault can't be excluded , troubleshooting right into a stalemate , but chanced on the air filter box in opposition to a Zhang maintenance tab , sustain mileage exhibited about the label with the present mileage variation of only about 10 km. Following inquiring the operator that the car had just been inside the mend gm tech 2 store upkeep , then did not pay attention to your newspaper lights are lit, and later uncovered the way in which back again , then consulted the fix store , the repair shop to enjoy the Lord claimed to inform the mobile phone , up for the cleaning fluid on it.

According to your situation displays the proprietor , the suspect is in the mend shop just after zeroing method may be done to maintain operational faults brought about the failure ( right after automobile routine maintenance, service light reset approach: connection failure detector, enter the 17 -10 -02 , will match the worth of l O is usually modified , whether it is to enter 17-04-02 , will match the value of 1 to 0 , there'll be extra failures phenomenon ) . Then enter the door connecting fault detector ( instrument cluster ) , Volvo VCADS Pro read the coding control device is 0000041 , by obtain to restore information and facts , the manage unit which products ought to be coded as 002143 , then concluded the failure was coding mistake triggered the instrument regulate device the .

Remedy the instrument regulate device re- encoding.

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A mileage of about 69,000 km . 2010 Toyota Camry sedan. Buyers porsche piwis tester 2 creflect : automobile driving in the 60 ~ 80km / h and acceleration motor fault lights.

After obtaining the car : technician look at the auto and make sure the engine fault light and slip indicator gentle , with IT2 digital management system x431 iv fault detection codes : P0012, camshaft "A" - Timing abnormal hold off ( 1 ) . Once the take a look at with IT2 distinct fault codes fault lights lit all over again . Detect fault code remains P0012. The preservation of the fault code evaluation , according into the internet site servicing guide inspection failures may happen : valve timing ; OCV valve ; filter OCV valve ; camshaft timing gear assembly ; ECM. When 1st examine engine valve timing , usual.

With IT2 lively examination operate checks VVT-i management solenoid valve. When operate with IT2 oil management valve motor pace adjust ( regular car engine speed might be examined with IT2 OCV shake or transform from the valve in the event the phenomenon ) . Failure to find a question , this now fgtech galletto 4 needs being across the upcoming level of failure assessment of inspection : camshaft timing oil handle valve assembly (OCV) failure or line failure ; Filter OCV valve motor oil passages blocked or clogged oil inadequate. Remove the valve OCV measured resistance benefit seven.1( standard 6.nine ~ seven.nine), is regular. The battery good terminal connected to the first and detrimental terminals connected to the 2nd and check out valve do the job , valve rapid operation , regular. So as to confirm regardless of whether it truly is standard OCV valve , convert the valve to interchange a standard OCV examination , fault code will show up, you could exclude the chance of your existence of OCV valve failure .

Check the oil high-quality, unplug the oil dipstick , oil has actually been identified that this motor vehicle is filthy, open up the oil filler cap valve chamber include has uncovered a lot of sludge adhesion with suspected insufficient motor oil pressure or oil duct blockage . View this auto first documents happen to be coming to my store 20000km maintenance, upkeep suspect with no producing the shopper , nevertheless the customer digiprog3 statements punctually to accomplish maintenance over the outside . While using the oil force gauge to measure engine oil tension throughout the ordinary assortment. Due to the fact the OCV valves, strains , hydraulic are normal , and that only OCV valve filter clogged.

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A mileage of about fourteen,000 km of new 2013 Chevrolet Epica sedan. Customers report: the car occasionally motor failure lights, motor shake , with porsche piwis tester ii weakness.Prognosis: Diagnostic GDS2 MDI with ECM is delivered to check the existing position of the DTC : P0302, two cylinder misfire is detected , as revealed in Figure 1 . Observed considerably greater than usual car motor shake at idle . See GDS2 motor misfire on the knowledge set , just the whole variety of misfire , the value is seventy nine , and is particularly regularly raising, although not the cylinder misfire data.Switch to diagnostic TECH2 CANDI view motor misfire info during the details , demonstrates the current 4 -cylinder misfiring cylinders , every single cylinder misfire count is zero other .

Information about the motor regulate module (ECM) making use of a crankshaft situation sensor to ascertain when an engine misfire occurs , and also the utilization of information as well as the consumption of the exhaust camshaft placement sensor to find out which cylinder is misfiring . The motor handle module of your crankshaft rotation pace variation of every cylinder checking can detect individual misfire gatherings. If your engine control module detects a misfire level sufficient to trigger emission concentrations exceed the statutory conventional , environment the fault code P0300. Less than particular driving situations , the misfire rate is too high will outcome in overheating from the a few way catalyst , may result in damage to the converter . Once the converter to overheat, harmed and established the fault code P0300 fault , the creader vi fault indicator light (MIL) will flash. P0301 ~ P0304 corresponding fault code in the cylinder one to four. In case the motor command module can select which cylinder is misfiring , the cylinder is set fault codes. Misfire may perhaps occur only in the event the motor is underneath load or cooler .

ECM fault code set hearth cylinders , there are 2 possibilities : real and fake misfire misfire . Actually does exist misfire means of the cylinder functioning very poor , maybe because the motor will work very well through the three elements of reverse pondering , that adequate compression tension , potent ignition spark timing , appropriate flamable combination . As an example : reduced fuel level , motor vacuum leak , gasoline stress is just too higher or much too reduced , oil pollution, exhaust system blockage.Phony means that every single cylinder misfire work effectively, but too much vibration than other elements with the engine speed fluctuations might also bring about ECM , ECM mistaken for deficiency of fireplace , location misfire fault code. Such as : a tire or wheel is not spherical or unbalanced , just about every brake disc thickness variation , some uneven street ailments , generate belt accessory push factors or hurt , variable reluctance rotor harm.

The maximum likelihood of all leads to , the commonest explanation is usually that misfire misfire system function, unstable or weak regarding be non-sparking spark failure. Eliminate the ignition coil and spark plug inspection , located no indications of leakage insulation breakdown , try replacing the ignition coil and a spark plug , the outcomes nevertheless surface misfire counts ; see the different motor data properly; check out launch diagun the fuel tension is regular , swap a , 2 -cylinder , 4 -cylinder injector and injector , the outcomes of misfire fault code plus the data did not adjust ; ability dealing with invalid ; conductive plastic handle with all the ECM plug , traveling 20km fault replica ; using a warmth gun bake ECM, 10min following failure to breed the results , the explanations for failure are probable ECM interior electrical fault .

Troubleshooting: Troubleshooting soon after replacing the engine command module.

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A mileage in excess of 230,000 km, configuration 2GR-FE engine Lexus ES350 sedan. Demonstrates the proprietor : the most recent air-conditioned auto , tuirel s777 retail the change opened, the entrance on the motor over the difficulty of "creak " sound, every thing is typical following the air con change off.

Troubleshooting : Following the 1st get started the vehicle , activate air-conditioning, front of your engine essentially issued a " creak " audio, this sound similar to a belt slots within combined with the seem emitted friction involving the sand along with the pulley . Remove the motor belt to check and found the belt slot mixed having a good deal of sand , and there are actually a few cracks, suggested that house owners replace the autoboss v30 scanner engine belt . After altering the belt open air after the fault persists. After the description on the engine load to raise the open up air , the air conditioning compressor is just not issued to the irregular seem of it ? Depending on previous working experience , defective air conditioning compressor is not going to even issued a " creak " seem. At last, turn off the air con process , slam the brakes, engine load boosts hung D block to test . Absolutely sure enough, "creak " sound in front of the motor has emerged . It showed the entrance has nothing abnormal sound and air conditioning compressors. With a stethoscope to hear the audio generator appears to be issued up coming loafer , and with the other car or truck then take away the idler pour , " creak" audio variations even now exist . Recruited peer support hear , he explained it might be tensioner spring loose, making sure that the sound is just not plenty of belt tensioner drive issued . Considering that the change tensioner significantly difficulty , being demolished motor , air compressor and several other appendages , for half every day 's time . To be able to prove the supply of the abnormal audio buyers need to try out all over again in difficulties . After altering the open up air car or truck , irregular seem however exists . The adjust also have changed , no longer blind to disassemble it. Ultimately, simply call the store to talk to other colleagues , encountered no these kinds of irregular seem . Peer instructed I encountered. Also for any whole lot of pieces , and at last the generator rotation out effectively, this is the clutch pulley wheel generator , push the generator maintenance handbook to eliminate the mounted pulley heart uobd2 to verify the outer ring counterclockwise rotation and never only ) ! Product clockwise . When the effects will not be in conformity together with the alternative generators clutch pulley , clutch pulley substitution after completion of either air con or step within the brake hanging actively playing D block , the entrance in the irregular sound is absent , repair finishes.
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It is always great to add something extra to your car. How many times it happened that you came our running from a shopping mall because you have heard some car has caught fire outside.

You wondered if it was yours. When one is in hurry, it is almost impossible to recognize one's car. In such an emergency, one needs to install some tools like valise clip to get to know what the problem is. This is a story of some car owners below.

They need to have this software so that in the time of problem, they can diagnose the fault, and, if possible, repair the damage by themselves. As we all know it is only your uniqueness that saves you and your company in this jungle of market. People have learned this lesson long before Charles Darwin taught the world about the uses of evolution.

The evolution of the technology and the evolution of the humans bear a lot of similarity. The world of technology is as fast changing as anything can be. To sustain in market, we need to innovate constantly. The players in the market have to come up with something that can help them differentiate from their competitor.

The valise clip is a tool that can diagnose the renault car. It is a touch screen device that helps to locate the problem in the car and thus help reduce the time you waste getting your car repaired.

By this software, the company has helped the car owner to diagnose the problem and replace the component himself if it is not a big one.

But there are some times when you have your car breakdown no body is around to help you. Even you cannot contact numbers on the posters erected roadside. This is a situation in which a person can only get frustrated if he had not gotten any Outil De Diagnostic Auto.

Other type's people who need this valise diagnostique are those mechanics working at some garage. Outil De Diagnostic Auto is very important for their business.

It is matter of the model of the car that you should buy. There are a lot of things that plays an important role in buying an valise diagnostique.
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A one.five L Nanjing Fiat Palio (PALIO) hatchback , a website traffic incident , nevertheless the motor is just not weakened , even so the more really serious harm to the exterior sections . Soon after starting up the engine incident maintenance completion check , the engine didn't get started the device , due to the fact there is certainly no high-pressure fire is detected by further more harming the crankshaft position sensor . So he changed the crankshaft place sensor, then the check, the engine incredibly quick to start the machine, but due to the fact then though the adhering to indications porsche piwis look : After the cooling lover into your high pace phase , the engine will instantly transform off. Following stalling the engine cannot get started the machine quickly , should wait around for your motor to cool down , it truly is effortless to start out the machine, once the cooling lover and into the high velocity stage , the engine will stall.

After I took about the unsuccessful automobile , first confirm that the malfunction. After several trials , has located this failure phenomenon . Connect X - 431 fault detector to diagnose , can not locate fault diagnostic and engine electronic manage unit for usual communications. In desperation only in accordance with conventional methods for evaluation of vehicle faults . Just after just one motor flameout, right away unplug a person and plug in the cylinder of a spark plug cylinder line ready to check whether or not the high-pressure fire motor in the "missing cylinder " condition despite the equipment . Then just after the motor stalled , place a plug in digimaster 3 the cylinder sub-cylinder line and try to fireplace. The motor is just not the signal equipment, then pull down a cylinder energy traces . Proceed for starting up the take a look at, the motor can get started the machine . Based on these conclusions , combined using the failure phenomenon analysis, that the failure was a spark plug from the cylinder off the hearth due to the large temperature . When the engine digital management device receives a signal cylinder spark plug from the hearth following the implementation of defense actions, earning no injector gasoline injection , the engine stalled promptly . When the motor temperature down and re- start out the engine , then the spark plugs don't fire , the engine electronic regulate device commonly issued directions to the injector fuel injection , the motor can start out the machine . But soon after every one of the four spark plug replacement test, found out that the fault is still present, plus the emergence of the new fault outstanding phenomenon, that is definitely, once the motor during standard operation . A number of people touched by hand crank place sensor output signal line motor about the flame , but some people anyway contact touch crankshaft position sensor output sign line engine will never stall. Just after session, agreed that such a "strange phenomenon" will be the results of electrostatic interference , simply because all people 's physique resistance sample sizes , carbrain c168 static electrical energy voltage level usually are not the same , not a similar disturbance . Since the engine crankshaft position sensor is usually a magnetic composition , which by itself is definitely an AC generator , the sign making suggests is undoubtedly an active type , it sends a signal is weak , only millivolts , as a way to prevent the weak indicators emitted from the sensor interference, and so the set up of a shielded cable, shielded cable is damaged , if owing , above the so-called peculiar phenomenon is not surprising .

Check the crankshaft situation sensor harness beyond the defend , it was discovered that there's some damage in the joints , so its wrap cure to guarantee the shielding outcome. Then the worth in the sign emitted by the crankshaft place sensor was detected . AC voltage having a multimeter block (2V) measurements , the output signal is 245 mV, the typical benefit must be no less than 250 mV. Hence the gap amongst the crankshaft place sensor detects the signal generator and the ring equipment , the measured hole is 0.eighty illm, the typical price should be 0.two mm ~ 0.4 mnl, therefore the crankshaft placement sensor mount gap rubbed which has a grinding wheel layer, to ensure the hole among the two requested to achieve the normal value . And after that to fire assessments , failure in accordance to IB. Right after volvo dice pro checking the data that, considering the fact that the electronically managed engine may be secured towards hearth regulate , but additionally you will discover recollections, however troubleshooting , but its memory can not promptly disappear , it's essential to re-learn to return to usual functioning condition. The road take a look at vehicle manufacturing unit opened in much less than five km when driving engine stalled 7 situations, but carry on driving, the engine automatically switch off phenomenon hasn't re- surface. This failure to wholly dominated out.

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