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A mileage of about eighty,000 km of the 2010 Beijing Hyundai ix35 -based activity utility motor vehicle . Right after the fix can't commence the vehicle incident , though the unique to the plant is able to journey .

Inspection and launch x431 scanner analysis : routine maintenance officers observed the ignition switch is normally open up, but can't function the starter . Test the fuse involved along with the starter , ended up standard. Check out the starter alone , in typical operation , indicating a challenge control. Mainly because the car utilizes a key starter manage manner , so examine the road will likely be much more sophisticated. GDS diagnostic fault obd software detection because of the motor command unit , identified no fault codes, plus the motor handle device self-test is typical . Detection keyless commence handle device , can also be standard.

Inspection stumbled obd android gear no display screen around the dashboard . Check the equipment switch , uncovered the change is changed , plus a new product . So request the applicable servicing personnel , that thanks to the external components damaged , so swap the brand new accessories.

Check the sections quantity, discover new areas of the outdated parts quantities will not be a similar obtain to information and facts that the aged and new pieces cannot be universal , so in trade with the old parts test, the motor can be started off .

Troubleshooting : Substitute components are marked together with the correct range of swap equipment , troubleshooting .Critique Summary: The vehicle belongs to autoboss v30 human mistake fault , it qualified prospects to fault analysis can not be successfully completed . So, maintenance in some cases only grasp the relationship involving GM and non- GM parts concerning , to search out solutions to your thoughts . This failure has acquired by means of human error in some cases locate it pretty tricky , and from time to time go lots of detours. Only a thorough comparison of the old and new elements so that you can proficiently stay clear of identical problems.

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Symptom: a century Rookie Santana sedan, the amassed mileage of about eighty,000 km, though driving the motor instantly stalled , just after obd2 software the flame just after several starters , you'll be able to not start the machine .

Inspection and examination : displays the owner , the vehicle is usually to the entrance after Xin issued a " popping" sound is listened to earlier mentioned the fault appeared , hence the motor can't be begun preliminary perseverance could be because of towards the device 's ignition system malfunction . Open the lid to examine AUTEL MaxiSys MS908 the engine compartment , and promptly observed that the surface and splashing all around the battery electrolyte , the electrolyte inside the battery although much less than fifty percent. Accordingly examination of phenomena, owing to suspected abnormal amount of battery demand .

First, unplug the ability lines for your central flashover assessments and found no high-voltage spark ; further more verify the ignition technique and low voltage traces , with no exception ; unplug the distributor Corridor sensor wire side in the connector by using a wire one end from the sign line , as well as other stop to create the ride iron exam success when you can find however no high-voltage wire grounding instantaneous spark ignition controller recommendations could be faulty . Lenovo to replicate the proprietor 's irregular sound , the greater skeptical ignition obd2 android controller could be a dilemma . Take out the ignition controller test and located that harm. Then the generator of electrical power measured and found the generator output voltage approximately sixteen.8V, plainly exceeds the regular assortment 13.5V-14.5V , the regulator for generator tests, has also been discovered to become harmed.

Remedy: Switch the alternator obd regulator and ignition controller.

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Symptom: a sedan Geely King Kong ( digital throttle ) , the cumulative touring thirty,000 km, appear motor just isn't doing work adequately , iphone news unstable idle velocity in 830r/min-1500r/min looking phenomenon.

Inspection and investigation : To the use of electronic throttle car, beneath standard conditions the motor idle instability , namely idling tour lexia3 motor vehicles, typically since the digital throttle far too filthy induce , so initial take away the throttle human body , the use of distinctive cleaning agent Pageant valve system and idle pace control valve , put in take a look at yet again , the fault continues to be. Geely automobiles devoted relationship fault detector exam , tune bought to the mixture much too thick fault code appears combination is just too Tuirel S777 diagnostic tool thick mainly because the ingestion process is often triggered by leaks , since the throttle human body has just been installed , there should really not leak . Then check the canister solenoid valve, solenoid valve as a result of the canister in the ingestion manifold conclude clamp take a look at, the above mentioned indicators disappeared.

Since the initial automobile canister solenoid valve hurt , leading to the air coming into the inlet has become in the solenoid valve, leading to an increase in the intake air , European gas injection then air-fuel ratio , to ensure the fuel injection quantity greater, foremost launch scanner to far more oil just after in excess of a gas engine speed rise, but as a way to defend the motor , within the method established limitations on idling speed restrict , the vehicle idling speed restrict is 1500 r / min, that is, if the idling engine pace rose to 1500 r / min, Eu lower gas injector spray oil, making sure that the pace right down to the basic pace, as it continues to be leaking, velocity will continue to rise , leading to idle fluctuated .

Troubleshooting: Swap the canister solenoid valve.

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Outil De Diagnostic Auto is a tool, as the name suggests, used to diagnose the problems in your car. The first interface of this technology was sighted in the 1996. After almost all the cars have a built-in auto diagnostic in them just to avoid the hassle caused in a faulty car due to an undefined problem. With this system you don't always need to rush to an auto mobile dealer or look for the electrician to find out the problem in your car. You just have to get connected to Outil De Diagnostic Auto and the problem is solved. It's true that with this obd2 device not only the problems are solved but also most of the car problems are to  be find out. Once it is diagnosed you can work on it.

In this tool some specialized gadgets are used to detect the problem in your car accurately rather than working on the misperceived performance issues. Almost all the modern vehicles, manufactured from 1996 till date, have Engine Control Modules (ECU). There are many sensors mounted in throughout the car engine. The concern of the ECU is to monitor those sensors. The job of the ECU is to make auto diagnostic easier. According to the law passed in America, every car had to be installed the interface to the ECU from 1st of January 1996. This was called obd2(On Board Diagnostic II) later on. This is possibly seen through three feet of a driving seat. This was also to be followed by the law that this should be accessible even without the use of an obd2 tool.

The law later on paved the ways to use auto diagnostic software commercially. That software includes a cable which is capable of conjoining the obd2 device to a computer or a laptop through an USB or a Bluetooth. With this obd2 Bluetooth connection the program interacts with the vehicle through computer to read the sensor data and any other parameters. Moreover, the potential issues and trouble codes are also produced in a form of preventive measures by this device. The oxygen sensor testing, tracking of other vital systems and electricity voltage used by the car is also readable by this software.
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A 2004 HFC6500A1 Refine MPV , owing on the significant idle velocity soon after engine overhaul find out the creator . This auto assembly HanTian unique G4JS two.4L uobd2 twin overhead cam 16-valve electronically managed gasoline engine , five-speed handbook transmission , has been traveling all around 226000km.

The writer bluetooth obd2 analyzes the electronically managed gasoline motor idling large intense aspects may possibly contain: consumption method leakage phenomenon , throttle physique shut lax , weak working ISC idle pace management valve , throttle place sensor or idle manage valve connected with short-circuit , disconnect, etcetera , throttle overall body has cable wiring , engine coolant temperature anomalies , the motor handle process together with other linked quick circuit.

According on the standard servicing practical experience , coupled with the features in the automobile engine , the engine begins the vehicle , exterior and motor mix instrument with the corresponding observation, identified which the motor pace is about 1000r/man, car diagnostics coolant temperature gauge display is small, in accordance towards the current ambient temperature, the temperature on the car instrument screen is in truth irregular ( small ) .

To market immediate maintenance , repair service science , mind mend service idea , the writer With Start diagnostic x 431 with a vehicle motor with the corresponding detection , fault code study : P0120, throttle placement sensor ID undefined ; distinct fault codes , can be cleared. When reading the data stream motor idling , the throttle place sensor sign voltage : 117mV ( low ) ; motor pace : ninety six r / min ( higher ) ; motor load: 21.96% ; injection duration : 2.6ms; ISC idle speed control valve accounting command ratio: 42.3% ; ignition ended.

Based over the over take a look at details, a preliminary investigation from the writer car or truck cooling system thermostat may be considered a dilemma , also discovered throttle original autoboss v30 system idle speed management screw artificially adjusted . Get rid of the thermostat identified which the auto has long been artificially Thermostat played two 6mm spherical gap . A different primary alternative thermostat, and throttle placement sensor and idle velocity control valve line were being calculated , the idle velocity handle screw to make good adjustments , start out the engine , clean engine acceleration and easy , immediately after recurring road take a look at , the fault disappears.

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Speaking of the Outil De Diagnostic Auto, I recalled an impressed memory and it's about my husband and I at the before of marriage, now think about that if have no the Outil De Diagnostic Auto's help may I did not rediscovering him and generate the good opinion for him. Aaron invited have a dinner with him in a summer evening, I was not quite willing but at that point I didn't find a good reason to refuse it and he looks sincere. I certainly know he want to seek me but actually I prefer another one who also are after me. At the dinner we talked much, he spoken the stories of when he was a child and that's funny. I began thought he not so dull than I imagined. And next I take me to go to the seaside, Aaron ready prepared fireworks intend to ignite with me, yeah I indeed saw the beautiful fireworks but only blossom several the rain coming, we have to run into the car destructively. But the unexpected situation happened again, the car can't drive engine, in that time I was in a lousy mood, I always lacking the security specially when stay in an inclosed space, this time the Aaron hold my hands said: " don't worried, I'm here, but now I need to see what go wrong, please waiting me for a while." I saw his eyes with firm sight I feel warm and calm. He run to the trunk and picked up something and then starts busying him before car, the rainwater strike on his body and how serious a man. He back to car, I ask how did him done that and I never heard he can repair, he answered me that not long ago he was interested in the Outil De Diagnostic Auto and buy one, began learn DIY auto repair these Outil De Diagnostic Auto actually give him a great help. I think not only the Outil De Diagnostic Auto himself also do well.

At that time obd2 just getting started, few people know the Outil De Diagnostic Auto and this industry. Almost all people hold the chronic thinking is that sends the car to the garage, and self for this thing must be helpless. But Aaron think he also can do auto repair even he not good at this, and then he start look for his helper, he discovered autocom cdp namely the tool he used of in my recalling.
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When the "Check Engine" light comes on, many motorists don't have a clue as to what to do next. They know the light means something is wrong, but is it a serious problem or a minor one? The only way to know for sure is to plug an OBDII Code Scanner or code reader into the vehicle's diagnostic connector and see what comes out.

One of the first auto parts stores to offer a free plug-in obd2 diagnostic service for motorists who wanted to find out what was causing their "Check Engine" light to come on. The program is popular with motorists because it saves the cost of having to take the vehicle to a new car dealer or repair facility to have it diagnosed. Being able to tell customers why their "Check Engine" light is on opens the door for potential parts sales, and it helps the motorist to decide whether or not the problem is something they want to tackle themselves. At the very least, knowing why the "Check Engine" light is on allows the customer to be better informed should they decide to take their vehicle to a professional for repairs.

An Onboard Diagnostic II (obd2) plug-in diagnosis is relatively simple to perform and requires only an OBDII Code Scanner or basic scan tool. The obd2 tool is plugged into the diagnostic connector (which is usually located under the instrument panel near the steering column). To read the code(s) that are causing the "Check Engine" light to come on, you simply turn on the ignition, follow the prompts on the code reader or scan tool screen and read out the code(s).

The least expensive OBDII Code Scanner only display a number, so you have to look up the code definition in a handbook to find out what it means. The more expensive tools give you the number and a brief definition. The trouble is, a code doesn't always tell you what the underlying problem is, what might be causing it or what parts are needed to fix the problem. But, it is a starting place and gives you some direction as to what might be wrong with the vehicle so your customer can decide what he or she wants to do next.
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A mileage of about sixty eight,000 km, the engine of BDW, CVT transmission, the 2010 Audi A6L sedan. Displays the proprietor : Given that the vehicle parked while in the garage at autel maxidas home , the next day to conquer the fire . I plant technician checks by way of judged battery is broken, substitute the battery around some days after the fault is still takes place , the operator complains much more maintenance quality issues.

Troubleshooting : I initial took in excess of the inquiry past upkeep professionals, the final is what prompted him to replace the batteries. In accordance to ad900 pro the upkeep technician , said once the previous because of to the loss of electrical energy dragged plant servicing, electric power typically analyzed vehicle , regular snooze present-day measurements at 80mA or much less , then suggests that buyers use to interchange the battery .

I hook up the 431 method diagnostic swift test , at 19 Gateway are: " a motor vehicle storage within just the static quiescent current administration ," the tacho pro 2008 fault code. Without having another management device fault memory .?Ammeter connected static measurements of the vehicle following the lockout quiescent current. Beginning quiescent recent discharge has actually been typical , but in about 50 percent an hour later on, the quiescent latest is gradually increased to four.7A, description with the car or truck wherever there's leakage .431 diagnostic connector , browse 19-001 team of cars in hibernation atresia immediately after hibernation MOST bus and located convenience CAN bus 20min just after dormancy has actually been changing .

Meanwhile atmosphere inside of doorway tackle lights, crisis lights change qualifications.That's what brought about quite possibly the most bus and comfort CAN bus even though it autologic wakes up ? They have got practically nothing in frequent between them ?Then , one by just one unplug one of the most technique regulate unit J772 when unplugged when reversing the impression regulate device displays the existing meter towards the ordinary point out. Doorway handle higher than the normal ambiance lights went out .

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Symptom: a super vag 3.0 mileage of sixteen,000 km of an Audi sedan ( motor product APS, tools O1V computerized transmission ) , the pace within the sixty km/h-80 km / h acceleration ran .

Troubleshooting : After the decide on , 1st troubleshoot electrical power issues, with VAS5051 detection engine electronics procedure , no fault codes nexiq saved ; gasoline process force tested for 350 kPa ( usual ) ; Tut oil pulse idling is 3.four ms-3.six ms, acceleration fuel injection pulse width can reach 12ms-15ms, usual ; check out replacing the spark plug , the fault no improvement .

Then cautiously examination the vehicle in an effort to master the regulation of failure , after take a look at uncovered which the auto fault block concerning 3 and 4 block consult-3 plus each other up and down. According routine maintenance working experience in addition to a lockup clutch computerized transmission performs evaluation , the vehicle must be considered a lock-up clutch failure failure ensuing change shock induced from the separation unclear .

In confirmation of electronic techniques with out automatic transmission fault code situation, the torque converter to a qualified maintenance store for dismantling and located the lockup clutch friction plate continues to be worn absent .

Troubleshooting: autocom the renovation from the torque converter , automated transmission as well as oil valve and linked post- loading washing , commissioning , troubleshooting.

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Symptom: a 2007 volvo vida dice product Opel Vectra sedan ( with two.2 LZ22SE engine ) , the cumulative traveling about 70,000 km, the engine idle shake appears to accelerate the lack of malfunction.

Troubleshooting : First link the fault detector read fault codes , turned up the fault code P0302 eleven cylinder 2 misfire detection ( presence ) . After clearing the fault code exam, the motor failure remains the exact same, and also the motor fault light will quickly start to flash , acquire fault code , or P0302, explain the specific situation two cylinder won't work is often existing . Take away obd2 bluetooth adapter the spark plugs checked and located burning terribly ought to get replaced . According to repair working experience, Opel rather very easy to damage the car ignition coil , four -cylinder ignition coil assembly is , so he replaced the spark plugs and ignition coils, nevertheless the substitute test , the fault stays. Reconnect fault detector fault code retrieval , turned up the fault code remains to be P0302.

Refresh routine maintenance suggestions, the plug 4 Eliminate the spark plug ignition coil , and afterwards check out to begin the motor hearth , 4 spark plugs could be standard arcing and sparking energy is usual, but why the engine electronic command unit constantly do the job described two -cylinder ck100 key programmer misfire ? it measuring 4 cylinder cylinder tension , and located the cylinder force of each cylinder are reasonably uniform force were being 900 kPa-1 000 kPa; measuring the fuel procedure pressure is four hundred kPa, is also ordinary ; when beginning the motor may also be heard injector voices to get taken off once the gasoline rail that has a plate block , look at the 4 injector atomization , the atomization is nice. Then he checked the volume of sensors in to the exhaust pipe and also the valve chamber include , or did not discover the difficulty. Can it be a problem with the motor control unit ? Then Opel 4S shop to cell phone a pal for support , they react , the car's motor manage device is generally challenging to break. Machinery , aren't uncovered around the circuit obvious concern , then two cylinders together with other cylinders from the stop what is the variation? Made a decision to place two cylinders toyota intelligent it2 and also other cylinders could be swapped about substitution pieces . The spark plug alternative examination , no outcome ; scored in the event the gasoline rail to find the trouble, the higher two -cylinder injector includes a ton of coke , and finally found the crux from the trouble .

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