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Configure a German ZF (ZF) Business 5HP-19FLA (01V) type 5-speed electronically controlled all- wheel-drive automatic transmission , VDM UCANDAS scanner mileage over 260,000 km in 2002 imported Audi A8 two. 8L sedan.

Symptom: The vehicle traveling about 15 kM ATF and filter alternative when , and go on to use the change excellent troubles about three months later. At the starting of failure, failure just isn't clear , hence the scenario isn't going to have an affect on the use and operation for mb SD compact 4 star diagnosis a couple of month . At this failure phenomenon far more clear , extraordinary effect men and women really can not carry on to implement. Since there may be no community specialist car in automated transmission mend workshop , hence vacation prolonged distances to Beijing to open up maintenance .

When taking in excess of the vehicle , following the true street take a look at appear accurate Symptom : place to hold ahead and reverse brake significant impression , even though the reverse bonding time lag , and accompanied by two underneath the impact of feeling ; When touring 2 -3 affect file when protecting the file consequently surface soon immediately after a few shocks click sensation ; 3-4 gear shock , it is far from major ; part of the file after the transmission up absolutely with click emotion once the influence issue from the file 5-4 , four -3 file ,3- 2 files autoboss v30 sale and parking brake quickly file will impression about 2-1 ; in 2000r/Min a lot less consistent motor velocity , vehicle pace taken care of at 50 ~ 90kM / h, will probably be uninterrupted provocative phenomenon , provocative hands whilst the engine pace will fluctuate up and down .

Maintenance procedure: First, using particular diagnostic fault queries. Did not report any fault codes in its fault memory by reading through its dynamic info , identified only within the implementation of your transmission torque converter lock-up clutch slip three,four,5 file volume fluctuations, along with other data ended up standard . Prior to now, according to paragraph summary of some transmission restore experience , in almost any scenario need to do a transmission overhaul .

But fgtech so that you can troubleshoot one by one issue , did not hurry into the transmission decomposition, nonetheless use diagnostic instrument for dynamic data by reading the in depth street exam , and 11 assess the trigger lies.

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The Launch X431 Diagnostic Tool have been quite popular across the world. Most of it is in use nowadays. Hardly any drive would be there who doesn't know a great deal about the Launch X431 Diagnostic Tool.
Launch X431 Diagnostic Tool are very popular with the mechanics as well. So many of them have made their laborious life easy with the help of these sorts of Launch X431 Diagnostic Tool.

X431 DIAGUN III is a popular handheld device that can be used to diagnose various problems with the car so as to get the most out of it. People who own a car repair business can also think of this device. However, it is important to know whether this product is suitable for the car or not. The following points will help you make the right decision, determine the type of vehicle you own.


1. Range of functions: scan tool should be able to scan the engine and automatic transmission. Then you will be able to identify various fault codes and delete them in order to improve vehicle performance.
2. Choice of vehicles: Make sure the diagnostic tool is suitable for use in the car or cars. The best tool will be compatible with the largest list of car, so that it can be used even if you want to change the vehicle.
3. Ease of use: not only must have a good interface, but must also have Bluetooth connectivity. This will allow use in more than one vehicle at a time. The X431 DIAGUN III has a color touch screen that makes it very easy to use.
4. Enough memory: check if the scan tool has enough memory to store data. The X431 DIAGUN III has an SD memory card 1GB capacity.
5. High performance: choose a device that has the best possible system to be made to work for a very long time. In fact, you need to get at least 10 hours continuous running out, and found him in X431 DIAGUN III.
6. Updates: This is a very important factor because manufacturers keep coming up with improvements and solutions to various problems.
The tool, X431 DIAGUN III, has many useful features, but its major drawback is you have to register first on the website of chinasinoy and download the software for it.
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A mileage of about autologic diagnostic 58,000 km, engine and transmission products had been 271,950 and 722,695 Mercedes-Benz C200 sedan. Customers report: the vehicle will likely not begin.

Troubleshooting : Very first verify malfunction. Purchaser called me and reported the key in the ignition change , switch the important thing the many lights over the instrument will not be lit, the digital steering lock would not convert inside the lock way , start the car no SuperOBD SKP900 reaction . So basic resource to carry aid . Soon after achieving the scene, set the crucial element into your ignition switch to turn the crucial element to begin the equipment that response is not really , cannot start the vehicle. This phenomenon is attributable to the fault most probably explanations are as follows : the complete vehicle is not any electrical energy , the secret is incorrect or damaged , weakened ignition change , electronic steering lock is broken , the entrance SAM control unit destroyed.

First, place the crucial element into your ignition change , go 2 Dangqu open headlights, horn, are usual, using a multimeter to evaluate the battery voltage is likewise usual , having a vital to unlock the lock to the manage will also be typical, allow consumers to a different just after the consider more than a vital exam is the same , excluding the main two choices , related into a single diagnostic digital ignition change EZS, read through fault codes are: electric steering lock is faulty , you can find a signal failure or an mistake message . Subsequent, open the WIS discover digital ignition change circuit, may be evidently seen in the figure prior to the SAM, digital steering lock management unit , electronic ignition swap circuit link among the SAM from the 19th before the fuse for the tacho pro electronic ignition switch N73 's C District No. one, the electronic steering lock pin and a couple of -pin control unit N26 / 5 offers ability , to the 27th ahead of the SAM fuse electronic ignition swap B of the seventh district N73 pin presents power , digital ignition swap N73 's C zone two pin quantity to the electronic steering lock regulate device on the 4th pin N26 / 5 supplies electricity . After these traces and clear energy to directly go to the insurer before the SAM 19 , the 27th , the end result is ordinary, the direct use of a multimeter to evaluate the availability voltage involving the assorted modules, the result is usual, and so the exclusion of pre- SAM, locked in an digital ignition swap N73 and between digital steering lock command device N26 / 5.

Next on the boot travel sort acceptance testing, examination the premise that: ( one ) Transform the ignition change ; ( two ) Prepare two keys ( demands two keys for getting more correct outcomes ) . Move detection are: ( 1 ) the remote crucial into the ignition swap N73 in electronics ; ( 2 ) the main element from the ignition change N73 in electronic pulled out ; ( three ) from the instrument by instrument found in the genuine value of the digital ignition switch , if we look at to discover the remote crucial just isn't pulled down, then the electronic ignition switch N73 weakened and want changing , the important thing listed here would be to detect the remote control to drag down , indicating that the electronic ignition switch no trouble. The situation is locked in N26 / 5 electronic steering lock control unit to speak with shoppers to clarify the problem just after very last connect with trailer towed the vehicle business , then came back to set an digital steering lock regulate unit N26 / 5 and a green essential , wait around until the arrival to the substitute. x431 As electronic steering lock is a stability part , when it seems the trouble is difficult to wreck following demolition, the environmentally friendly important for being really added very careful because it may possibly only be employed the moment , will probably be void if inappropriate procedure , I set my practical experience to write down replacement underneath reference.

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Mileage Toyota Intelligent Tester It2 of about forty eight,000 km of Dongfeng Peugeot 307 sedan manual transmission . The automobile alone stalled in the transferring way , can't start out all over again.

Failure Investigation: From the vehicle is in motion but can't start out their own individual flame failure examination of phenomena, the leading induce with the engine can not be started out during the next locations : fault automobile battery electrical power supply or fuse box will not be usual damage honda hds him cannot give standard doing the job electric power ; electronic motor regulate unit ( 1320 ) , the clever management box (BSI) that exist within just the fault ; passage there exists a fault , such as gasoline or petrol tank insufficient Pump not doing the job appropriately ; induced failure of mechanical factors , these as deficiency of cylinder stress , the timing belt fracture or dislocation ; even now the commonest cause of failure exists electrical regulate circuit open up circuit, brief circuit or unfastened wiring connectors or other things brought on .

After the pick-up : the usage of simple to challenging after the first diagnosis , first check the battery voltage is 12.37V, standard . gds vci review Commence the car with no car or truck phenomenon , traces as well as other connecting parts of the evaluation also identified no abnormalities. As a result suspect that the management program is faulty , so using the car or truck in general DIAGBOX diagnostic screening, diagnostic outcomes only intelligent command box (BSI) within there's a description of your challenge : the engine fuse box , fuel pump command circuit failure .

Failure to check : Since DIAGBOX have diagnosed the fault placement , they begin to examine the circuit from the fuel system . Very first, the transfer of the fuel procedure schematics from Peugeot SERVICEBOX repair website ( shown in Figure 1 ) . According to the circuit diagram to examine gas pump fuse No. F5 , were being standard ; further disconnect fuse box (PSF1, exactly the same under ) line connectors , check the fuse box to your line among the manage device plus the pump line intact, no anomalies. Then transform the ignition swap , gas pump did not do the job indicators , usually do not pump is ruined or line issue ? Immediately detect a power connector on the gasoline pump , the final results 6V/NR (six -pin / black ) connector No. three pin centerline 1235L electrical power strains ( see Figure 1 ) Electrical power is lacking. So around the web site to determine fault or gasoline pump fuse , fuse box and pump manage device that both of these elements needs to have been a problem ; initial look at the fuse box , in the event the disconnect fuse box 28V/MR (28 pin / brown , shown in Determine two ) and 28V/GR (28 pin / grey , see Determine 1 ) connector , and found two sockets use a compact number of drinking water within the keep track of , which 28V/MR connectors serious h2o and even corrosion phenomenon. Hence , following removing the water blown clear , mounted adbule emulator the first fuse box exam once more , still can't start off the automobile . Thus, the usage of substitution pieces exam, immediate swap a fuse box from an additional from the identical design auto do the replacement examination system , set up the test, the vehicle begin ordinarily.

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BMW 640Li sedan, the car can't be operated comfortable top rated and stopped within the center place , the trunk can not be opened , the pink LED flashes bmw icom to the regulate button .

Troubleshooting : Confirm soft top pickup parked in the center placement , the gentle leading button crimson LED flashes, perform ISTA / D detected there "CVM, during the middle far too speedy " and three are on way too rapid fault code . Owing to your reasonably compact soft-top company , coupled with all the contents described with this fault code is not extremely very clear, offered the conclusions analytical tests plan , " This can be an event , remember to make clear for the consumers , devoid of getting any maintenance measures" Delete fault once the code located in soft-top continues to be not operational , the trunk just isn't open.

Because this vehicle will not be the first time for maintenance on this issue , as on the routine maintenance of a colleague asked , before he explained yes and explained to me to examine the fuse F182 F182 fuse is ordinary, in accordance to his recommendations willing to move forward to check the fuse , initial activated WITECH VCI POD review by ISTA the JBE trunk lid lock open the trunk , check out the fuse box located to the ideal facet with the trunk of F182 (40A) fuse continues to be blown a fuse was found . According for the circuit diagram presented in ISTA observed which the fuse is for that tender top rated of the hydraulic electric power unit in the pump motor made use of directly . Substitute the fuse following the gentle leading can be used typically , this time operated comfortable leading is open, shut a round , and located the delicate top again to stop the motion , or cease into your plant at the time of that situation, check the fuse again located the fuse is blown a . So far the situation appears to be reasonably crystal clear , the suspect must be the motor or motor -powered inner fault strains exist shorted to ground, and so the Chaxiu way pointing on the motor and the motor supply line.

Due on the hydraulic pump is run suspect that is definitely not due towards the mechanical structure is not really adaptable led gentle prime through physical exercise x431 resistance is simply too significant , foremost to a pump functioning current is simply too major? With this regard, I exploit distinctive lubricants for BMW Drophead lubrication of the joints ended up treated , while observing the smooth top while in the open up, close it with no any interference , obstruction. Checking the existence of the various hydraulic lines are certainly not bent , twisted , you can find no leakage of hydraulic oil .

In the situation of measuring the position in the end conclusion of the F182 is just turned on , then authentication I suppose. According to documents present in the rear window glass tank hydraulic soft-top units, will then be taken off to examine the road which identified piwis porsche that the line will not crack the pores and skin , mutual quick circuit the location , then take out the bag around the beyond the motor foam , and found the motor vents have black indications , touching a superior motor case temperature , make sure the motor is ablated .

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A mileage of about 90,000 km, configuration two. 0TSI 02E motor and 6-speed DSG gearbox kind Volkswagen GTI automobiles. End users mirror : the autel ps100 vehicle throughout the downshift body shake , especially when jitter is most evident third gear down two data files. Additionally, you will find a sense of shock transmission upshift .

Troubleshooting : Applying diagnostic procedure for your motor plus the computerized transmission system self-diagnostics , no fault codes . See commins inline 5 the data flow engine idling issue , standard . Check , a superb car acceleration performance. Deceleration , engine method data observed any time a fault takes place , the injection time briefly reduced to 0ms ( oil off operate ) , air website traffic information will become idle problem with the air stream values ?, indicating the engine system reaction is sweet, the body shake absolutely nothing to accomplish using the motor torque is simply too significant , therefore excluding the engine procedure failure aspects .

A hydraulic automatic transmission is monitored , the next pace reduction equipment 3 during the method of changeover isn't going to surface autel maxisys scan tool alternately change amongst the third velocity clutch K controlled hydraulic clutch K1 as well as 2nd velocity hydraulic managed , two -way handle At the same time the role of oil approximately 5s, in line with the failure signs . Furthermore, the hydraulic manage course of action 3 data files liter four data files also appeared problems. That is consistent with the change shock . Based upon the above test benefits , the automated transmission control device establishes very poor functionality . Swap the command unit , the failure to wholly ruled out.

Initial hds honda jitter, 02E -type transmission change shock is more widespread faults. This kind of failures are usually involved using the automated transmission manage unit program connected. Ready to do so , you can troubleshoot by refreshing means of software package , and that means you don't have to switch expensive command device .

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A mileage of about 150,000 km, configure F23 A3 motor and computerized transmission, the Honda Accord sedan . Buyers report: computerized icom a2 transmission when the automobile in gear and D3 D4 file with intermittent skid, the car is not going forward at this time , the engine idling phenomenon happens .

After getting the vehicle : the fault indicators to substantiate the shift lever into D3 D4 file or documents , the car can travel , but so long as acceleration , engine idling phenomenon happens , the auto cannot travel , cannot ascend to the automated transmission gear 3 and four files. A further strategy to examination the usage of the change lever into a file or two documents , the auto can travel , acceleration , in the event the pace improves will change lever into D3 D4 file or information , the auto could be large speed. The above mentioned check outcomes display a few and four clutch clutch itself is ordinary, there may be a fault inside the hydraulic management. auto key programmer x100 Verify the automated transmission oil , gas and oil correctly. The clutch hydraulic fluid pressure measurements are standard . Check out the shift control valve and line connections , normal. Changing the hydraulic valve , test , failure is not really dominated out. Accessibility to applicable data , investigation equipment shift lever to govern worksheet , as revealed in Desk .

Contrast both of these electric power transmission lines, we can easily see the variance lies within the one-way clutch is functioning. The one-way clutch can be a sprag type , the outer ring gear is connected using an interior ring gear three is related with , for a one-way locking perform , and autologic bmw hence just the energy transmission equipment towards the one -way clutch , not passed from 3rd gear to solitary clutch . In the event the one-way clutch is damaged, then the car or truck when D3 D4 file or information won't be promoted to high-speed driving equipment . Get rid of the automated transmission decomposition checked and located the one-way clutch is poorly worn . The one-way clutch is caught from the vise , be afterburner, the effects of locking slip. Changing a one-way clutch , automated transmission set up , commissioning , fault wholly ruled out.

The one-way clutch just isn't entirely weakened, intermittent faults . Since the failure of mechanical failure, the automated transmission regulate unit can Volvo VCADS Pro 2.40 not history fault code , it ought to be combined with an computerized transmission driving theory is analyzed to uncover the fault site, troubleshooting.

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A mileage of about 90,000 km, configuration V6 01v motor and 5 velocity handbook form / transmission from just one Audi A6 2. 8L sedan. Customers report: nexiq interface the car started off to accelerate within the forward approach, the human body are going to be solid provocative phenomenon . In the sluggish acceleration, don't accelerate or reverse , the sensational phenomenon disappears.

After getting the car : the road take a look at to confirm the fault is largely precisely the same indications explained via the driver , an automatic transmission launch x431 idiag to ascertain the original failure was brought about by inadequate efficiency . Examine the automated transmission oil , gasoline and oil effectively. Automated transmission control procedure for self-diagnosis , no fault codes. Find the established of information flows 02-08-010 Look at adaptive ahead velocity details ordinarily . Find 02-08-011 set of knowledge flows , see reverse adaptive facts usually. Decide on 02-08-065 sets of knowledge streams , check valve set off details , the result is 00 , indicating the computerized transmission method over- fault safety manner just isn't enabled .

Continue the exam, feeling instantly interrupted transmission failure signs and symptoms very similar or engaging too fast, so identify the presence of the mechanical failure from the enter shaft in the automatic transmission . The disintegration in the computerized transmission checked and found too much forward clutch pad put on . Substitute the input shaft assembly ( which includes the ahead clutch ) , refitted computerized transmission , street check , failure signs and symptoms enhanced, but didn't totally disappear. Adaptive automated transmission with diagnostic manage program price zero, then match once the completion from the check, failure to Chrysler WITECH entirely ruled out.

After replacing the input shaft assembly, clutch plate gap is modified, the need for adaptive matching with the automated transmission , the clutch x431 restoration regulate purpose to fully do away with the malfunction.

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Symptom: a May well consult 3 plus 2010 creation of FAW Toyota Crown sedan ( product GRS208L-DETBKC), amassed traveling about forty eight,000 km, the motor cannot be started off phenomenon occurs .

Troubleshooting : It demonstrates the motive force , clever crucial can not open the doorway , keys around the remote regulate cannot unlock the door , open the door with the mechanical important , unexpected emergency start out, the engine did not react , the indicator mild around the dashboard doesn't glow. Battery is absolutely charged ( the headlights turned on at the same time , horn buttons , horn seem normal ) .

First validation failure. Check the sensible critical battery voltage is 3.12 V, the normal ; test the battery voltage is 12.twenty five V, also typical . Open the ck 100 key programmer door along with the mechanical critical , anti-theft system is just not alarm, anti-theft security gentle will not glow ; engine begin button switch lights are not brilliant , light would not slam the brake pedal ; then the engine get started button , the motor with out any reaction ; applying emergency starter approach to begin the engine , continue to no reaction .

Asked the proprietor that the automobile on a regular basis at Toyota 4S store upkeep , a month ago, there are failures to work the distant control failure , after utilizing the crisis commence manner , the remote management to return to usual get the job done , car driving continues to be no abnormal phenomenon , never ever associated above the drinking water , and no accident happened . The failure of your circumstance is that the regular parking lock the vehicle along with the distant regulate about 1 h , and afterwards get the vehicle to find do the job clever vital failure , the motor will never commence . carprog full v5.31 Not on account of the ignition switch is turned on, and thus can't be detected from the fault detector . Test the battery terminals , cable connections are fantastic ; checking the key energy fuses , batteries anchor wire, also excellent ; the wise critical while using the other test, failure phenomenon persists.

For so long as the automobile is provided that has a wise crucial during the car or truck carrying the Clever Essential detection zone can work without important lock / unlock doors, carry the steering lock , commence the engine control process and open the trunk . The technique is managed by the certification Ecu , Ecu certification in a single of 8 detection spot in the vehicle if the essential is detected , determine and carsoft bmw validate key code , verified by a sign , anti-theft security lights managed because of the certification European Eu output to your suitable do the job in accordance with its functionality .

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A mileage of about 36,000 km, star diagnosis compact 4 types for the W212, equipped with M272 motor Mercedes-Benz E350 sedan 2009 . Displays the owner : the vehicle is commonly the instrument overall body suspension carry method alarm.

After receiving the vehicle : the street examination to start out the auto , the motor vehicle was not identified following touring far from the fault alarm . Right after stopping , frequently pressing the elevator button suspension system , the car began to carry effectively . Following a number of functions, the unexpected overall look with the instrument landing program hanging white alarm phenomenon . Suspension elevate method for connecting diagnostic checks uncovered within the system prompts suspension raise system fault codes stored from the GDS VCI diagnostics handle module 5142, B22 / 9 ( front suitable top degree sensor ) signal distortion. In accordance diagnostic troubleshooting guideline instruction , first measure the actual signal voltage B22 / nine of . In the event the suspension lift program can lift correctly , the signal voltage exhibit : sign 1 is two.02V, sign two is 2.81V. If the elevator fails , a measurement sign , the signals are shown as two voltage 0V. Assistance ought to be measured in accordance to the diagnostic energy offer voltage B22 / nine sensor. When unplugging B22 / nine sensor plugs located the plug has long been seriously corroded , corrosion is triggered because of the initial dedication of your vehicle when flushing water.

Just as prepared to offer with rust plugs , go inadvertently pulled the plug by hand , a unexpected surge of drinking water outflow within the line and outside of the drinking water pipe will proceed , it seems that the plug is corrosion within the h2o pipe lines induced . Suction influence thanks to lead wire wool plug h2o, eventually bringing about oxidative corrosion plug . Followed by blowing compressed air from just one end in the line making sure that the dirty h2o discharge pipe . To stop corrosion by water plugs again , I opened the lowest line pipe 1 compact slot. If your water once again inside of this line pipe, drinking water could be drained with the gap , nor does it make the drinking water line pipe all over again , consequently staying away from the plug rust all over again. Following processing and line pipe thread connector , put in retest auto fault copy and stored fault codes with the authentic fault present right into a fault , the fault code continue to pointing B22 / nine.

So what precisely is mishandled or harness connector B22 / nine problems it? At this point the one way is to evaluate the provision voltage from the sensor plug rear B22 / 9 is normal. When the voltage is typical, the sensor is broken. According to your circuit diagram , the writer B22 / nine line rear measuring the power of the sensor, the sensor source voltage is uncovered to 0V. Measured by the sensor plugs backend discovered in between N51 next socket 30 -pin socket around the 3rd plus the second pin provide voltage IKEYCUTTER CONDOR XC-007 master to 0V. Keep on to evaluate the relationship resistance of N51 next outlet 3 toes and five ft amongst the sensor is infinite , prove this paragraph link circuit. By checking the pertinent lines on the auto , we will ascertain the car had a collision . Right after tachopro 2008 mindful examination in the collision was discovered , the road is disconnected , unconnected wires pores and skin has actually been destroyed, the wire is completely disconnected. Right after reconnecting wires , exam the fault disappears.

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