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A mileage of about fifty seven,000 km on the 2009 Toyota Camry sedan. Shoppers mirror: automobile handheld remote control door lock Digiprog 3 doesn't perform. Auto into the plant once the inspection found which the automobile was just repaired automobile accident. Talk to the shopper which the motor vehicle incident fix is specified in the Multi-cardiag m8 cdp insurance provider fix shop, but following the fix handheld remote control will not likely perform. So the failure to reproduce technicians discovered keyless entry isn't going to do the job.

Diagnosis: Initial, the handheld remote control batteries have been calculated, had been regular. As wi-fi door lock operate have to satisfy two primary situations: four doorway gentle change and wiring small circuit; Critical Unlock warning swap and wiring quick circuit. For both of these aspects individually 4 doorway mild swap and circuit, key unlock warning switch and circuit to the inspection and measurement and located no abnormalities. Refer to provider manual for wi-fi doorway lock handheld remote control receiver voltage comments sign was examined by measuring, every time you press the remote button, wireless remote control receiver suggestions signal from 1V ?ú 6V ?ú 1V cycle improve China. Wireless NEXIQ 125032 software doorway lock process that checks are actually checked a component on the method wants to fulfill the problems are in place, why can't it work? So experts to very carefully consult the upkeep guide and schematics, again on the auto in the event the technician, discovered the car during the absence on the ignition switch, never insert the key in the scenario, the radio can work. In other words, the first must have ACC run radio has now turn out to be a continuing hearth electricity. It seems the aged issue is not really settled, took place from the new inter-title. But among both of these concerns should have contact it?

With this concern, the technician at stake and related connectors and execute an inspection and located no indications of line with alterations. Final inspection to your vital switch spot, unplug NEXIQ 125032 the ignition swap if the seat plug, unintentionally uncovered the plug on B with ACC place that has a little copper line for the two limited, this wire taken off, harness re-treatment, and then transform to the radio, the radio can't be located in the ignition change during the OFF scenario function. Unplug the real key, shut the doorway, re-press the remote button, doorway Multi-cardiag m8 cdp locks get the job done thoroughly. Difficulty has eventually been settled, see diagram, review the result in, the initial wi-fi handheld remote control doorway lock as a result of body European to regulate each door motor actions. The body Eu contains a voltage with the ACC relay, once the vital is during the ignition Digiprog 3 lock cylinder inside the harness to supply 12V voltage, door locks will not function, unplug the key, this harness without having 12V voltage supply, doorway locks get the job done adequately.

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A mileage of about a hundred and sixty,000 km, Digiprog 3 equipped with 09G automated transmission 2007 Volkswagen Jetta sedan. People mirror: The car occasionally will not get started.Take the vehicle: upkeep staff check, found the car without the need of equipment show. Detecting Multi-cardiag transmission handle unit and located that there's no communication sporadic fault recommendations. Further more examination discovered that the Ab muscles handle device and the airbag control device provide the identical fault guidelines.

See gateway manage unit 125 sets of knowledge, discovered that Multi-cardiag the Stomach muscles command device times the transmission or Digiprog 3 from 1 to 0. For a final result of fault codes not arise simultaneously, so that you can rule out the chance of failure details bus. The multiple control device has the likelihood of failure is smaller. It might surface which the likelihood of failure gateway command unit max.

Measurement gateway handle unit T20 / 1 foot and T20 / 2 feet with the voltage, there is the thirtieth within the fuse SB12 standard energy offer. Floor line NEXIQ 125032 inspection uncovered which the gateway NEXIQ 125032 management unit harness connector pin in two ft of a digital entry L12 phenomenon.Troubleshooting: Resolve connector, troubleshooting.

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Symptom: id46 decoder box a 2008 Honda Accord sedan versions, thanks to traffic accidents plus the replacement of the Abs brake pump iron plurality camp, testing found that in the event the car pace is thirty km / h lack of directional command all through crisis braking, the braking kp819 length prolonged.

Inspection KP-819 and investigation: test located that following a handful of crisis brake before locking the rear wheels, occasionally locking the front wheel when braking pathin the deviation towards the still left, there is the phenomenon id forty six duplicate box of rightward drift.Disconnect the Abdominal muscles pump wire side connector take a look at, the brake deviation and drift phenomenon disappears.

Check the Stomach muscles indicator gentle on the instrument panel, standard; examining with Ediabas OBD2 interface HDS, Ab muscles is no fault code saved; electromagnetic valve tests were being also usual; incoming knowledge stream revealed no abnormalities, soon after commencing the engine brake when the brake pedal force is about 8MPa, typical. According into the take a look at success and evaluation of failure phenomena, that may be the Abs operate abnormalities, the proposed substitution Abdominal muscles pump assembly, although the substitute Abs pump assembly soon after Ediabas OBD2 interface the examination, the fault hasn't gotten much better. Once more the thorough assessment of cases of failure that could be brought about by brake lines installed erroneous. The inspection observed which the correct entrance and still left rear brake around the Abdominal muscles pump iron pipe put in incorrect.Troubleshooting: Abdominal muscles pump will likely be put in incorrect brake kp819 important programmer iron pipe put in thoroughly drained brake program air inside the pipe.


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A mileage of about forty,000 km from the 2008 Buick LaCrosse Digimaster 3 sedan, buyers reflect: The vehicle still left entrance door can not be unlocked.

Diagnosis: Right after inspection, identified that both equally locked with all the remote regulate or manually lock in the still left entrance door can not be locked, but left the entrance door unlocked properly. Other doorway lock properly.

In order to carry out lock functions dashboard as a result of 15A fuse box door lock / trunk fuse towards the body command module delivers battery beneficial voltage. This circuit is specialised for every system manage module doorway lock actuator power CK-100circuit. Human body management module ground circuit as a result of the G301 offers which the circuit could be the physique manage module is accustomed to floor the door lock actuator. In the event the procedure of a door switch, the body control module from within the over two circuits linked to a corresponding locking and unlocking control circuit to begin locking and unlocking features.

When you press a button to the remote handle, the remote handle for the distant management doorway lock receiver sends a signal. Remote keyless entry receiver receives the sign and sends out a two serial details, ask for your body control module executes features.

Door lock procedure: If the system regulate module detects possibly a doorway lock switch to your lock situation, or soil been given from the distant lock sign, it is going to lock doorway lock actuator manage Toyota it2 circuit switches to battery beneficial voltage. The door lock actuator change towards the lock position. The doorway lock actuator unlock handle circuit grounding within the overall body handle module.

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A 2007 Volkswagen Jetta sedan. Person report: car instrument show of mistake, in comparison to the true car speed speedometer height of about fifteen km / h, tachometer decrease when compared to the true speed 100r/min so. The decoder reads the system speed knowledge, display information in line with the Digiprog 3 odometer. But in yet another vehicle that has a typical traveling within the very same velocity and located this automobile instrument instrument than typical vehicle truly reduced fifteen km / h.

Diagnosis: While using the previous of servicing experience, even though the same Jetta instrument, the appearance is similar, but there are several types, once the desk form just isn't suitable, the instrument is not going to do the job appropriately. The decoder reads the instrument kind, discovered for being 1 GD 920 801G. Acquired via access to info, this car really should be geared up with design 801 E instrument.

Remove the instrument, the inspection found which the instrument label aspect number one GD 920 801E, however the instrument has opened traces. Overhauling KTAG found this car instrument data memory chips are soldered with the scene. Just after analysis, this car could be artificially modified instrument memory info, ensuing in a program with all the authentic automobile induced the meter isn't going to match the odometer indication is not really exact.

This auto entrance wheel with all the jack guidance from, the vehicle in gear and located which the odometer would not go on the meter to confirm the car's instrument may be the use of the Abdominal muscles system to transmit information line pace signal.

Try received a one GD 920 801 E knowledge, Lexia-3 re-write the instrument, then the instrument loaded to the vehicle, and after that the decoder reads the instrument variety, gets to be one GD 920 801 E, immediately after matching together with the key instrument to launch the car, commissioning, troubleshooting.

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Engine cooling procedure would be to get the motor as a result of warmth generated from the combustion, the engine operating temperature preserved from the regular variety. On the whole, to be able to assure that the engine get the job done within the optimum temperature, the cooling program is matched by using a appropriate setting will specifically have an impact on the engine's electricity, daily life and fuel economy. The cooling technique is among the most typical problem will be the engine overheating, coolant leakage, corrosion, and preheating slow. In the event of motor failure, nearly all the cooling because of cdp plus neglect of routine maintenance in the procedure prompted. From your servicing perspective, the cooling process should be pointed out that the adhering to features: First, the radiator tension cap, followers, belts, pulleys, drinking water pump, oil cooler, thermostat, hoses, gaskets and heaters; Second, the thermal conductivity of the cooling system, or "wet edge" (coolant as well as metallic call part), this section is a small before the incidence on the damage to be taken under consideration.


The important brings about of overheating: coolant leakage (interior and external leakage), accumulation of impurities during the drinking water jacket and the exhaust gasoline in the cooling fluid. XVCI In some automobiles geared up with automated transmission, the transmission takes place on intercooler leakage. Automatic transmission process working fluid is usually a poor conductor of warmth, it's going to combine together with the radiator coolant, piston, piston rings, valves and valve seats in larger than standard temperatures, resulting in harm to the engine and automated transmission.

Rust and corrosion fouling

Oxygen from the air is the most frequent induce rust scale factor. The place the cooling program on the motor vehicle, can not absolutely connection with the air. When the coolant is inflated (air mixed with water), the enhanced part will rust. Inflatable can rust more quickly 30 times. The key cause of inflation effects produced as follows:</p>

(one) The upper radiator fluid trapped inside the agitating the combination of air and coolant.

(2) when the pump or hose using a small leak, because the air enters, the outcome will accelerate corrosion. The lower <p>radiator hose (suction side of the hose), NEXIQ specially vulnerable to this situation.

Fouling due to the existence of drinking water and minerals due to magnesium and calcium. Once the engine temperature reaches 60 ??, these minerals is going to be deposited within the drinking water jacket formed by a layer of white wall fouling, the fouling layer has a solid thermal insulation materials. During the cross-section of twenty five mm thick is deposited on iron one. 5mm of fouling, the heat transfer amount from the cast iron and that is equivalent to 250mm thick。

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User mirrored: auto h2o XVCI temperature raises, occasionally the h2o temperature gauge pointer within the intermediate place bit by bit slide down, stagnated at situation.

Fault analysis: the maintenance staff members select checks, connecting Beijing Hyundai fault diagnostic HI-DS fault memory is go through fault codes, identified no fault codes. Following watchful examination of your creator, Inadequate Ground line or instrument failure. Asks the person regardless of whether the fault normally, customers reflect the occasional no regulation, after failure, convert off the key and after that open the key to normal. The author in the midst of the multi-caridag m8 examination and located no symptoms, and that means you cannot determine the fault situation, drinking water temperature sensor facts using the fault diagnostic equipment HI-DS reads the temperature to 86 ?? C meter pointer within the 3rd grid grid , that is definitely, the posture, is a usual phenomenon, drinking water temperature sensor voltage is about 1.3V, headlamps and electrical products is turned on, the drinking water temperature sensor voltage will not improve appreciably, indicating that there's no interference phenomenon, at first thought of bad motor Ground , so just the motor every one of the grounding line to generally be processed and polished, and after that repeated the take a look at also identified no fault phenomenon, only shipping of the car towards the consumer, and to tell the consumer to concentrate to utilize.

Three days later known as to state failure, NEXIQ 125032 and right away come to my shop to get checked, to shop servicing staff reported looking at the drinking water temperature gauge pointer stays while in the 0 ?? situation won't go, then the broken-down car workshop is open to put out the fire, but other maintenance open up the key。
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With a mileage of about eighty,000 km of FAW-Volkswagen Magotan multi cardiag m8sedan. The car while in the method of moving the airbag lamp is lit.

Failure look at: Motor detector detects the airbag management device retailers the fault code 01221 (the facet of the driver's aspect airbag crash sensor) and 01222 (the side of the entrance passenger aspect airbag crash sensors); engines detector crystal clear fault codes, start out only distinct fault codes 01221, reconnect right after disconnecting the battery terminal, very clear the fault code 01222. 3-4 km after the highway check, relocating inside a straight line, the airbag gentle over the instrument re-lit,NEXIQ 125032 fault memory again saved fault codes. Straight across the crash sensor wiring to your manage device; fault just isn't excluded; exchange the airbag manage device, the fault persists, indicating a fault while in the crash sensor.

Troubleshooting: Replacing the aspect of the entrance passenger side airbag crash sensors, highway check, troubleshooting.

Failure Analysis: According into the preliminary examination with the circuit diagram is usually excluded with the wiring harness and manage unit failure; side on the driver's side airbag crash sensor, the aspect of your entrance passenger facet airbag crash sensor are detected. That is certainly: If your proper aspect with the collision, the driver's aspect aspect airbag crash sensor, front passenger side airbag crash sensor concurrently to have the right-to-left collision sign; If only one crash sensor collision signal, the opposite facet does not XVCI indicators, like the aspect of your entrance passenger-side airbag collision sensor detects a collision, but left without the need of a collision is detected signal, the airbag manage unit cannot select which sensor fault can therefore only be given concurrently, i.e. Airbag lamp lighting , need to be construed as "signal is not really responsible."
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A mileage of about 12 million km, configuration the AEB-type electronically managed engine, with turbocharging system of your Audi 200 one.8 sedan. Reflect: The vehicle experienced weakened due to ECU chip tuning tool collision accident, although the body deformation really serious, although the engine procedure is intact, the problems are standard. Even so the system repair, automobile failure, dashboard lights begin none during the continual state.

Take the vehicle: to substantiate the fault signs or symptoms and found which the fuel pump isn't working from the commencing procedure. Direct electrical power into the gas pump, gas pump procedure, but still cannot commence the motor. Evaluate the lead to, it can be approximated that a faulty cable connection. Examine the line two harness plug from the base from the fuse box, precisely the same shape but diverse hues. Two harness plug modify, switch the ignition switch, lighting process again to standard, you'll be able to listen to the seem of idle solenoid valve motion, gas pump procedure is stopped right after about 2s. Start the automobile, the engine is jogging, the idle speed may be very very low, not high idle purpose, can't be accelerated, providing the acceleration, the engine will change off. Check the fuel pressure to ordinary.

The link accomplish self-diagnosis, motor program has two faults, "the air circulation sensor sign is just too low" and "faulty throttle posture sensor. These two sensors is detected, the measurement final result is normal. Implementation in the DTC Clear, and after that re-query fault data, lexia 3  however two fault codes. Replace the air circulation sensor plus the throttle place sensor, the fault persists, and idling can only be managed for the short time.

Remove the motor manage module to examine the inner circuit board intact. Look at the cable link standing, originally connected the wrong line engine manage module energy source line, it was cardiag suspected that the the adaptive details loss of the motor control module, leading to the engine cannot operate usually. Make use of the diagnostic primary settings from the motor system, and after that start the motor, the engine idling clean, powerful acceleration, the flame disappears, the end from the upkeep work.

When the motor management module in the case of electrical power a sudden power failure, causing loss of price of the primary options for throttle posture sensor, engine handle module auto diagnostic tool cannot appropriately detect the throttle placement following setting up the motor, the motor command module cannot be idle conditions to control the motor pace is simply too reduced, for that reason Classifying air movement sensor sign along with the throttle sign, and shop the fault code.


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A mileage of about 50,000 km, configuration 0T engine and 6-speed manual transmission 2007 Audi TT cars.ID46 Decoder box Customers replicate: the car or truck pace is quite slow, but superior velocity isn't any dilemma.

Take the vehicle: the highway take a look at, fault symptoms are certainly not obvious. Use diagnostic self-diagnostic motor method, there exists no fault code. Carried out to prevent demolition cleaning and simple servicing, following the test, no outcome. Mindful observation on the information stream, idling air movement signal to 2.five g / s. Tricky acceleration around 70 g / s. There's no clear anomalies. Nonetheless, within the course of action Ediabas OBD2 interface step around the accelerator pedal, the sensation which the engine reaction is very gradual, until eventually the engine speed reaches 3000km / h, the engine reaction only standard air circulation sign could be viewed instantaneously reaches 70 g / s. Disconnect the air circulation sensor for acceleration, the engine speed reaction variable, but in excess of 3000r/min responsiveness than trapped in a excellent problem when the air flow sensor. The above test outcomes point out the air move amount sign as well as situations never match, the reasons with the inadequate functionality of your air move sensor. Alternative therapy, take a look at, fault absolutely ruled out.

The air move level signal would be to regulate the gasoline injection quantity of the key sign, the sign will bring about the gas injection quantity is not really accurate, the impact acceleration functionality. Air cdp three in 1 movement sensor in such a case, failure just isn't entirely harmed, even so the overall performance deviation, so the apparent failure symptoms, necessitates watchful assessment of the details stream in an effort to find the factors for that servicing, troubleshooting.

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