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<p>Together with the improve in automobile multimedia products, including Compact disk / DVD participant, digital Tv, to attach these devices in the car or truck network includes: Bluetooth, CAN, D2B, FireWire, MOST, cellular press hyperlink (MML), SBB Key Programmer LIN and ZigBee report describes a Bluetooth-based engineering for distant diagnostic interface architecture, it allows exam engineers, regardless of whether inside the automobile or anywhere outside the vehicle, sensor and manage device can watch the operation of motor autos to complete the check activity . </p>

<p>The distant diagnosis system will automobile power controller gives unprecedented obtain ways, whether the car or truck is in the repair shop or on the road. Bluetooth wi-fi technologies presents short-range wireless communications among portable computer systems and in-car network automotive ECU書き換えツール specialists essential characteristics, to ensure that technical personnel, no matter whether in the car or anyplace outside the car or truck, you'll be able to keep an eye on and work a motor car the sensor and control device. </p>

<p>Within the point of view on the automotive technician, the front in the community is actually a distant handle device (TCU), plus the interconnection of numerous networks and integrated networking vehicles (INV) associated together. A clear pattern inside the automotive business, favor to offer the the INV development of a centralized program gateway model, and Bluetooth engineering are numerous hyperlinks inside the network delivers a connection scheme. By providing wi-fi connectivity and hoc networking, it is actually complementary with existing CAN (Controller Area Community) bus.elm327 usb software Other communications medium has its personal positive aspects, just like MOST (media oriented techniques transportation) and IEEE1394 for consumer electronic devices and enjoyment methods deliver high-bandwidth audio / online video communication. </p>

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I feel that certain more or much less pals of many a long time of driving knowledge will find open the vehicle a lengthy time, ECU書き換えツール will really feel the overall performance isn't new automobile to and appear weak acceleration, increased fuel consumption or engine generates jitter, in reality, trigger a lot of reasons for this issue, engine carbon deposits is 1 distinct of them.

Oils are refined from crude oil from the gasoline itself includes resin, the hydrocarbon residence time is incredibly short, as a consequence of the high combustion temperature in the combustion process of your engine, so there will likely be partially vaporized plus the incomplete combustion of substances will accumulate inside the fuel injectors, consumption valves, piston, spark plugs and combustion chamber. Oil oil and fuel in introduced in to the combustion chamber via the consumption manifold reuse, the higher viscosity from the oil and gasoline will be combined together with the dust in the air attached towards the intake manifold and combustion chamber beneath high temperature combustion also type plot carbon.

When the time is long, elm327 bluetooth the excessive injector and valve carbon deposits will cause poor atomization with the fuel is injected into the cylinder, though the carbon deposits on intake valves and glial will absorb component on the gas-oil, generating entering the cylinder The mixture concentration thinning, leading to poor engine perform, a difficulty in beginning, unstable idle, accelerate slower improve in fuel usage and also other phenomena. If significant result in steam valve closed fully, resulting cylinder strain cylinder and does not perform, or caught valve to ensure that the valve does not work, influence the action amongst the piston along with the consumption and exhaust valves to trigger engine harm.

Coke main cause of the combustion chamber is just not discharged towards the environment because the gum and unable to full combustion of hydrocarbons in the gas-oil made immediately after the explosion of small carbon particles accumulate inside the combustion chamber, the combustion chamber <a href="elm327 usb software">elm327 usb software carbon deposits will mix the oil and gasoline of peroxides, the combustion procedure to make uneven combustion chamber coke also considerable cause of the combustion chamber temperature rises, the gas mixture itself detonated knock, if serious cause engine internal engine wear .
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<p>Some owners as a consequence of excessive or inappropriate to take good care of your auto, generating the ECU書き換えツール vehicle ahead from the "aging". Must spend focus to what the day-to-day maintenance on the auto, and how to avoid the error of car maintenance?</p>

Cleaned Peregrine paint effortless "premature aging"

<p>Prevalent circumstance: Some owners on the automobile the Prevention of Cruelty to excessive, common weekly vehicle wash more than twice, and, when a month for the vehicle wax.</p>

<p>Professional tips: In response to this phenomenon, Pang Zhuanying hit an analogy: Just as people today bathe too frequently, can cause dry skin, aging, like, for the auto "bath" as well often is the same cause. If the car wash is as well a great deal simple to paint "premature aging". The owners can place a feather duster inside the trunk, a little bit dust on it to solve this would considerably lessen the quantity of automobile wash. Car or truck waxing and it is not too usually, their own garage parking, and since over traveling the road of very good roads, each and every 3 to 4 months to play a wax. Open storage of cars because of wind and rain ideally each 2 to 3 months to play a wax, obd2 bluetooth waxing periodic intervals as well frequent or also lengthy isn't very good on the paintwork.</p>

Ignore the tire pressure safety hazards

<p>Typical circumstance: only automobile, but don't pay focus to the level of tire pressure, resulting within a security hazard.

Experts suggest: the correction is usually a specifically important part of the safety examine tire pressure, nevertheless it is often overlooked. Pangzhuan Ying told reporters, tire pressure plays a huge role in protected driving, if the tire pressure is too low, a direct outcome of standard wear and tear of tires, tire updates more rapidly, and the tire pressure is as well high are more likely to result in danger, makes the tire The wheels are more vulnerable to the influence of uneven pavement deformation, and also bring about a flat tire. Frequently, no less than two weeks to examine tire pressure.</p>

Prevention of Cruelty to excessive lubricant added only expensive

<p>Common scenario: a few of the car or truck owners inside the collection of lubricants, afraid in the auto from the "wronged" decide on the lubricant label, will not understand that the car will lead to harm.</p>

<p>Specialists recommend: the concept of a great deal of people today that imported brand-name, will not be the case, lubricant label is just not as higher as possible, should really be chosen in accordance with the requirements in the original auto engine style.</p>

Too a lot oil increases

Prevalent scenarios: when to add oil to the automobile around the line over the tank.

<p>Specialists suggest: handle plus the quantity of oil within the oil tank between the two lines. elm327 usb software Pangzhuan Ying said, the oil shortage will exacerbate the degree of wear of the engine, and in many cases result in burning ZWZ accident. Also a great deal oil will lead to overheating engine temperature, improve internal power loss, not heat, but additionally improved oil failure resulting in burning row splashed oil on the cylinder wall.</p>

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<p>Together with the fast development of the automotive sector, many workers will have their very own vehicle. Considering that many of the house owners is a insufficient knowing in the appropriate information from the brake fluid, there are many problems in the selection and use of the ensuing website traffic accidents generally seen. Relevant information clearly show that China in 2005 killed practically ten million individuals in all types of targeted traffic incidents, of which 30% is induced by brake failure, obd2 bluetoothbrake fluid unqualified bring about brake failure. Hence, we will have to vigorously popularize this know-how, the appropriate utilization of the brake fluid to make certain road security.</p>

<p>Very first, the kind of brake fluid

Sources of raw components when it comes to brake fluid, brake fluid is divided into alcohol, mineral oil, synthetic three groups. Alcohol-type mineral oil form may be eradicated, the popular market place of the brake fluid is a synthetic brake fluid.</p>

1. -Type brake fluid

-Type brake fluid is often a preparation created from low-carbon alcohol and castor oil, crystal clear colorless or gentle yellow clear liquid obtained by precipitation.

Easy to get alcohol brake fluid uncooked components, the synthesis process is uncomplicated, affordable, higher and very low temperature efficiency are lousyキセノンランプ, but simply because of its very low boiling stage, can simply create air resistance at high temps, steady braking, metal corrosion, rubber compatibility have some harm to the automobile hydraulic brake components, so very easily result in accidents. China because 1990, experienced eradicated booze brake fluid.

2. Mineral oil-type brake fluid

<p>The mineral oil-type brake fluid to pink transparent fluid, depending on refined oil fraction in the depth of dewaxing C12 ~ C19 isoparaffin and paraffinic elements as the base oil, introducing a thickening agent, anti-oxidant, anti-rust brokers blending .

The mineral oil-based brake fluid is usually utilized in a temperature selection of -50 ~ 150 ?? very good cold circulation resistance and lubricity, non-corrosive impact around the metallic, however the natural rubber features a inflammation impact. When making use of this sort of brake fluid, the braking system should be every one of the cups, the hose alternative into a mineral oil-resistant rubber parts. The mineral oil-type brake fluid and water immiscible, simple to generate the fuel barrier house under high temperature, influencing the braking efficiency. At the moment, China and Europe and also the United states no longer use mineral oil sort brake fluid.</p>

3. Synthetic brake fluid

<p>Synthetic brake fluid typically ethylene glycol ether, diethylene glycol ether,ECUプログラマーtriethylene glycol ether, a water-soluble polyester, a polyether, a silicone oil, just like solvent is additional to the lubricant and an additive composition, and its operating temperature as much as two hundred C, viscosity - temperature are very small, rubber and metal corrosion, appropriate for high-speed, high-power, hefty obligation and repeated braking vehicle, is currently essentially the most broadly utilised brake fluid.</p>
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<p>Present day automotive computerized transmission with reverse gear brake oil pressure, the end with the clutch hydraulic deceleration hydraulic torque converter hydraulic brake oil strain pressured downshifts, the preceding paragraph clutch hydraulic check hole, the screw holes of your wire plugging acquire, fitted on the pressure loaded, the hydraulic strain worth in the transmission of various conditions is often calculated,ECUプログラマーdetecting the hydraulic stress of the automatic transmission, in order to detect transmission ministries condition to be able to exclude the failure on the computerized transmission.</p>

The transmission hydraulic test strategy are as follows:

Pending engine and automatic transmission operation to regular oil temperature, the driving wheel on the vehicle sticks up.

<p>To detect the hydraulic screw holes, set up the oil stress gauge, might be calculated the ministries hydraulic worth, its worth should be don't satisfy the following requirements:<//p>

<p>deceleration hydraulic worth test: the shifting lever in neutral,車LEDライト motor idling; 2 block motor idling; the 4 block engines about 2500r/min procedure; a 3 block engine about 2500r/min operation; 2 block motor about 1000r / min procedure; the block engine about 2500r/min procedure; reverse gear motor 1000r/min operation; pressure must be 360-490kPa.<//p>

<p>pressured downshift the brake hydraulic test: the shift lever is positioned inside a 2 block, the engine idling, the oil strain value really should be 100-200 kPa; OD switch is turned on, the handle hanging into 4th gear, the engine is about 2500r/min operation; OD switch off, the manage hanging in to the block 3, the motor is about running at 2500r/min; to deal with hanging in to the 2 block engine at about 1000r/min under operation, and its worth really should be 830-900kPa.</p>

<p>(3) front-end clutch hydraulic test: OD change off, the shifting lever hanging into gear, engine at about 2500r/min procedure, the the oil worth must be 830-900kPa;bmw gt1 診断機 shifting lever into the reverse equipment, motor at about 2500r/min when its strain worth is 1640-2240kPa, when the engine is functioning in 1000r/min, its worth ought to be 1500 kPa</p>.

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 <p>1. professionals pointed out the situation with the the general battery energy is very low, increase distilled drinking water, pure h2o can also be used emergency energy shortage can "borrow electricity". But when it's a maintenance-free battery power is reduced, the approach can only be utilized by CLP, aid other vehicles around the battery. Generally, you may utilize a product named "Martial Law" power cable linking two cars within the car or truck battery just isn't sufficient, use the "Martial Law", ECUプログラマーby electrical power from the car or truck. Be aware, having said that, borrow other car battery energy, the positive terminal in the battery with all the positive, the negative even damaging, debit car motor should first start. Trolleys start strategy can also be utilized. This only relates to guide designs, and the prerequisite could be the lack of battery power, will not be entirely devoid of electrical power. The electricity briefly borrow, you must right away drove to their dependable repair level, it is actually very best to consider the battery to cost expert factory, make use of the phrase battery doesn't need to be changed with new.</p>


 <p>2. Batteries no electrical power have "through the regular battery lifeless portentously. : Driving at night, when the situation of your pink car or truck joined into neutral or automatic vehicle parking, lighting shall be drastically darker, which means that near the finish of battery daily life. Because, the neutral motor idling, not adequate to supply electrical power, then basically powered by a battery, once the end of battery daily life, it isn't adequate to supply adequate electrical energy for lights for night lighting, hence the lighting will likely be dimmed . Second, commence the auto was the apparent ignition underpowered, because they used to inside the ignition once the pace.  obd2 bluetoothTurn motor, if the pace is regular, despite the fact that the lighting slightly dimmed, but there is certainly nevertheless sufficient brightness, the battery cost than sufficient; motor seems weak, and also the lighting is quite darkish, indicating that the extreme discharge with the battery really should be instantly The cost; for example when the motor is turned on, the lights dim purple, along with the engine right away change from the battery discharge surpasses the limit or plate has really serious sulfide.</p>



<p> 3.Battery maintenance methods: normal charging: every single time the car once the cases of Paul, needing manufacturers to assess the real storage capability in the battery. Found the battery lifestyle of the reduce restrict, another side using a devoted charger to cost the battery. Normal skilled upkeep plant may be the finest strategy to charge the battery.車LEDライト Typical vehicle on the charging machine for charging the battery, and can only play a role inside the memory components on the battery is extra standard circumstances. Dedicated charger battery always retain sufficient energy. If monthly or no less than quarterly using a unique charger battery charging, the battery existence might be prolonged at the least over one-third.</p>

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<p>1. Impurities and stagnant drinking water within the fuel process and the fuel tank ought to be cleaned.車LEDライト This is a work that needs to be accomplished just before the usage of methanol gasoline,or else it will within the course of the original petrol tank scale qualitative shedding clogged oil passage and flame, influencing the typical procedure of your vehicle.</p>

<p>Methanol gasoline has strong cleaning cleansing effect, throughout the first period, will originally attached towards the gasoline tank wall or deposited inside the tank at the bottom on the colloidal particles, rust as well as other impurities wash down blended with oil, oil line tubing inhalation brought on the gas filter The injector is clogged by impurities.Meanwhile, methanol, methanol, gas, hydrophilic, is usually arbitrary than mixed with h2o, methanol was extra to gasoline for your 1st time, accumulate in the tank in the bottom in the water will probably be mixed with methanol, petrol, leading to extreme oil humidity to make ignition isn't simple phenomena, influencing the regular operating on the motor. As a result, ahead of the initial utilization of methanol fuel, deal with the vehicle to accomplish some adaptation.ECUプログラマー Recommendations on vehicles traveling 30000kn, first utilization of methanol fuel car, the response towards the fuel tank and pipeline substitute completely cleaned, completely exclude water and impurities deposited around the base of the gas tank. The rust treatment layer alumina iron gas tank is best changed with plastic, are most scared of booze since with the alumina.</p>

<p>2.Check and change the gasoline filter around the unique auto. Some vehicles gas filter foam goods, the use of methanol petrol, there might be feeble, distortion, キセノンランプtherefore, desires to become changed will not be simply deformed steel components or other materials, rubber and plastic parts. Oil pump the pump membrane well timed examine, replacement; rubber gasket materials choice, swelling resistance, or an enough provide of accessories found inflammation deformation, timely substitute.</p>

<p>3.Adjust the ignition timing. Based on the diverse traits of your models of cars, gasoline automobiles ignition somewhat ahead of schedule adjustment, basic adjustment quantity to 20-50.</p>

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The entire world commodity automobiles are metal car shells, anti-embroidered and attractive, the paint is indispensable.

Automotive paints are normally baked paint. Depot within the body,ECUプログラマー the automobile shell welding is finished (and often hand-patched), the next process is portray. Generally, first primer. Gentle automobile shell immersed in syrup-like paint tank, eliminate the drying primer; then give it absent dust workshop, spray on the major coat with electrostatic portray procedure. And after that dried having a temperature of about 2 hundred degrees. Sophisticated place, there might be a further layer of varnish. Within this way, the paint procedure and you are completed.

Common topcoat the several: Pu Tongqi; steel paint; pearlescent paint. Pu Tongqi Evidently, resin, pigments and additives. 車走行距離計プログラマーMetallic paint much more aluminum powder; future appears vibrant so complete. The pearlescent paint it, adding cloud masterbatch. Mica can be a slender piece of something, reflective directional, there will likely be a colorful impact. Metallic paint and polish layers, the car's paint seems pretty vibrant, incredibly stunning. Colour, white is undoubtedly the cheapest. One example is, a world-class manufacturer pink pigment is most likely far more high priced as opposed to world-class manufacturer of titanium twenty five instances; while the quantity of titanium white paint is about five instances the red pigment.ECUプログラマー As a result, the cost of purple paint coloration than white paint 5 instances. This really is why some home-based vehicles coloration versions so little: a straightforward, reduced price.

Regardless of what the colour in the paint, the pigment will fade in sunlight. In reality, not just the paint, any color stuff in the solar may fade. In this situation, how the paint inside of plus additives is very important. For example mild stabilizers, for example antioxidants. However, the fantastic additives highly-priced high priced. In several situations, additives This paint provides the feeling of how superior or undesirable decision. One would definitely believe that some kind of two years, started to appear considerably fade the paint than 5 many years, vivid as new paint. But in actual fact, the paint will not fade. A lot of occasions, the manufacturing unit is a lot more problem: fade evenly. Attempt not to create the various parts in the car shade difference.
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Clever Electronic Security Software (ESP) integrates anti-lock braking procedure (Ab muscles), intelligent digital differential lock (EDL) and push slip process (TCS) 3 operate modules.AD900キープログラム Smart electronic stability method can minimize the danger of vehicle skidding by making use of braking into the suitable wheel. Should the engine is running, the smart digital balance method if you want to operate.

The clever electronic balance system dependant on steering wheel angle and motor vehicle velocity to ascertain the driver's driving intentions, and continuing to generally be compared with the vehicle's actual driving problems, should the automobile deviates within the normal driving route (including a automobile to slide), intelligent electronic balance program implementing braking to the appropriate wheels to accurate.

Smart digital balance system torsional forces generated by the braking the car to return to its secure running state, when the motor vehicle has a tendency to oversteer (i.e. drift), predominantly on the exterior entrance wheel brake is applied; should the vehicle tends to understeer (i.e. The turning radius is just too huge), the technique is mainly placed on the within rear wheel brake.

When touring inside the vehicle, the the smart digital balance course should constantly be during the open up condition. Come across the next specific instances 車LEDライト"ESP OFF" button by urgent the Determine 1 (indicator lights) to show off the the wise electronic security software:

① car install snow chains driving;

② automobile traveling to the highway of deeper snow or smooth;

③ The auto caught someplace (just like caught inside the muddy highway) have to have to maneuver back and forth.

The above mentioned predicament is, you could push the "ESP OFF" button (lamp off) to open up the intelligent digital security program once more. The intelligent electronic balance program is shut,ECUプログラマー the push slip method also shall be closed. In other words, after the closure of the the clever digital balance course, driver anti-skid program will not any longer get the job done, or changed by other functions (like clever digital differential lock).
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X-431 Diagun can often be a specifically established diagnostic software for automotive experts.Compact primary unit, solid diagnostic features, quick and handy update,universal connectors, help it become the first selection for specialists. X-431 Diagun will be the common equipment for specialists.

 X-431 Diagun has the excellent as following:

1) Small key unit ,Normal equipment for experts 2) Bluetooth technologies, wireless conversation. 100m bluetooth communication,cable communication support 3) Common 16PIN connector 4) Fully inherited diagnostic features from X-431. Capable of nearly all home-based motor vehicle has a tendency to make and Asian, European, American motor vehicle can make. 5) Greatly improved course functioning velocity 6) Extra hassle-free application deal update seven) 4.3 inch bigger luminance, significant resolution shade contact display eight) 1530mAh Rechargeable battary nine) 1G memory card ten) Typical USB printer connector, exterior printer aid.

All in all X-431 Diagun ECUプログラマーhas substantial effectiveness and is particularly large cost-effective, it is actually astute to have it
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