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Citroen C2 during the instrument cluster fault lights lit concurrently
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A mileage of about 12 million km configuration 4L motor, handbook transmission Dongfeng Citroen C2 car.

The consumer reflects: the vehicle in the process of freeway driving, the fault light-weight around the instrument cluster all lit simultaneously, and there's no motor vehicle speed, engine pace and coolant temperature. Clear away from heat and often not get started.

Fault diagnosis: diagnostic Vag diagnostic toolPROXIA3 to start with fault studying operation of all control devices with the car or truck to present the subsequent faults: the clever manage box while using the engine manage device, the airbag management device the conversation contact failure from the anti-lock (Stomach muscles), the nature with the fault permanent failure (P fault). Diagnostic fault data deleted, however the fault details persists.

Thought it'd be the combination meter assembly alone provides a trouble, then swap it with a new instrument cluster assembly, although the fault does not vanish. Future, mix of instruments in each perform circuit voltage and resistance checks, particularly the ability ECU Chip tuning tool provide terminal Floor terminal and VAN network cable do the job terminals (a few cable terminal: data A, B, VAN) focus on assessment, no abnormalities have been uncovered circumstance.

On Smart Command Box procedure parameter measuring procedure, as well as the ensuing anti-starting process, the mixture instrument, the engine manage unit, the anti-lock management device, established the parameter price to become compared in the airbag management unit location parameters linked using the SBB key programmernormal point out, you can find no abnormal observed any parameter values, to make sure that ruled out the likelihood of management throughout the unit and blend meter function established solutions relevant to challenges attributable to the fault gentle is lit.

The terminal voltage profile measurements by using a multimeter measuring the engine command unit connector 48V NR Al (CAN H community cable), A2 (CAN the L community cable), L1, 12, M1 (Floor terminal), K3 (ability provide pin) the clever cartridge connector 40VNR of 2 (CAN H), as well as (CAN L community cable) terminal connector 2VNR1 two terminal ignition (ignition switch to manage the power supply terminals), tech2connector 2VGR1, two terminal (consistent electric power source terminals), swap is closed, open up, the engine idling voltage price from the a few states of operation, the standard benefit comparison of your success having a standard condition. The effects showed that no fault lights lit over the instrument cluster position of failure can result in smart command box along with the motor manage device circuit.