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Toyota the Uncooked motor failure light lit
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The choose: examine computer diagnostic trouble codes, there exists a fault P0171 (process state is simply too short). Observed freeze facts streams, identified the fuel trim sum nearly about 45% the MAF (flowmeter measurement of air stream) 1.50gm / s, gas injection pulse width two.30ms. Verify engine details BMW OPPSstream, pretty much precisely the same, and DTC, freeze frame facts move gas correction benefit is simply too huge and combined steam way too slender. MAF price is little, the conventional gasoline injection pulse width might be viewed inside the information stream, so to ascertain the parts of this failure into your trachea Highway (rear from the air stream meter) there exists a leak web page.

Check the ingestion pipe connections, found no breakage leak. Laptop or computer diagnostic canister solenoid valve energetic test, irrespective of whether open up the canister solenoid valves details stream aren't any significant modifications, disconnect the canister solenoid valve around the intake facet piping identified this solenoid valve is in the frequent state and active testing, ECU programmer electromagnetic inlet valve has actually been inside a consistent point out, is strange. Blocking the ingestion port of your solenoid valve, the discovered info stream obvious variations back again for the ordinary assortment, and decides the canister solenoid valve interior catching. Switch the canister solenoid valve troubleshooting.

Maintenance Summary: technique steam combined as well slim, though the simple can be grouped into 4 predicaments: (one) gas system leads to, manifestations of very low gas pressure, fuel injectors weak fuel excellent and inadequate functionality within the info stream gas injection pulse width much larger than usual, and fuel correction is enriched condition; (2) air intake process will cause, manifestations with no supplemental air stream meter measurement air in to the cylinder, in addition to a variety of exclusive brings about air movement meter measurement accuracy deviation , data circulation to the performance of the MAF worth is just too compact along with the typical gasoline injection pulse width; caused by poor combustion (three) a variety of reasons,CK-100 Auto key programmer these being a cylinder will not perform, the cylinder unburned gasoline is discharged, though the air is immediately discharged within the data calculated through the sensor remains shown for mixing steam depopulated; ?¨¦¡§1 electric powered control system is defective, the MAF sensor, an oxygen sensor or air-fuel ratio sensor failure.