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Buick GL8 remote manage failure
— by kobd2 kobd2
With a mileage of about 50,000 km in 2010 Buick GL8 industrial car. Users reflect: car or truck remote handle failure.

Take the vehicle: maintenance BMW carsoft6.5personnel via the fault diagnostic physique control unit handle system refresh soon after the test, the fault persists. The examination revealed the auto central locking button able to handle the action with the door lock, central locking, the problem really should be on a remote manage signal transmitting and receiving.

This car or truck remote control signal has two frequencies to select from, so the remote fault diagnostic programming, but nonetheless could not rule out failure. Body < a href="">Carprog full v4.1control unit again checks and inspections need to be focused on the signal receiving unit. From the inspection object had been not able to obtain any obvious difficulties, but located an MP3 player, plug inside the cigarette lighter socket Is it wireless communication interference. So right after unplugging the test, the fault disappears, the original is precisely this source of interference blocking the wireless communication between the remote control plus the vehicle-mounted signal getting unit.

Troubleshooting: inform users do Digimaster 3not continue to work with the MP3 player, the concern is satisfactorily resolved.