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Nissan Teana sedan exhaust pipe to just take the blue smoke
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A mileage of about fifty,000 km, Motor product VQ23DE 2006 Nissan Teana two.3L sedan. Vehicle motor exhaust to acquire the car diagnsotic toolblue smoke, flame parked in excess of about 3 min then using the car after a high-speed car, especially robust smoke; parked in situ auto 10min, blue smoke slowed. Challenging acceleration, the engine blue smoke and not pace is increased immediately thicken.

Fault diagnosis: Immediately after commissioning observation, fault phenomenon is in keeping with the above-mentioned phenomenon, but due to the fact Lanyan particularly solid, and also some white and exhaust acquire the blue smoke noticeably pills only to find out, you'll be able to determine a considerable quantity of oil into your cylinder combustion.

Under regular instances, the motor burning oil is ECU programmermainly brought about with the next reasons: (1) piston ring have on an excessive amount of oil, bond; valve stem seals getting old, wear or damage; oil high quality is lousy or maybe the engine temperature is simply too superior to ensure the oil viscosity is too reduced ; ???¨¬|??¡§?1 the crankcase exhaust far too much, a lot of stress, irregular crankcase ventilation method, making sure that the oil in the intake manifold. So I check out on a case-by-case foundation in accordance to this line of thinking.

First look at the motor performing ailments: idle and speed up the operation efficiency of usual, the coolant temperature is maintained in the standard variety, the appropriate quantity of oil. It displays the owner, the vehicle just adjusted the oil some days afterwards, the oil excellent certain, and that means you can rule out the 3rd explanation.

Symptoms the general piston ring wear and tear triggered by burning oil: significantly less cold auto, get the blue smoke, the motor temperature improves, the blue smoke is going to be extra plus more, especially the discharge of blue smoke when difficult acceleration is quite obvious. This does not match milleage correction toolthe car's fault phenomenon, and the vehicle was touring under 50 000 km, not shed lubrication, piston rings really should not be so rapid to don. It may exclude the 1st reason behind the malfunction.