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Audi A6 exhaust black smoke
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A mileage of about ten million km configuration manual transmission, the displacement of one. 8L Audi A6 sedan. End users reflect: a little sum ECU programmerof black smoke coming out the vehicle motor running throughout the exhaust pipe, exhaust odor.

Pick-up following the take a look at, the engine ability is largely typical. The link accomplish self-diagnosis, motor system contains a fault code "00561, blended gas adjustment further than the restrict. Perform fault codes Clear fault code is cleared. Assess the cause, there might be terrible oxygen sensor functionality.KTAG Verify data stream (the practical path 01-08-007), the idle ailment in the 007 groups of information block 1, data (mixed gas development handle price) of -25%, 2 Area knowledge (oxygen sensor sign voltage) to 0. 809V . Under ordinary situations, the fuel combination is formed the command values ?should really be the choice of 10% -10%, and as the gasoline injection quantity correction amount of money slight fluctuation. -25% From the info towards the motor command module attempts to lessen the fuel injection quantity, in order to handle the focus of your gas combination in the ordinary variety. The oxygen sensor sign voltage of 0. 809V, blended fuel partial concentration, according to the failure phenomenon of black smoke.

Seen via the theory of gasoline injection, the motor manage module fundamental fuel injection amount is set according to your engine speed signal, air circulation sensor signal, and so the upcoming should really concentration on examining air circulation sensor. Choice operate route 01-08-002 knowledge to view in case the air movement sensor details (zone 4). Air site visitors idling for 7. 5 kg / s, substantially bigger than with standard -4. 0kg / s. Zone 2 details to the concept in the fuel injection time (crankshaft revolution), 3-zone facts with the motor cycle injection time (precise gas injection time). Precise fuel injection time is corrected around the basis from the theoretical gas injection time from two gas truck diagnostic toolinjection time should really be two times the theoretical gasoline injection time six car or truck is almost the exact same as this Description principle injector time is simply too lengthy, the amendment once the real injection time turns into limited. When the amount of correction with the fuel injection time exceeds the limit, there will be considered a fault code 00561. According to the above examination benefits, analysis reason will be the air flow sensor sign is simply too big six to exchange the air flow sensor fault totally ruled out.