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Volkswagen Gore motor with out idling
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A mileage about two hundred,000 km of 2004 Shanghai Volkswagen the Gore cars. The owners said: no idling the engine following the car, stepping about the accelerator Ford VCM pedal to ahead only dwell vehicle. The car air conditioning electromagnetic clutch will pull the air conditioning to operate, work the air conditioner swap would not work, the air con cannot be turned off, as well as air-conditioning switch, no the traditional electricity indicator.

Diagnosis: 1st, verify if no idling, together with the ignition timing gun proofing ignition timing when it X431 is found which the the premature ignition time returned to ordinary, after the adjustment from the ignition time, idling.

Check the air con can not be shut down, plug in decoder to watch the data stream on the motor Launch X431system, Team 19, District 2, you'll be able to see there has been air-conditioned open sign. Suspected harm to the air con switch, and unplug it to eliminate the air con switch, nonetheless not able to disconnect the air conditioning compressor electromagnetic clutch, after which you can observe the air conditioning switch data things in a very facts stream, is still open up state, indicating this vehicle failure isn't induced because of the air-con switch, in all probability somewhere from the line there may be a brief circuit fault.

Check the data acquired within the cab from the central distribution box over a relay may be the air conditioning fan relay, to unplug air-con fan relay, air conditioning compressor electromagnetic clutch disconnect notice this relay auto code reader devoted relay of the typical five-foot relay, and never a Volkswagen vehicle, marked to the drawing this relay inner electronic factors, this relay is just a simple, normal relay, it is actually approximated as opposed to car's Adhering to appliances, artificially installed improper, the reason for this failure.

automobiles inside our nearby, regardless of whether they know the relay amount, believed not essentially be capable to get, proprietors eager car or truck, according to the ideas of analysis, ordinary relays auto diagnostic tool could be realized by means of the simple transformation after the regulate functions on the first automobile, which we utilize a relay with two diodes along with a relay in place of the original auto demonstrated in Figure 2-11, according to your basic principle of analysis possible.