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Passat diesel automobile exhaust tail pipe to drain oil
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A the Passat diesel automobile mileage more than four hundred,000 km assembled obd2 Androidturbocharger, motor product BPZ. The car recently because of to excessive oil consumption overhaul. Examine identified near the oil in advance of including the oil traces within the dipstick mark the decrease limit on the low, device lamp would not alarm, OBD lights did not gentle up, but the circumstance is way from usual. Thoroughly checked out, the exhaust has a hint of blue smoke, and perhaps a lot more surprising is that the tail pipe basically spoke slowly dripping oil.

Open the decoder, and found to own a fault code: car code readerthe exhaust fuel recirculation solenoid valve voltage is too lower, the supercharging strain price exhibited during the details stream inside the idle situation has actually been achieved 150kPa, though the conventional worth must be 98.9kPa. The idle boost force is so high it is challenging to consider. Verify the vehicle program pressure regulating valve normal laptop or computer screen guidelines, mechanical difficulties, wastegate door shut if the exhaust gas high force or untapped.

Warehouse stocking, consider another path to plugging. Fault code strategies just before the exhaust gas recirculation car diagnostic toolvalve is removed from the ingestion manifold, tail pipe oil dripping speed marked slowdown, but fitted and then restored. Then the engine valve chamber cover eliminated, the oil is really no longer dropping. Then disassemble the turbocharger oil outlet pipe joints, oil smoothly through the movement out, too as cut-off the flow of oil in the tail pipe.

These instances show which the difficulty? Analysts OBD2 Code Scanner feel that the drop of oil causes away from the crankcase pressure is just too large, followed by reduced inside sealing action. Know, from the idling state, the turbine-side chamber and also the fuel compression side chamber pressure is reduced, insufficient sealing motion involving them and to the oil chamber, oil outflow in the intermediate chamber for the sides from the lubrication process of your turbocharger operating principle. After the motor pace will increase, the turbine facet and tension side tension climbing quickly, when either side on the strain increased compared to stress in the intermediate oil chamber,MB star on either side with the elevated stress Declare both sides in the chamber plus the seal among the intermediate oil chamber All erect and rigid no hole.