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Replacing Ford Headlights
— by automycar automycar
<p>How horrible would it be one day to wake up and realize you don't have any headlights? I think it would be pretty bad, it would not be safe to even drive your car if your headlights are broken or don't work.</p><p>Your lights are one of the parts that will last you a long while. But since they are on the exterior they are exposed to elements that can be damaging. They can loose their original luster. You can give your Ford vehicle a new fresh look by changing the grille, mirror, taillights, Ford hood and spoiler.</p><p>It is really simple and easy to replace Ford parts, especially the lights. The reason for that is Fords popularity. A good place to look for the parts is Ford Parts Online; they are one of the most trusted auto parts dealers on the internet. So check them out if you need to replace any parts on your Ford vehicle.</p><p>But let's go back to your Ford lights. It's quite easy to change them yourself, just follow my directions and you'll be on the road again.</p><p>First remove the exposed plastic or metal trim around the housing to get the headlight ring and screws. Using the right tools remove the four ring screws. Be careful, because it is pretty easy to strip them. Put some penetrating oil on each one for a few minutes. Also be sure not to turn the headlight-aiming screws.</p><p>Once you remove the retaining ring the headlight will be free. Just unplug the wiring connector that is in the back of the headlamp.</p><p>Then plug back the connector into the back of new headlight then place it in the mounting base Autel Maxidas DS808. The headlight will position itself due to lugs in the back, but if it doesn't then that means you have it upside down.</p><p>Turn on the new headlight to see if it is working. If it doesn't come on it probably means there is a problem with the wiring.</p><p>You next step would be to replace the retaining ring. But again, be careful about the screws. The last thing would be to replace the trim elements that you had to remove.</p>Mitch Johnson is a successful freelance author that writes regularly for   OBD Tool. His articles have also been featured on related sites such as  and
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