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Problems With Hybrid Cars
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<p>Despite their growing popularity Launch CReader 9081, there are some problems with hybrid cars that manufacturers need to overcome to gain a wider acceptance. While the technology is in place for seamless transfer of power from the electric motor to gasoline engine, the low power perceptions of hybrid energy vehicles remains one of the biggest problems with hybrid cars. Coupled with spotty service availability and warranty information, tales of horror from some of the first HEV owners may make decision-making tough for some potential buyers.</p><p>One of the biggest problems with hybrid cars that many people have is the reported gas mileage of 50 to 60 miles per hour. While gas consumption of all gas powered cars is determined by tests conducted to standards established by the Environmental Protection Agency, virtually no car lives up the to results of the tests when used in real life under every day driving conditions OBD Tool. With hybrid vehicles, the gas mileages becomes even more of an issue with drivers who spend more time of the freeway than in city driving conditions, under which the problems with hybrid cars’ gas mileage seem to disappear. When driven in stop and go traffic at low speeds, most hybrids operate mostly from battery power, using the gas engine to maintain the battery charge, vastly improving a car’s mileage.</p><p>Once people understand the concept of hybrid vehicles and how their use in city driving saves more money, the lack of numerous service opportunities may raise their hackles. Many of the oil change businesses are reluctant to perform this simple maintenance procedure on hybrids. Strict specifications have them turning the business away and many people consider the problems with hybrid cars as having to take them to the dealer to have any service work performed. The batteries, large units usually hidden in the rear of the vehicle can overheat and give off an unpleasant aroma under certain conditions. The feeling that the batteries will be expensive to replace and could possibly start a fire or create an explosion, is one of the problems with hybrid cars that manufacturers have to deal with. Real or not, it is the perception of the potential consumer that makes the choice.</p><p>The idea of using less gas is attractive to many people, especially when the price of gas goes through the roof. However, gas tanks in many hybrid vehicles are smaller than in most cars, about 10-gallon, and even with better gas mileage stopping frequently for gas may give the perception the vehicle’s mileage is worse than it really is. This is one of problems with hybrid cars that only the owner, by tracking their gas usage, can overcome, but one they discuss with others.</p><p>For information on buying and selling new and second hand cars and bikes visit </p>James Gunaseelan writes for India's Leading Automobile Portal to buy and sell second hand and new automobiles
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