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Why the car accelerated weakness
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A mileage of about 60,000 km, car diagnostic toolequipped with 4A91 engine 2009 Southeast V3 Ling Yue sedan. People reflect the car accelerated weak spot.

The examination assessment: maintenance staff test, when the automobile is traveling at speed, even if the accelerator pedal from the finish, the car or truck also no truck diagnostic tool apparent sense of acceleration. Detecting an motor control device, the fault code. Measuring the gas tension, were regular. Check the spark plug arcing ordinary. Cleansing the injector after the take a look at, the fault however.

Connection the failure diagnostic road check and found that when automobiles block targeted visitors, the car reaches a velocity of fifty km / h, quickly action on the accelerator pedal from the end, this time into your air can be around fifty two g / s, although the velocity enhance is amazingly gradual. car important programmerFor such a high amount of consumption air, the engine output torque is clearly way too very low, which signifies not enough electricity launched because of the combustion of mixture fuel.

The combustion from the mixture may be seen through the injector correction amount is adequate, which procedures out the potential for poor combustion gasoline mixture underpowered. From the air stream into the fuel engine is sufficient, stands to explanation which the torque output must not be far too very low, however the fact is not really the situation. Eradicated from the gas tank and gasoline samples, as opposed with the standard fuel uncovered its color mileage correction toolfalls far shorter. Road exam with standard gasoline, normal vehicle dynamic effectiveness, which decides that failure was triggered by the gas high-quality.

The Troubleshooting: complete alternative of your gasoline and fuel provide technique for cleaning, tests confirmed troubleshooting.