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Automotive automated transmission hydraulic check system?
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<p>Present day automotive computerized transmission with reverse gear brake oil pressure, the end with the clutch hydraulic deceleration hydraulic torque converter hydraulic brake oil strain pressured downshifts, the preceding paragraph clutch hydraulic check hole, the screw holes of your wire plugging acquire, fitted on the pressure loaded, the hydraulic strain worth in the transmission of various conditions is often calculated,ECUプログラマーdetecting the hydraulic stress of the automatic transmission, in order to detect transmission ministries condition to be able to exclude the failure on the computerized transmission.</p>

The transmission hydraulic test strategy are as follows:

Pending engine and automatic transmission operation to regular oil temperature, the driving wheel on the vehicle sticks up.

<p>To detect the hydraulic screw holes, set up the oil stress gauge, might be calculated the ministries hydraulic worth, its worth should be don't satisfy the following requirements:<//p>

<p>deceleration hydraulic worth test: the shifting lever in neutral,車LEDライト motor idling; 2 block motor idling; the 4 block engines about 2500r/min procedure; a 3 block engine about 2500r/min operation; 2 block motor about 1000r / min procedure; the block engine about 2500r/min procedure; reverse gear motor 1000r/min operation; pressure must be 360-490kPa.<//p>

<p>pressured downshift the brake hydraulic test: the shift lever is positioned inside a 2 block, the engine idling, the oil strain value really should be 100-200 kPa; OD switch is turned on, the handle hanging into 4th gear, the engine is about 2500r/min operation; OD switch off, the manage hanging in to the block 3, the motor is about running at 2500r/min; to deal with hanging in to the 2 block engine at about 1000r/min under operation, and its worth really should be 830-900kPa.</p>

<p>(3) front-end clutch hydraulic test: OD change off, the shifting lever hanging into gear, engine at about 2500r/min procedure, the the oil worth must be 830-900kPa;bmw gt1 診断機 shifting lever into the reverse equipment, motor at about 2500r/min when its strain worth is 1640-2240kPa, when the engine is functioning in 1000r/min, its worth ought to be 1500 kPa</p>.