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<p>Mercedes CLK350 belongs to a group of midsize cars with rear wheel drive and power steering. Mercedes CLK350 comes in both closed body style called the coupe as well as open roof type called the cabriolet. It is driven by a 3.5 L, 24 -valve dual overhead cam V6 engine. The power of Mercedes CLK350 engine is 268 HP @ 6000RPM. The car is designed to reach high speeds with a seven speed automatic transmission. The cabriolet version is $10,000 more than the coupe version. Mercedes CLK350 gives extraordinary mileage with fuel economy of 17mpg on city road and 25mpg on highway.</p><p>Mercedes CLK350 is provided with the Electronic Stability Control and anti-lock braking system. These enable the car to turn 90'degree on intersection of two lanes at 50 mph by simply using hard braking with no fishtailing. Electronic stability control is a computerized technique which improves the safety of a vehicle by preventing skids. When the driver loses steering control, ESC applies individual brakes automatically and steers the vehicle in the direction the driver intends. Some ESC systems minimize engine power to gain control of the vehicle. Major accidents are averted.</p><p>Anti-lock braking system used in motor vehicles prevents the wheels from locking while braking. A rotating road wheel helps the driver to maintain steering control by preventing a skid.</p><p>Mercedes CLK350 model is certified by IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety). The car is popular for its tremendous safety measures Maxisys. It is equipped with two front seat belts, one each for the driver and companion on the side seat. It has four side airbags, so well designed with flexible balloon like envelope that inflates immediately on collision thereby protects inner occupants from dashing against hard objects like steering wheel.</p><p>Mercedes CLK350 can seat four. The car is decorated with all-leather interior with burl walnut trim. This car comes with 17 inch alloy wheels. The air-conditioning is of automatic dual-zone type. Mercedes CLK350 has a 10-way power front seats and rain-sensing windshield wipers. Inside a Mercedes CLK350, you can enjoy seven channel digital surround music with subwoofer sounds. Navigation system in this car helps you to geographically locate your car using military installed global system satellites combining it with mapping software.</p><p>Not only does the Mercedes CLK350 display an elegant look, but technically it is so advanced that the driver who is competent enough to use all the controls judiciously finds the car best among the contemporary models. The cozy look of Mercedes CLK350 makes us believe that the car is small sized launch x431 v+, but the spacious inside of the car proves the contrary. The seats are ventilated.</p><p>Mercedes CLK350 is provided with anti theft alarm, option of controlling the pressure of the tires, cruise control and power windows. The car is equipped with bi-xenon HID front headlamps. This illuminates the road ahead when there is low visibility during foggy seasons and also during night.</p><p>The interior of Mercedes CLK350 is equipped with instruments like digital tachometer that indicates the velocity of the car, digital thermometers and pressure gauge indicators that inspect the fuel temperature and coolant pressure level in radiator respectively.</p>Find fast cars like the Mercedes CLK 350 on Fast cars and Mercedes CLK.
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