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Looking For The Best Mobile Air Conditioning Service
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<br />One of the most used possessions of yours is your car. Every time you need to travel and hot the road, in most if not all occasions, you are going to use your car. Obviously, there is no person who does not leave his/her own car autel maxisys ms906, unless that person has some sort of illness or abnormality. Therefore, it is also necessary that you must care for your own car. Remember that cars naturally experience wear and tear every time they are used. In this case, one of the most common maintenance services that your car will need is Mobile Air conditioning service.<br /><br />In this case, it is also true that you must ensure that your car is getting the best mobile air conditioning service that it can get. Whenever you get substandard air conditioning services launch x431 pro3, surely, this will cause a lot of inconveniences for you. Remember that the last thing that you want to have whenever you are driving is such kinds of inconveniences. Not only does it bring in headaches, but it also brings you distractions in your driving. Here then are important things that you must look for whenever you want to have the best mobile air conditioning service for your car:<br /><br />Your car air conditioning follows the normal cycle of refrigerant which utilizes the following processes: Compression, Condensation & Evaporation.<br /><br />?Refrigerant is pumped around the air conditioning system, which is split into 2 parts: the high pressure side (top, red) and the low pressure side (bottom, blue). The refrigerant vapor is drawn from the low pressure side to the high pressure side by the compressor (A). In this process the vapor is heated to a temperature of between 25-75 degrees centigrade.<br /><br />?The hot vapor is then pumped to the condenser (B) which consists of a series of pipes surrounded by a cooling core. The refrigerant vapor is cooled by the air stream, with the assistance of the condenser fan (or radiator fan) so that it condenses into a liquid.<br /><br />?The liquid refrigerant then flows into the receiver drier which stores and filters the refrigerant until required by the evaporator (C).<br /><br />?The suction effect of the compressor (A) on the low pressure side of the circuit 搒ucks?the liquid refrigerant through the 揷ontrolled restriction? This causes an abrupt drop in refrigerant pressure as it passes through the 揷ontrolled restriction? which causes the liquid to evaporate. During the evaporation process heat is extracted from the air passing across the evaporator coil (C). This cooled air is then blown into the vehicle.<br /><p><p>
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