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<p>Perfection Tire and Auto carries custom wheels & rims for all vehicles! We have many wheel brands available just call for more information. </p><p>One of the brands we carry is KMC, here is some information on their wheels.</p><p>Beadlock: Employing a bead ring to lock the tire on the wheel, true beadlock styles are designed to withstand heavy use with low tire pressures. Suitable for off-road use only.</p><p>Care: Wheels require regular care to maintain their factory appearance. Clean them regularly. Most household cleaning agents are too harsh and must be avoided. Mild dish soap and water is all you need to properly clean your wheels. Note that warranty claims on finish will be voided if improper maintenance or improper cleaning agents are used. Please read our detailed care guide </p><p>Cast wheel: Molten aluminum is poured into a mold to produce one-piece cast wheels. This is our most common method of manufacturing. Wheels can be gravity cast or pressure cast.</p><p>Color: Although some customers choose to have their wheels powder coated or painted after they receive them, the Custom Shop can handle color application - from paint code matching, to any of our standard colors and finishes. Please speak to your dealer about placing a custom order.</p><p>Drill-from-blank: The Custom Shop can drill some wheels to fit customers with unusual bolt patterns not otherwise available in the product catalog. Please speak to your dealer about placing a custom drill-from-blank order.</p><p>Flow Formed Technology: Producing an affordable cast wheel with reduced weight and superior strength, flow-form manufacturing uses tremendous pressure to roll aluminum over a form to craft the finished product.</p><p>Forged: Forging and machining processes create lightweight wheels of superior strength and consistent quality. Many forged wheels are used in racing applications. If you’re considering a forged wheel, please speak to your dealer about placing a custom order.</p><p>Finish: Various finishes in the product catalog include: Teflon Coated, PVD Coated, Polished, Chrome-Plated Aluminum, Clear-Coated, Painted and Clear-Coated, Machined and Clear Coated, and Polished Aluminum. Please review the care guidelines included with each wheel to understand the best way to care for your wheels. </p><p>Off Road Use Only: Wheels designed for targeted applications typically used in off-road or motorsport environments autel ms906. These wheels are not approved for street use.</p><p>Pricing/Purchasing: Customers must go through an authorized dealer for pricing and purchasing all products. If you do not know of an authorized dealer in your local area, please refer to the dealer locator and enter your zip code to find the nearest one. </p><p>PVD: PVD finishing combines the durability of paint with the look of chrome to produce a metallic coating that is resistant to wear.</p><p>Specialty: The Custom Shop serves many customers with vintage or custom vehicles that require individualized treatment. Its services include: custom offsets, drill-from-blank services, color application, and specialty forged products. If you are interested in the services of the Custom Shop MaxiDiag Elite MD802, please speak to your dealer about placing a custom order.</p><p>Stainless lip: A finish cue that simulates multi-piece construction in a one-piece construction.</p><p>Steel wheel: Heavier than aluminum, steel wheels are available in limited sizes and for limited applications.</p><p>Teflon coated: Wheels that are coated with Teflon promote dirt resistance. ATX is the first and only brand to offer wheels coated with Teflon.</p><p>Two-piece construction: Center and barrel pieces are assembled to order, introducing a vast range of backspace and finish customization. Build-to-order custom offsets are available for all two-piece styles in eighth-inch increments. Please speak to your dealer about placing a custom order.</p>
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