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How To Detail Your Wheels
— by automycar automycar
<p>In order to effectively detail your wheels you have to know the type of wheels you have first. There are non-painted wheels and there are painted wheels. Both of these wheel categories have one thing in common and that is they both get brake dust and dirt on them. Even the most expensive cars are not exempt from acquiring as much brake dust and dirt as the next.</p><p>Brake dust is something that is responsible for coating the outside portion of your wheel and takes away from there appearance. Sources of brake dust are the part that is closest to it, which is the brake pads. When these pads wear down, they become the dust that coats the wheel. Fear not, for there is a solution to these pesky brake dusts. Special cleaners meant for wheels are available in automobile stores which are designed to extract brake dusts and can be purchased to accommodate non-painted and painted wheels.</p><p>Not sure about the type of wheels you have? You can carefully take some polish then put it on a white towel and rub it on a small area of your car's wheel launch x431 pro3. If you see a black color on your rag, then you have a wheel that is non-painted which means its surface is made of metal. On the other hand, if you see that your towel has the same color as your wheel, then it must be painted. If you don't see any black but then again the wheel seems to have a metallic surface, there is a possibility that you have a wheel that's clear coated. On encountering clear-coated wheels, you can just treat it the way you would treat painted wheels.</p><p>If you have a wheel that is non-painted, you have to determine the kind of material that it was made of in order to use the appropriate cleaner. The treatment used on the surface can make a considerable difference which should not be disregarded. If you're not sure about the requirements of different surfaces, you can consult with an automotive specialist or the owners manual that was supplied with your car or wheels.</p><p>It is also advisable that you separate washing your car's surface from the cleaning of your wheels. This will lessen or entirely avoid any kind of scratches on your paint, because the tires and wheels tend to contain the largest amounts of dirt particles. If you use the same sponge or mitt, you can transfer the particles coming from the wheels to the paint on your car, which in turn, may cause scratches.</p><p>You have to keep in mind that wheels are the part that go through all the dirt and are considered as one of the dirtiest places on your car maxisys elite, therefore, you have to give them more cleaning attention. If you clean your wheels in a separate manner, you can use a detergent that has a higher concentration which you should not use on the car's paint surface because it will cause wax removal and can damage the paint.</p><p>Now that you know how to clean your wheels go give it a try, it could be the difference between winning first place and third place at your next show. Or it could just draw more attention to your vehicle as your out enjoying a nice afternoon drive. Keeping the wheels clean can make your vehicle look 10 times better than one just like it with dirty wheels! So clean it up and show it off…</p><p>Your Friend,</p><p>The CarShow Guy</p>I am an avid car show enthusiest and I also compete in many auto shows every year. I have won an award at every show I have competed in this year(2010). If you are looking for 'how to' articles to help you fix and clean your ride then come check us out.
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