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How the Fuel Doctor Can Save You Money
— by automycar automycar
<p>Owning a car is expensive, you need to consider repairs, insurance and fuel costs. If you were able to reduce your fuel consumption and increase your power, would you be interested? FD-47 offers you this ability and can be used in any car which uses fuel and is over two years old.</p><p>The FD-47 is a small device which plugs into your lighter socket and filters any electrical interference from reaching your fuel injection, engine timing and electronic control unit, thereby reducing your fuel consumption and increasing acceleration.</p><p>As your car ages it starts getting electrical noise, which in turn interferes with your cars electrical components. The FD-47 plugged into the lighter socket runs parallel to your fuse box. Your power point is wired to the main fuse box which distributes power to most of your vehicle electrical systems, with the FD-47 running parallel to it, it filters the interference before it reaches those important electrical systems thereby cleaning and conditioning your electrical systems.</p><p>By cleaning and conditioning the electrical systems it gives your vehicle more power and reduces the fuel consumption from the minute you plug it into your vehicle. If your car is over two years old, even if it is fitted with a manufacturer's electrical filter, you can still benefit from using the FD-47. Manufacturer electrical filters wear along with the vehicle and slowly start allowing electrical interference through, the FD-47 can work alongside the manufacturers filter to increase performance and reduce fuel consumption.</p><p>Younger cars won't benefit from this device, as they haven't started developing electrical interference yet and their electrical filters aren't worn launch x431 pro3. It also doesn't work on hybrid or electric cars autel maxisys ms906. So bear this in mind if you are considering buying this unit.</p><p>If you want confirmation that this device works, it has been reviewed and tested by large corporations such as Intertek, Ledico and Kett Engineering. All these companies found the product to work very well from the onset.</p><p>Everyone who has reviewed the product claims how it immediately increased their vehicles acceleration and saved them money on fuel. They also mentioned its easy installation and thirty day trial period. You will know within thirty days if this product isn't working for you, so you have absolutely nothing to lose by trying it out.</p><p>One review had staggering improved fuel consumption. They reduced their fuel consumption by almost 100 miles per tank, which is an outstanding result. Not everyone can expect such a dramatic improvement, but it is possible using the FD-47.</p><p>We live in a world where we all show concern for our suffering environment and being able to lower our fuel emissions is a benefit to our environment, FD-47 not only reduced fuel consumption and increases acceleration, it also lowers your emissions, enabling you to be more environmentally friendly.</p><p>If you are still deciding on whether it is worth you buying this product, bear in mind that you can pay for the FD-47 within a few weeks on the amount of fuel you will be saving.</p>
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