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How To Safely Tow A Camper
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<br />There is nothing quite like a family vacation that involves hitting the highway with a camper in tow. While this option can provide you some of the greatest freedom you will ever enjoy, it does come with a price. Towing a camper safely does require a special touch and attention to detail.<br /><br />Before you head out, there are things about towing a camper you need to know. To avoid having your camper come loose and your vacation dreams go up in smoke, be sure to follow these tips:<br /><br />Make sure you have the right vehicle for the job ? Towing a giant camper behind a two-seat sports car might not be the best idea Autel MaxiSys Pro. Make sure you understand the towing capacity of the car you intend on driving and the weight of the camper. It might be that you need to rent a vehicle to handle the towing or even downsize on plans for the camper. Either way, play it safe and do the towing capacity math.<br /><br />Be certain you have the right hitch ? Not all towing hitches are alike. You need to know what kind of hitch is recommended for your camper and/or trailer and have it installed. RV sales centers can generally help out on this front.<br /><br />Keep weight in mind when packing ? It is all too tempting to pack a camper to the brim before heading out on vacation. While this might sound like a good idea, it can cause problems. Keep weight distribution in mind and try to ensure that towing capacity is not exceeded. Also, be sure to distribute the weight inside the camper with about 60 percent in front and 40 percent in the rear. Better yet, only pack the essentials inside the camper to keep weights reasonable.<br /><br />Secure items carefully ? Any items packed into a camper before towing are subject to shifting and even falling. Make sure they are properly secured to handle bumps in the road ahead.<br /><br />Consider braking systems carefully ? Make sure the brakes in the tow vehicle are up to the job. It is a good idea to have them inspected before hitting the road. It may also be advised to have a separate braking system installed on the trailer itself. Some states will require this.<br /><br />Make sure the lights work ? Every state in America requires trailers have operable signaling light systems. This means brake lights and turn signals. If these are not installed, make sure to have them added. Test them before leaving and periodically when on the road.<br /><br />Use extra precautions ? While a towing hitch and bar will generally do the job, added safety chains are not a bad idea. This is simply a second connection between the trailer and tow vehicle.<br /><br />Get the tow vehicle fully inspected ? Beyond the braking system it is a very wise idea to make sure the tow vehicle is up to the trip Autel MaxiSys MS908. This means having fluids and filters checked and also inspecting tires for proper pressure and performance.<br /><br />Drive with care ? Towing a camper is a lot of work for the car or truck in question. Drive with extra caution and be sure to leave plenty of room between yourself and vehicles in front of you. Stay within speed limits and never forget that a car or truck towing a camper is a great deal longer than it may appear.<br /><br />Family vacations that involve campers give you the freedom to go where you really want to. Do take the time to set everything up with safety in mind before pulling out. A few precautions can help ensure a trip that is safe, sound and enjoyable.<br /><p><p>
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