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How to Prepare For a Road Trip
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<p>You don't need a ton of money in order to have a fun and exciting vacation. All it takes is your car, gas and a few basic items. Traveling by car allows you to enjoy lots of sights and explore the country in a very personal manner. Not to mention the fact that driving can be a lot of fun and road trips are an excellent way of testing out a car. Road trips are a great way to get away from home and enjoy some new scenery. One of the ultimate roads to take if you are planning a driving trip is California's Highway 1, better known as PCH. This gorgeous and picturesque road includes stops in San Francisco, Santa Barbara and Santa Maria. Below are a few items to bring along on your trip.</p><p>Don't forget to bring along your favorite CD's; it's even better if your car is compatible with a mp3 music player. Driving can be so much more enjoyable and relaxing if you've got some music to listen to. Another essential item is a GPS system. Newer cars tend to come with a built-in navigation system but if you don't have one, you can purchase a portable one from Garmin or TomTom. These devices can conveniently be mounted on the windshield for easy viewing. A GPS can be extremely helpful if you're lost and need help getting back on track again. If you have a car with a DVD entertainment system, passengers can simply pop in a DVD and be entertained for long stretches. Make sure that you don't get too engrossed on the screen to enjoy the sights. However, dvd's are great if you are passing through long stretches of barren land. Books on audio tapes are another excellent way to keep entertained for long periods of time.</p><p>It's also a good idea to bring along a first aid kid Autel MaxiSys. Let's hope you won't need to use it but it's good to have on hand just in case. A good kit should contain bandages, scissors and alcohol. It's a good idea to store the kit in your trunk. Don't forget to pack along snacks and drinks. Great snacks for long drives include fruit, beef jerkey, nuts and chips. If you don't want to eat junk food you can bring along a cooler and pack some veggies and fruits. Another option is an electric cooler which can keep food cool for an extended amount of time. Bottled water is great to bring along in case you get thirsty.</p><p>If you plan on bringing people along, it might be a good idea to pack a blanket and some pillows in case they get sleepy in the back seat autel maxisys elite. It's a good idea to bring along some cold hard cash along with a credit or debit case in case the card doesn't work for some reason. Cash can come in great handy in case you need to get a taxi or fill up on gas. Plus if you are traveling a remote area it might be difficult to locate an ATM machine.</p>Written by Seton Walker. For great deals on cars in Los Angeles check out Galpin Subaru. Minnesota dealer Used Cars Bloomington has great prices on used cars in Minneapolis. If you are in Santa Barbara check out Toyota San Luis Obispo for great deals.
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