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Getting Your Car Ready For Summer Driving
— by automycar automycar
<p>We always seem to make sure our cars are ready for the winter, right?<p>But what about during the summer? Believe it or not, the heat takes its toll on your car, too, so it抯 important to keep your car serviced.<p>Periodic maintenance on your car will save you tremendous hassle in the long run. Your vehicle should last longer and command a higher resale price, too! I made it a point to get my car serviced according to the dealer抯 schedule, and when I traded it in, I got far more than I expected due to the stellar condition of the engine.<p>Now I know this isn抰 bedtime reading launch x431 v+, but the owner抯 manual can be your best friend ?assuming you read it! At least take a look-through periodically. How about while you抮e waiting to get your oil changed?<p>Follow the manufacturer's recommended service schedules. This could save you a major breakdown.<p>Have the air conditioning system looked over by a qualified technician. A check up here can save you a huge bill later.<p>The greatest cause of summer breakdowns is overheating. Prevent this problem by making sure the cooling system is flushed and refilled as recommended Autel MaxiTPMS TS601.<p>Have your car抯 belts, clamps, and hoses checked by a technician. This only takes a few minutes and is usually inexpensive.<p>Change your oil and oil filter every 3,000 miles or four times a year.<p>Replace air and fuel filters as recommended.<p>Get plenty of windshield washer solvent ?we have a tendency to use a lot of this in the winter, so your fluids may be low.<p>Tires should be rotated every 5000 miles or so.<p>Check the spare tire to make sure it抯 inflated properly. Also, make sure you have a jack along with it!<p>Transmission troubles equal money troubles equal emotional troubles! Have your transmission serviced periodically, and prevent big-time repair bills.<p>If you notice that your brakes are less efficient, get them checked out right away.<p>Have your battery checked periodically to see how much life it has left!<p>Inspect all lights and bulbs to make sure they抮e working.<p>Carry a first aid kit, flares, jumper cables, a flashlight, and a cell phone.<p>There you go ?a simple list to keep your car in great running shape. Remember, your car needs to be maintained and checked over even in the summer.<p>Taking care of your car takes only a few minutes each month, and pays you big dividends for the life of your vehicle!<p><p>
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