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Gas Powered Rc Cars
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<p>When it comes to RC cars, electricity saves you money, but gas makes it real. Gas powered RC cars go faster, sound more realistic and give you the thrill of the race in a way that their electrically controlled counterparts just can't do. Of course, you have to understand that when you hear the term gas powered RC cars, you're really not talking about gasoline.</p><p>Gas powered RC cars are actually powered by a fuel combination more often referred to as nitro. But even if you don't actually put gasoline into the cars, gas powered RC cars still look for all the world like miniature automobiles as they zoom at high speeds around the track.</p><p>Gas powered RC cars have engines that require fine tuning and that roar with all the excitement of a full sized car. In fact, the faster they go, the louder they get, just like the real thing. The excitement of racing gas powered RC cars doesn't end with the sounds however. As they face like lightning, vapor trails of exhaust shadow their route. That's a sight that you just can't get from electrically controlled RC cars.</p><p>Aside from the cool sounds and sights, there are some other differences. Typical gas powered RC cars get owe their higher sense of realism to an internal combustion engine maxicheck pro. The "gas" is actually a nitro methane fuel mixed with lubricating oil to protect the engine autel maxisys elite scan tool. The replace for a real car's spark plugs in gas powered RC cars is something called a glow plug.</p><p>This plug is heated by a battery-powered starter that continuously ignites the fuel, allowing gas powered RC cars to race far longer at a time than electric ones. Unless, that is, your glow plug goes out on you. Because this eventuality is not exactly unknown in the world of gas powered RC racing, it always pay to invest in a backup or two.</p><p>If you are still reading this, that means you are probably new to the world of gas powered RC cars and maybe haven't even bought one yet. Rather than starting out with a top of the line model, you should probably go for entry-level car. Most of these models don't need electric starters because they come with pull-starters like a go-kart engine. If you do get one that comes without this, you'll have to invest in a starter. You have a choice here: either an electric starter box or a 12V starter with a car adaptor.</p><p>Gas powered RC cars bring the excitement of RC car racing to another level. The sounds, the sights and even the smells of a race between gas powered RC cars are so much more realistic than a race between electric cars. If you are looking to get in on one of the fastest growing hobbies in America and you truly want to experience it to the ultimate, then gas powered RC cars is really your only choice.</p>Author: June Mala ©  
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