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Drive Car Using Water by Zouking
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<p>1. Slow down your speed</p><p>As stated above, slow down your driving speed. Everyone knows this, but not many uses it. Well, it is a proven fact that dragging your engine will increase your fuel consumption rate. It is your choice to decide what speed you want to travel at.</p><p>2. Close Your window</p><p>Open your window when driving will increase the turbulence in your car and eventually your car will need more fuel to move. use the build in ventilation instead.</p><p>3. Plan your route</p><p>Try to plan your route before you head off. A route with more traffic light and heavy traffic is always not a good idea. The shortest route however may not be the best route if you are required to stop a lot. Try to avoid route that have a lot of high gradient slope or uneven road.</p><p>4. Top up your tank at Arco</p><p>Well, this is my personal comment. Every year, other major petrol company are making millions and millions or profit from us driver. They keep on advertising their new product such as Techron, V-power which they put in expensive stuff into them to order sell them at a higher price. In fact, all the petrol as basically the same, just that they claim their petrol have a cleaner burning combustion and better fuel efficiency. I am getting my top up at Acro at the moment and I never had any trouble with their quality.</p><p>But I sometimes do go to Chevron for a top up as well. I will put in exactly 8 gallons into my tank in order to qualify for a discount at the car wash section.</p><p>Another tips is when I traveling on the road, I try to keep note of the petrol price along the way. If I happen to see the price goes down, I may consider topping up autel maxisys elite. Some petrol station does offer a free cup of coffee with a fill up.</p><p>Manual transmission is great. I strongly encourage everyone to try using it. By using manual transmission, you can pretty much decide if you want a sport shifting at a higher rounds per minute (rpm) or a fuel efficiency shifting at a lower rpm maxicheck pro. No matter how 'clever' the car claimed to be, it is never more clever than a human head.</p><p>If you are already driving a manual transmission now, and wish to save some fuel as well. Remember this golden rule, shift up early, shift down late.</p><p>5. Disable that cruise control</p><p>If you have the cruise control and the road is clear ahead, by all means use the cruise control. It will keep your speed constant, thus there is no need for you to accelerate. But if the road is not clear, you will be wasting a lot of fuel. Remember to use that overdrive function. It helps to keep your rpm low. Go into neutral gear when your car is standing still, to reduce and cool off the transmission.</p><p>6. Reduce your car overall weight</p><p>Another law of physics. You should try to remove those junk at the boot of your car. But keep the spare tire and other gears. You never know when you will need them.</p><p>7. Turn off your engine.</p><p>Even when your car is not moving, it is still using your fuel. If your air con is on, it takes up even more fuel. So if you know that you will be in the spot for more then 5 minutes, consider switching off the engine.</p>Want more information ? Check out this site for more information on Drive Car Using Water
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