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Collecting Pedal Cars by Christopher P Clark
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<p>Classic pedal cars have remained a favorite with collectors ever since the original pedal car craze of the 1950's and 1960's. Most of today's collectors remember their own pedal toys from their childhood, and want to collect pedal toys to remember their childhood. Others collect pedal cars because they are smaller and less expensive versions of real classic cars, making them easier to collect for car enthusiasts.</p><p>For a time in the 1970's and 1980's, none of these steel toys could be purchased at all, as they had all been replaced by plastic cars. Today, steel pedal cars built just like the classic styles are available for both young children and adult collectors. Other new introductions include a very popular line of Hallmark ornaments designed to look just like these classic toys. This can be a great way to enjoy a collection of pedal cars without having to find a way to display and store several large pedal toys.</p><p>Showing off a collection of pedal cars can be quite challenging, especially if you have more than a handful. Most serious collectors end up dedicating a room of their home, or their garage, to the hobby.</p><p>Many adult collectors also enjoy collecting the original cars, today up to fifty or sixty years old. Though most show significant wear due to generations of children, restored versions can cost thousands of dollars when sold at auction.</p><p>For most collectors, the major decision is whether to focus on vintage cars, restored cars, new models, or a combination. New versions or worn pedal cars that have not yet been refurbished can be quite less expensive than a restored car. When purchasing a vintage pedal toy, the number one determinant of price is condition, although the rarity of the specific model can also affect its desirability. Like most collectibles, being as close to the original condition as possible can increase the price dramatically. Non-restored vintage pedal cars can be found anywhere from a hundred dollars to a thousand dollars depending on the condition and desirability of the model. If you want to be a serious pedal toy collector, research the various popular makers and models, so you know what makes a car desirable in the pedal car collector market.</p><p>Some collectors enjoy purchasing vintage pedal cars as restoration projects, using new-old-stock or reproduction parts to bring their cars back to their former glory. On the other hand, purchasing restored versions can offer the best of both worlds: an authentic vintage pedal car, with the shiny paint and exquisite detailing offered by a reproduction version. Professional restorations usually include a new paint job, sometimes much more complicated than the original color scheme.</p><p>When collecting pedal toys, some collectors choose to focus on a particular niche Autel MaxiTPMS TS501, such as fire trucks, airplanes, or hot rod cars. Most collectors simply choose the models that they like, whichever they may be. Although your own preferences will and should influence your choices autel maxisys elite, remember that collecting pedal cars can also be a wise investment.</p>Classic Pedal Cars has a full range of classic pedal cars for the best present a child could wish for! Also check for current specials on a Murray 'Sad Face' Pedal Car
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