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Buick LaCrosse camshaft timing chain proofread Notice
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Buick LaCrosse substitute ELM327 cylinder head, camshaft timing chain to re-proofing. Camshaft timing chain proofreading the Notes under.

(1) timing chain over the 3 colored one-way links, together with two pink, someone blue consumption camshaft actuators mounted on the camshaft, the blue link the timing on the intake camshaft adjuster mark alignment.

(2) with the openings of GM Tech2 the cylinder head down to the timing chain, making sure that the chain bypassed on both sides from the cylinder system bosses.

(3) in the crankshaft sprocket mounted to the crankshaft, the timing chain wound across the crankshaft sprocket plus the timing marks over the crankshaft sprocket are aligned using the timing chain clockwise direction a pink chain, aligned pink website link around like clock fingers 5 o'clock position.

(4) the exhaust camshaft adjuster mounted into the camshaft, the portion of chain in the very last just one pink plus the exhaust camshaft adjustment over the timing marks are aligned.

(5) Verify the many coloured url with X431 Diagun the timing marks aligned.

(6) to adjust the timing chain tensioner back again compressed condition right after set up, mounted it cause tensioner tensioner timing chain.

(7) pulled the crank, equipment observation crankshaft rotation approach for catching, if any, catching, you would like to re-check the timing.

Note: The inlet and exhaust camshafts are

Autel not interchangeable, and might not be mounted completely wrong, to the left in Figure 2 to the exhaust camshaft, the proper side with the ingestion camshaft.