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Overhaul Santana Zhijun significant drinking water temperature fault
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A mileage about 10000km Volkswagen Santana Zhijun sedan. Demonstrates the ELM327owner: car or truck travel time the pointer exceeds 90 ° C drinking water temperature desk.

Pick-up: Initially check checks for idle commissioning, and pretty before long supporters convert, is a superb description in the car's whole waterway cycle. The drinking water temperature gauge pointer 90 ℃. 10km, then street examination didn't irregular after again manufacturing facility. Which the driver is completely wrong. Came to request the GM Tech2driver the car again how considerably will this occurs, the driving force stated to become traveling about 50km. Can it be the volume of kilometers we ran more than enough? Then again driving about the high-speed operate 50km pointer to ninety ° C h2o temperature gauge. Mainly doesn't exist due for the little amount of car miles, flip pumps in high temperature space-time tank clogged, the supporter is rotating. So examine concentration about the thermostat, suspected the thermostat opens way too late owing. Verify the thermostat is sweet or lousy, receive a new thermostat and the car or truck thermostat within the water and cook dinner collectively, out together so totally open while in the air for cooling, and find out if shut down, the result is always that even though closing to be a precautionary evaluate, the alternative of a new thermostat take a look at, fault phenomenon however exists.

Refresh the ideas the automobile is still out within the water cycle problem, but which sections? The manage h2o cycle is definitely the thermostat ah. Is circulating quantity is not really more than enough? According to previous expertise, a little spherical hole drilled during the thermostat, refitted after the take a look at, the phenomenon continue to exists. Just isn't a drill gap is simply too smaller X431to do? Simply clear away the thermostat right after the take a look at, the the failure phenomenon continue to so. Meticulously re-examined the water circulation method, throughout the substitute of your h2o pump, verify the extent of your lover pace, look at the h2o tank congestion, are not able to unravel the condition. At this time, the verify performed an in depth evaluation, and did not uncover any difficulties, then why would the failure phenomenon? Is my judgment was erroneous? The problem isn't using the drinking water cycle on, there may be a challenge would be the instrument? When the instrument display, that's not good in the event the auto is at idle, car or truck 10km continue to a good present. Touring 50km just after the issues, it seems not likely that these types of a situation.

Why Santana 2000 sedan will not be these a difficulty? Found the greatest difference is the fact that their h2o cycle cylinder head. Is definitely the cylinder head? Cylinder head installation X431 Diaguna return pipe return pipe in Determine 1 while in the circle element by examining Chi Chun sedan cylinder head shown in distinctive little observed its head backwater hole.

So, to grow its spherical hole by using a drill diameter. Loading following the take a look at, and troubleshooting.