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A Simple Guide to Install a Amp Kit by Jack Wylde
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<p>How to Install an Amp Kit? Amplifier wiring is a difficult task. With wiring kits this work can be done much easier. Still some work has to be done for attaching everything and you can go wrong. This wiring kit costs lower than the cost of the individuals.</p><p>This article lists all the things that are required for installing the amp kit and the instructions to install an amp kit. The things that are required are adjustable wrench, drill, screw driver, soldering gun and wire stripper. The battery is first disconnected before starting any wiring work. It is disconnected by detaching the negative terminal first followed by the positive terminal.</p><p>Identify any hole in your car's heat shield. If you do not find any hole in the heat shield drill a hole. Make sure the hole drilled is larger so that the power wire can enter through it. The panel around the door frames are held by screws. Screws on the both sides of the car are loosened.</p><p>The end of the power wire is hold nearest to the fuse holder which is under the hood autel. The other end of the power wire is fed into the hole drilled in the heat shield. The wire is fed continuously along the side of the car till the rear seats are reached. The wire is further fed under the rear seats through the small gaps till it reaches the trunk. From the trunk the wire is taken to the positive terminal of the amplifier. End of the wire is stripped and it is connected to the positive terminal of the amplifier.</p><p>The trunk's carpet is lifted to find the frame. A bolt is identified. It is loosened and the ring is soldered on the ground wire. The bolt is again tightened. The other side of the ground wire is connected to the negative terminal. The color coded ends of RCA wire are connected to the appropriate color outputs of the stereo receiver. RCA wire is run along the opposite side of the power wire. RCA is fed through the rear seats, trunk and then it is connected to the amplifier.</p><p>Small remote wire is connected to the remote output at the back of the receiver which is blue in color. Twist them together to connect each other and use electric tape for safety. The wire is run alongside and connected between the negative and positive terminals. The speaker wires are connected to the speakers and the amplifier. One end of the speaker wire is connected to the amplifier's positive speaker wire. The other end is connected to the speaker's positive terminal. Panelling screws are tightened provided the wires running underneath are not damaged.</p><p>The fuse is removed from the fuse holder. The end of the power wire is connected to the positive terminal. The positive terminal is attached to the battery post. Negative terminal is attached to the negative post. Fuse is inserted into the fuse holder MaxiTPMS TS601 Scanner.</p><p>Thus, this article explains How to Install an Amp Kit without much difficulty.</p>Find the best Auto parts at bargain prices and much more information on Car Audio for the right music system. Erfahrungen have the best product evaluation on the internet.
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