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Audi Q5 incapability to speed up as well as the motor shake
— by kobd2 kobd2
A mileage of 60,000 km, equipped the Car OBD2 Tools CDNC the engine and OB5 of automatic transmission 2009 Audi Q5 sports utility automobile. Reflects the proprietor: the inability to speed up the vehicle.

Pick-up: the servicing team commissioning, smooth idle right after beginning the vehicle, traveling acceleration motor instantly show up jitter. Perspective in the details of your engine at this time, 1-4-cylinder rotation seems misfire, and interesting, the fire during the purchase of overall look along with the ignition car diagnosis tool sequence is precisely precisely the same. Come to feel the engine idle jitter after stopping, idling and manage disappears after a time period jitter.

Detecting an motor handle device, the row of cylinders to a camshaft stage error prompts. The fault code is often cleared, and not surface in the engine idling. But so long as the vehicle accelerated motion, the engine velocity exceeds 2 000 r / min, the fault obd2 software phenomenon and fault code seems. What may make the failure will not show up to come about only when the car or truck accelerated idle?

The camshaft period adjustment is determined determined by the size and rate of transform from the engine torque output. If the idling operation of your engine, the torque output for the minimum benefit, and it is frequent, in order that the camshaft phase should be established during the condition of the small stream. Once the motor vehicle accelerates, the motor output 自動車故障診断機 torque is increased as well as fee of improve is higher, hence the camshaft cycle is correspondingly delivered while in the state from the air stream. The camshaft phase adjustment is executed because of the solenoid valve N205, in the event the implementation of procedure of your solenoid valve, then the period with the camshaft might not satisfy the motor torque output specifications.

Disconnect the connector of the solenoid valve OBD2 Code Scanner N205 after the exam, the engine shake phenomenon no more takes place, this failure is in fact connected to the period adjustment of your camshaft. Remove the N205 test, discovered on the best from the collision deformation.