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How to Disable an Auto Alarm System
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How to Disable an Auto Alarm System
Car alarms help protect your vehicle from being stolen or vandalized. You operate most alarms using a key fob. If you lose the key fob,you need to disable the alarm. You also need to disable the alarm in order to install an after-market alarm system.
Things You'll Need
Ignition key
Key fob
1. Either press the button on your key fob or use the key to unlock the car. Manually unlocking the car deactivates the alarm temporarily.
2. Put the key in the ignition and turn it forward,but don't start the car. Find the override button to the alarm. Typically,the override button is located on the alarm box near the steering column launch x431 pro plus. In some luxury vehicles,like BMWs,the override button is on the driver's side kick panel. Older model vehicles have a toggle switch instead of an override button.
3. If you have an override button,press and hold the button until you hear the alarm chirp once. If you have a toggle switch,flip the switch in the opposite direction to disable the alarm.
4. To reset the alarm,turn the car off and press the override button once. If you have a toggle switch,simply flip the switch back to where it was.
Tips & Warnings
If you need to disconnect the alarm Car Tools store,find the fuse connected to the alarm--typically in the fuse box under the driver's side dash--and remove it.
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