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Signs of Transmission Trouble
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Signs of Transmission Trouble
Transmission problems can take several forms. Each symptom may have a number of possible causes,some requiring extensive repairs while others need only an adjustment or minor service.
A systematic checkup by a professional is the best way to isolate the cause of the operating problems and recommend the most effective solution.
Engine Light On--Dashboard light prompts you to"Check Engine"or"Service Engine Soon"
Strange Noises--Makes clicking,knocking,screeching,buzzing,whistling,clanking,or grating noises. Unusual sounds can come from hood or rear of car and may include a hum or low whine.
"Morning Sickness"--When the vehicle is cold Car Tools store,it won't move,or it shifts late during the first few minutes of operation.
Slipping--Engine races,but vehicle moves slowly or won't accelerate as it should.
Stalling--Vehicle stalls or labors on take off.
Doesn't Go--You place the shift lever in Drive and nothing happens. Even racing the engine does nothing autel mx sensor.
No Reverse--Vehicle doesn't move when shift lever is placed in Reverse.
Leaks--Fresh fluid stains under the vehicle.
Loss of Power--Passing gear won't engage,and there's no surge of power when you press the pedal to the floor.
Erratic or Improper Shifting--Noticeable early or late shifting. Unexpected shifts,or speed at which shifts occur keeps changing.
Shift Handle Stuck/Sticks--Shift handle is hard to move into or out of any position.
Vehicle Moves (or Jerks) in Park or Neutral
Strange Smell--Burnt or rancid odor is coming from under the hood or underneath vehicle.
Engine Braking/Downshift Doesn't Work--Using the transmission to slow the car on long downhill slopes or in snow/icy conditions does not work in one or more shifter positions.
Shift Indicator Off--The indicator must be slightly off (P) or (N) to start the car. Shift indicator doesn't point to the proper range.
Metal Shavings or Debris--Inspection or transmission service reveals excessive amounts of debris in the transmission pan.

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