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Are Electronic Cigarettes Safer Than Normal Cigarettes
— by ansmokeshop ansmokeshop
<p>Even though the smokers know that smoking cigarette is extremely bad for health however there is no explanation why smokers do not try to quit smoking cigarette e juices e liquids. Now if we compare electronic cigarette with that of normal cigarette then we can see that there is no harmful chemicals added into E Cigarette therefore we can say that it is almost safe to use E Cigarette than normal cigarette. The new device that is E Cigarette helps a lot to the smokers to save them from the deadly effect of the normal cigarette because it gives the same pleasure unlike normal cigarette. A lot of people have used them as a safer alternative to smoking. Also, some people have used them to quit smoking completely. One of the most important factors rather can say noticeable factors found in electronic cigarette is that it does not emit heat and smoke which can cause the deadly effects tobacco e liquid. A study has also been conducted and showed that E Cigarette is the less harmful than normal cigarette and may help in the elimination of smoking.</p>

<p>If we go by the price of the cigarette then the electronic cigarette is cheaper than normal cigarette. E Cigarette is almost 3 times cheaper than normal cigarette. However it depends on the brands you use. Unlike most traditional cigarette, e cigarettes are also available in different flavors. You get the option to choose like vanilla, coffee, apple, cherry etc. One of the additional advantages of electronic cigarette is that you can smoke almost everywhere you want. Even in airplane as well the smoking bans don't apply to them, in most areas. They do look closely identical and people might think it's a real cigarette. So, you might want to mention it, just to take precautions.</p>
<p>If we compare the taste of electronic cigarette with that of normal cigarette it tastes a lot better than normal cigarette. The mint or menthol flavors taste sort of like the after taste of scope mouth wash. After you have rinsed out your mouth and you have that fresh taste, when you inhale. People should once switch to E Cigarette and feel the difference. E Cigarettes do not contain any carbon monoxide, second-hand smoke, or tar. They contain a smart chip, which turns the product off, if too much nicotine is delivered in a short time. The lit end is just a LED light that gives the appeal of a normal cigarette but is not hot and cannot burn anything. The vapor will not stain teeth, leave any offensive smokers breath, no stains on walls, and no messy ash or toxic residues to clean up. After you exhale the vapor or smoke, it leaves a pleasant aroma that is quickly odorless, upon dispersal.</p>           
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