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Summer car maintenance is very important on how to prevent car ignition
— by automycar automycar
Summer car maintenance is very important on how to prevent car ignition
1, in the summer need to deal with the oil for 1 to 2 time routine inspection, found the oil spill problem must be timely maintenance. The oil line hose ends are the easiest to split the aging OBD Tool, such as prolonged use should follow the advice service station promptly replaced.

2, changes to the circuit must be careful and try to avoid. Changes in the circuit must go to a regular car maintenance service sites, operating under the professional circuit after only security changes.

3, after check the vehicle chassis, confirming that the car don��t have combustible under the car. Don��t place flammable items such as gas lighters, air fresheners, perfumes, mousse , etc. on the car is easy to be irradiated parts of the sun's rays , such as on the dashboard ; much less gasoline , diesel oil and other dangerous on the car .

4, It should also be noted in the road when the engine is running, do not pour gasoline into the carburetor mouth; do not burn gasoline fuel filter maintenance when the oil filter core; hanging fire is not frequently used method; avoid the oil system drip; avoid suspension of service for a long time after the car turn the ignition switch.

5, Do not throw cigarette butts in the car does not go out, it is best not to smoke in the car, to prevent "fire".

6, in the summer, when the car traveling at a high temperature for a long time, you should make more rest in the middle, do not let the car long exposure.

7, according to the provisions in the car is equipped with fire extinguishers, and remember to be replaced regularly. Fire extinguishers do not become dispensable furnishings, to the mastery of the use of fire extinguishers, so helpless in case of accidents.

8, cars have the best choice of interior materials fire performance, the event of fire, the fire is not easy to spread.

Summer car maintenance skills necessary in order to car Car Diagnostic Tool, for the sake of their lives to prevent the car ignition, do the eight particularly important.

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