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Stop Smoking - Cessation through Hypnotherapy SA
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<p>Tobacco kills up to half of its users, around 6 million people each year (an average of one person every six seconds) according to World Health Organization. Indeed, smoking has been one of the biggest public threats the world has faced even killing those who are exposed to second-hand smoke.                        

<br />One reason why smokers find it hard to stop is because cigarettes contain nicotine, which is highly addictive. Some research suggests it can be more addictive than heroin. Nicotine affects the chemicals of the brain which produces a feeling of pleasure and reduces stress. <br />Hypnosis to Quit Smoking<br />A popular way to quit smoking is through hypnotherapy. It is an alternative method which involves putting the client in a trance-like state of mind to increase openness to suggestion. Hypnosis has the ability to increase responsiveness therefore changing unhealthy behaviours like addiction. <br />Although it doesn't work for everyone e-cig juice, only one in four people can't be hypnotised. Experts say that Hypnotherapy is most effective when you really want to quit. The first step is to quit for yourself and not because someone is pushing you to quit. <br />Benefits of Quitting <br />1. Longer Life - Half of long-term smokers die due to lung cancer, heart disease and other smoking-related illnesses. When you quit smoking by the age of 30, your life expectancy is increased by a decade. Kicking the habit will lead to a disease-free, happier old age. <br />2. Reduced Stress - The immediate effect of nicotine may seem relaxing at first. However, its long term effect only increases stress levels. In fact, a person's stress level lowers after they decide to quit. The only stressful part is the withdrawal stage.  <br />3. Younger Skin - Smoking can make your skin prone to aging, dryness and wrinkles. When you quit smoking, the skin eventually gets the nutrients it deserves. In time, you'll find fewer lines, wrinkles and a bright, glowing complexion. <br />4. Better Taste and Smell - Tobacco can dull a person's sense of taste and smell. When a smoker decides to quit, the two senses are slowly regained (sometimes it can manifest after a few days of quitting). This means they can enjoy food more.      

<br />5. Healthy Family - Smoking cessation can also protect the safety of your loved ones from exposure to second hand smoke. Indeed, even passive smoking can increase a non-smoker's risk of heart disease, stroke and lung cancer. <br />How Hypnotherapy SA helps you explore specific ways to reach your smoking cessation goals. Before enrolling in any program, you must take responsibility for your desired outcomes. Train your mind by imagining how good life will be as a non-smoker and of course, attending your booked sessions. <br />Practicing self-hypnosis techniques is also helpful in order to maintain focus. With the help of hypnotherapy, you can get ready to be breathing fresh and clean air. Take the first step by visiting Jane Fielder Consulting website best nuts flavored e juice,</p>           
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