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An error car maintenance method is destroy car
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<br>The new battery is not charging - shorten the life of <br>Charging the battery for the first time is called the initial charge. The initial charge has a significant impact on battery life. If charged, adding that "water" direct use, the battery capacity is not high, life expectancy will be shortened; if direct charging will shorten the life span. Initial battery charging is typically after filling in the electrolyte, with a small current charging around about one hour to install and use launch x431 v plus. <br>Vehicle equipment casual plus - affect driving safety <br>Private cars are mobile home owners, the pursuit of passenger comfort and luxury understandable, but some car owners to install you in a variety of devices, such modification, if not handled properly, the car performance and convenience and reliability are often manipulated adverse impact, easy squeal or affect driving safety. <br>Cooling water temperature is too low - wear engine <br>When the weather is hot, some drivers in order to prevent the engine temperature is too high, insisting the cooling water temperature as low as possible; some drivers in order to achieve the purpose of cooling, simply remove the thermostat, these practices are wrong. <br>Heat intolerance and cold car engine, only if the cooling water temperature is too low, the fuel will burn worse, increased fuel consumption, increased wear, increased oil viscosity, engine power is reduced. Tests showed that the cooling water temperature is 40-50 degrees Celsius cars, engine wear by 60% -80%, 25% power reduction, fuel consumption increased 8% -10%. Therefore, the engine cooling water temperature is not as low as possible; the general should be controlled between 80-90 degrees Celsius. <br>Tank "boil" quick add water - cylinder cracking <br>When the weather is hot OBD Tool, some drivers saw the tank a "boil" phenomenon, worried the engine temperature rises again, immediately turn off the water. This approach is wrong. It is likely to cause the cylinder head cracking phenomenon because of the sudden emergence of the cold. If you run into the tank "boil", the general approach is correct: Immediately stop and let the engine idle speed idle continue to keep the heat; simultaneously open the hood to improve the cooling speed. After the cooling water temperature decreases, then the engine stalled. At this point, if the cooling water quantity, should be added slowly to prevent cracking gain cylinder and suddenly the cold. <br>Long-term or short car without car - mechanical damage <br>While some people become car owners, but usually "not willing" to drive, drove out to play only when a holiday, in fact, the way this car is very hot car. Such as the engine and gearbox transmission parts surface often in a state due to direct contact with the air and rust, the battery will discharge naturally because the long-term impact on life. <br>The best way is to run a car every few days, running a three forty minutes. In addition, a short car will always hurt the car, the car always starts moving but not far, is an important reason to hurt the car. Car parts between the engine start to wear the most serious and stable stage, to launch a car battery power consumption is also to travel 20 minutes to make up, this car habit is easy to make the car go wrong early.<br>Some car diagnostic tools can help you test your car by yourself, such as: Autel Maxisys MS908, MaxiDAS DS708 Tool, Autel Maxidiag MD802 and so on. If you want to know some car maintenance information, please click the below information: Better Website<br><br/>Related Links<br/>