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Electronic cigarettes for those who are willing to quit smoking
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<p>The hazards of cigarette smoking has been identified by researchers worldwide since many decades but the recent escalating rate of oral and lung cancer in case of smokers has triggered the need to quit the smoking habit to lead a healthy lifestyle. However, it is very difficult for a tobacco smoker to quit smoking suddenly with their addiction to the daily dose of deadly nicotine. Smokers often face many hurdles while trying to quit smoking as they have to go through several withdrawal symptoms such as headache best nuts e liquid, nausea, irritability, etc. It is at this stage of nicotine withdrawal symptom that electronic cigarettes come as a savior to the tobacco smokers who are willing to quit smoking.</p>

<p>Electronic cigarettes come with electronic vaporizers which acts as a stimulator to tobacco smoking by producing an aerosol which resembles smoke. So, switching over to e-cigarettes from tobacco smoking is a better option than trying to quit smoking overnight. Unlike tobacco cigarettes, electronic cigarette does not contain carcinogen elements and have very low amount of nicotine. Users can buy electronic cigarettes from their nearest retail store but the problem lies in the fact that it is difficult to locate a retail store selling electronic cigarettes and its accessories.</p>
<p>But users can buy online electronic cigarettes from various online e-stores which offers a plethora of varieties of electronic cigarettes. is one such solution for consumers looking for online shopping of electronic cigarettes as they boast of having the stock of the best electronic cigarettes and its accessories at reasonable prices. The cigarettes come with a starter kit for the beginners. High-tech cigarettes are also available for advanced users and they come in a variety of price range.</p>

<p>Users can choose from a wide range of electronic cigarettes which vary on the grounds of disposability, shape, size or flavor. They come in disposable as well as rechargeable formats e liquids uk. Disposable e-cigarettes are simple to use and is free from headache of refilling or recharging while e-cigarettes come in a variety of flavors and renders much better performance. Electronic cigarettes attract smokers of all age groups because of its variety. Tobacco smokers are enticed to switch to electronic cigarettes because of the variety of flavors they offer.</p>
<p>Survey shows that fruity flavored cigarettes are much preferred by adults while teenagers prefer to try different flavors and varieties. Research reveals that almost 60% of those who try electronic cigarettes to quit smoking have become successful. Many consumers of electronic cigarettes claim that the ones that are flavored are the best electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes are available in various sizes such as mini, mid-size and AVP (Advanced Personal Vaporizer).</p>
<p>Mini is popular among the beginners for its simple and easy to use model. Mid-sized e-cigarettes on the other hand comes in a bigger size with long-lasting effect and produces stronger vapor through its electronic vaporizer while AVPs are designed basically for more advanced users as it produces the strongest vapor which could be customized. Electronic cigarettes reduce the long -term cost which appeals to the tobacco smokers to quit smoking gradually.</p>           
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