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Ways to check Automotive oxygen sensor
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1 oxygen sensor heater resistance test

Disconnect the ignition swap, unplug 自動車故障診断機 the oxygen sensor harness plug having a multimeter electric powered block heater the measuring oxygen sensor final connected to the column while using the grounding resistor connected among the columns, the resistance on the 4-40Ω (on the subject of the specific model instructions) . If your resistance price , the small print in their inside disconnect oxygen sensor must be replaced.

2 oxygen sensor responses voltage measurement

There are plenty of techniques to detect oxygen sensor comments voltage, 1 in the most elementary approach: commence the engine, the h2o temperature achieved eighty ℃, the engine procedure at OBD2 diagnostic tools 2500r/min's rpm, with low-range, high-impedance pointer multimeter measurement sign voltage, in the event the oxygen sensor is standard, you'll be able to visually begin to see the multimeter pointer fluctuated involving 0.1-1.0V, fluctuations while in the number of 10s within not under eight times. "Depress the accelerator pedal speedily just one quickly launch the strategy may also be applied to alter the focus from the mixture. Pedal is pressed, the mixture focus increases, the opinions voltage transition rise; mixture thinning, when released, the suggestions voltage transition decline. That multimeter pointer really should be while in the choice of about 0.1-1.0V beating time, or maybe the oxygen sensor has failed. It is possible to look at for making the engine pace operation to remove the lead or carbon deposits within the Auto Diagnostic Tool oxygen sensor, then examination. If the suggestions voltage alterations in accordance into the higher than procedures, can even be used. Otherwise, the oxygen sensor has unsuccessful and will only get replaced.

3. Digital oscilloscope measured waveform method

Digital oscilloscope detecting a sign waveform in the oxygen sensor output, can visually decide whether or not the oxygen Car OBD2 Tools supplier sensor is sweet. For strength conservation along with the avoidance of automobile exhaust pollution, electronically controlled gas injection engines are fitted with oxygen sensor, oxygen sensor overall performance immediate effect on car overall performance and exhaust fuel purification. Therefore, having benefit in the structure of your oxygen sensor, operating basic principle and car diagnosis tool shop performance checks are important.