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Key Pro M8 auto key programmer password and pin code issue
A Key pro m8 automotive key programmer user misoperated the key pro and the device is locked. Here is the problem and solution provided.

Customer letter:
The package is arrived today, it seems vey good.

The M8 key pro asked for the pin code, so I inserted the password device (the one in the card), but when I tried three times, the key programmer was locked.

And giving me this number 85242312 and it is asking me a new pin of 8 numbers.

How can I calculate this new pin?

And I do not know if it is because it’s blocked, but now I can’t even upgrade it properly during using the “M8 update tools” and “error failed 2” pops up and interrupts the process.

I really need your help.
Thanks in advance. customer service replay:


The 8-digit number on the device card is the power-on password of the MVP key pro M8 auto key programmer. You are required to enter the password after starting the machine.

Pin Code:

The pin code asked is the immobilizer pin code of your vehicle which you should get before using the machine. Different vehicle models have different pin code.

How to get your vehicle pin code?

1. Go to 4S store
2. Read it in your vehicle immobilizer card
3. Read PIN Code with a PIN code reader/calculator like VPC-100 for multi brands or specific NSPC001 Nissan pin code/BCM code reader etc. The KEY PRO M8 itself can also read immobilizer pin code for some vehicle models.

If your key pro m8 is locked, please follow the instruction below:

How to unlock Key mvp pro M8?

1. Give serial number and password to our customer service;
2. Provide the customer service with the unlock ID and we will give you the right unlock code;
3. Input the code, and the device will be unlocked;
4. The PIN code remains the original one;
5. Copy the documents in the CD to a computer;
6. Power up the device, start it up, connect it to the computer via USB cable and install the device driver;
7. Run M8 Tool.ex;
8.Upgrade this file “S1072B1086.m8” into the device, for the programs will be cleared after locking.