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Prevalent automotive oxygen sensor fault
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Once the oxygen sensor fails, ベンツ専用診断機 will ECU cannot receive the right signal conveyed for the oxygen sensor, and so not to the air-fuel ratio opinions command is carried out, and will improve in engine gas consumption and exhaust pollution, engine idle instability, misfire, surge failure phenomenon. Thus, the value of timely troubleshooting or substitution, to be certain the conventional get the job done of your motor.

1 oxygen sensor poisoning

Oxygen sensor poisoning is recurrent and much more tough to prevention and therapy of the failure, the brightly coloured sediment that leaded fuel. Direct poisoning from the normal features with the oxygen sensor is always to have a shiny area rust layer, as proven in Figure 1. Leaded gasoline will harm the oxygen sensors and catalytic diagnosis tool Eshop Most of the oxygen sensor right after the erosion of leaded gasoline, daily life will be a sharp drop. The repeated use of leaded gasoline inside the vehicle, even though the new oxygen sensor, can only operate several thousand kilometers. Just a slight lead poisoning, after which you can make use of a box of unleaded gasoline, might be able to eliminate the the oxygen sensor area lead it back to ordinary function. On the other hand, mainly because of the higher exhaust temperature of your guide invasion in their internal and hinder the diffusion of oxygen ions, so that the oxygen sensor failure, then you can only get replaced.

 Additionally, the oxygen sensor silicon OBD2 diagnostic tools China poisoning is likewise frequent, as revealed in Figure 2. In general, generated inside the combustion of gasoline and lubricants made up of silicon compound silica, silicon rubber gasket poor utilization of silicone exudes gas will result in the oxygen sensor failure, and therefore to use top quality fuel and lubricants . Repairs to suitable variety and installation of the rubber gasket, not specified from the producer to work with besides the solvent and anti-sticking agent coating within the sensor.

2. Coke

Carbon deposition on the top rated deal with of the oxygen sensor is carbon black. Coke adhered towards the surface area of your oxygen sensor, the oxygen-sensitive content can not fully connection with the exhaust gasoline, the output sign misalignment, when excessive coke, oxygen sensor completely ineffective. Coke is unavoidable, for the reason that, whether or not the normal doing the job with the motor, just after the beginning, or to quickly warm the motor large energy output is critical to supply the concentrated gas combination,<a href=">Car OBD2 Tools supplier the excess gas from the exhaust pipe to continue to melt away to provide significant temperature, to supply coke in an oxygen sensor floor, accelerated ageing; if some other motor components, including the injector drip to ensure the air-fuel ratio to the massive adjust takes place, the end result the motor will not be ordinary combustion, the coke is more severe, lifetime is also much more small. Superior temperature through the exhaust oxygen sensors for carbon deposition is just not extremely severe, remove the reason for the failure of the engine coke can eliminate carbon deposition around the floor in the oxygen sensor to resume standard work.

3 oxygen sensor Ceramic the fragmentation oxygen sensor ceramics hard and brittle, stay away from struck by using a hard item or use powerful airflow purge while in the process of installation or maintenance, to ensure that may perhaps allow it to be shatter and failure, so shell out particular focus.

4. Heater resistance wire is blown

The heater resistance wire is definitely the oxygen sensor is heated, permitted to get the job done beforehand, in case the heater resistance wire ablation, it is hard to make the sensor to succeed in standard operating temperature missing.

Oxygen sensor interior line broken off

It may well be judged by the shade of the top elements from the Auto Diagnostic Tool observed oxygen sensor failure: (1) light grey prime: Here is the typical coloration from the oxygen sensor;

(2) to be a white best: from silicon pollution attributable to the oxygen sensor need to be changed at this time; (3) brown top: by guide contamination inside the oxygen sensor need to even be replaced, if extreme;

(4) Black top: exclude motor carbon deposits failure caused by carbon deposits, generally carbon deposition to the oxygen sensor can routinely clear.