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15 Reasons to Quit Smoking
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<p>We're not going to go into the whole "it's bad for your health" lecture. Surely you've heard of it a million times already. So you're not health conscious. You couldn't care less what happens to your lungs in the next 20 years. You're fine with contracting cancer, stained teeth, and darkened fingernails. That's cool.                        

<br />What most people don't realise is that there are more than just health reasons to snub that stick out. For your curiosity (and, hopefully, your health), here are 15 reasons you should seriously quit smoking.<br /><strong>1. Germ Inhalation.</strong> Studies show that inhaling cigarette smoke increases the chance of you inhaling airborne bacteria along with it. Forget about the health factor for a while; are you seriously not grossed out knowing you're inviting a few million germs into your mouth every couple of minutes?<br /><strong>2. Save More.</strong> How much do you spend on cigarettes? Lighter fluid? Replacement cigarette-burned couch covers? Let's say you blow $5 for a pack of cigarettes, and you smoke 4 packs a week. What else can you buy with $20 dollars other than coffin nails and cancer sticks?<br /><strong>3. Less Smoke, More Sex.</strong> Smoking affects circulation, and circulation affects erections. I'm not even kidding. Smoking makes arousal difficult for both men and women. <br /><strong>4. Better Sleep.</strong> Smoking can lead to insomnia. Studies also show that smokers are more likely to feel horrible even after a full night's sleep, as compared to non-smokers.<br /><strong>5. Cool Incentives.</strong> Some companies give bonuses and incentives to employees who partake in anti-smoking programs. Okay, come on. Who doesn't like freebies?<br /><strong>6. Play Computer Games.</strong> If you're trying to quit smoking, you now have the perfect excuse to play computer games. Recent research shows that an effective way to distract smokers from taking a smoke is time spent on the computer.<br /><strong>7. You Are A Saggy, Wrinkly Raisin.</strong> And we mean that in the best possible way. Seriously, though. Smoking contributes to premature facial wrinkles, inner arm wrinkles, and - according to a study in 2007 - buttock wrinkles.<br /><strong>8. Brittle Bones.</strong> It is a scientifically proven fact; smoking weakens bones. Counteract it with glasses of calcium, sure. Still won't be enough.<br /><strong>9. Inner Peace.</strong> Those people who just seem completely zen and one with the world? They're not just some hypnosis product; they're non-smokers nuts flavors. Smoking may make you feel calm for a while, but that calmness doesn't last. Before you know it, your nerves are grated again and you would want to kill someone.      

<br /><strong>10. More Dining Options.</strong> Aren't you tired of sitting out in the smoker's area? Don't you want to enter the non-smoker's lounge? What about those fancy restaurants that don't offer a smoker's corner? Don't you want to go in there? Drop that cigarette and revel in your new found dining experience.<br /><strong>11. Enjoy Food, Eat Less.</strong> While we're on the topic of restaurants, did you know that smoking a cigarette can deaden your taste buds and induce weird, sporadic cravings? Not only will you crave peanut-butter ice cream after your coffee fruity vape juice, you won't even be able to taste it properly.<br /><strong>12. Accidentally On Fire.</strong> How many fire-related accidents do you think smokers have in a year, versus non-smokers? How many beds do you think caught fire, or how many accidental burns they suffer on their arms? Enough said.<br /><strong>13. Pearly Whites.</strong> Unless you like spending an average of $500 to $1000 on professional teeth whitening, there's a cheaper alternative to clean, tobacco-stain-free teeth. Guess what it is.<br /><strong>14. Lighter Purse And Pants.</strong> So after you've packed your two packs of cigarettes, lighter, pack of chewing gum, tiny breath spray bottle, and a bottle of cologne, where do you put your wallet? Keys? Phone? Don't you see how much space smoking takes up?<br /><strong>15. No more nagging.</strong> See, if you would just quit smoking, you wouldn't have to listen to your mom, your friends, your doctor, or lists like this telling you to stop. Don't you crave that sort of liberation?<br /><br />Have a convinced you? If yes, great! The next step is getting help. If you're really serious, research on possible programs you can undergo. If you want to know how to easily quit smoking Adelaide has several hypnotherapy courses that you can try. If I haven't, then it's okay. Live whatever is left of your short, smoke-filled life. It's totally fine.</p>           
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